Kevin Garnett Net Worth: Basketball Brings Fortune

    In the era of LeBron James following the legacy of Christen Laettner, there was another basketball legend known for his fitness and extraordinary game, Kevin Garnett. The man who changed the whole picture of the NBA.

    Currently, the NBA is all about fitness and strategic gameplay and the credit goes to mainly Kevin Garnett. Until he came into the league, no one had ever seen such extraordinary gameplay.

    There’s much more to talk about his career, achievements, and contribution to the NBA but today, we are mainly going to talk about Kevin Garnett net worth and his overall success. Whether you follow basketball or not, it is very unlikely that you may not have heard the name of this professional basketball player who has won the best defensive player award 3 times. So, let’s begin!

    Early Life

    Kevin Maurice Garnett was born in Greenville South Carolina on 19th May 1976. Kevin was fond of basketball ever since he was a child. He started playing basketball in high school. When he started playing basketball in high school, he was aggressive and was indirectly involved in fights so he was transferred to another high school.

    Kevin being transferred to another high school turned out to be a stepping stone towards his NBA career as he performed exceptionally well, so much so that he impressed the NBA officials. Later, he was invited to NBA tryout camps and even there he performed exceptionally well. And this was where the journey of Kevin Garnett net worth began.

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    kevin garnett net worth


    When Kevin started his career in the NBA, he was the youngest player of his time as he was 19 years old. It was in 1995 when the Timberwolves picked him. In no time, Kevin became the face of this franchise. In 1997 he signed a 6 year extension contract worth $126 million and found a base for Kevin Garnett net worth.

    In 2004, he was named as the most important player of that time. This was the time when Kevin was fearless and was too bold. Kevin built his physical and mental toughness by playing on the court. As he was the face of the Timberwolves, he is adored by the people from Minnesota. So much so, he also helped Timberwolves reach the finals in 2004.

    Garnett was an amazing player of his time and had played a lot of games with the Timberwolves. He helped the team get to the finals a lot of times but not once was he able to win the trophy and a player of this kind does deserve a trophy.

    It was July 2007, when Kevin finally decided to leave the Timberwolves and signed a contract with the Boston Celtics. With the Boston Celtics, Kevin got what he deserved and won the trophy in the first season itself.

    The contract Kevin signed with the Boston Celtics was for 3 years and worth $60 million. However, in 2013, Kevin returned to the Timberwolves and played for this team for 2 years, and then after 21 seasons of NBA declared his retirement in 2016.

    kevin garnett net worth

    Post Basketball

    Later, he became the consultant for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2017 and during this period he also consulted with the Milwaukee Bucks. After retirement, Kevin entered the entertainment industry and also signed various business ventures. He also played a role in the movie ‘Uncut Gems’.

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    However, Kevin was more interested in the Sports business so it wasn’t surprising that in 2020 Kevin stated that he wished to be the owner of the Timberwolves. We can see Kevin’s interest in the sports business as in 2011, he was one of the shareholders of the Italian Serie A Soccer team, all this contributed well to the Kevin Garnett net worth.


    Kevin Garnett Net Worth

    kevin garnett net worth

    As of 2021, Kevin Garnett net worth is $120 million. Talking about NBA salary, Kevin is the highest paid player. So much so that Kevin was paid even more than Kobe Bryant. Out of everything, his salary is one of the biggest contributors to Kevin Garnett net worth. In his life, he has earned about $334.3 million from his salaries itself when he was with the Timberwolves.

    It was in 2004 when Kevin was announced as the most valuable player, he earned $28 million which is the highest he has earned in a year. Kevin is a man who believes in “No nonsense” thinking so he does not have many brand endorsements but with the few he has had, he has earned about $10 million.

    In the last season of his basketball career, he earned about $8 million. When Kevin joined Boston Celtics, he was gifted an extension of $51.3 million. Kevin is a man who is very hardworking and does not like to flaunt his wealth in any way.


    The Property Story

    Kevin Garnett net worth is well reflected in his real estate. Kevin lived in his house with his family which is 11,000 sq.ft. This house of his or you may rather call it a mansion consists of a gym, wine seller, and also a media room.

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    This house we are talking about is not the current house as he sold it back in 2013 for $851,000. However, Kevin had listed this property for $4.85 million. The following year, Kevin sold another property that he owned in Concord, Massachusetts for $3.63 million. However, this property sale caused him a loss as he had bought this property for $4.63 million.

    If you haven’t noticed yet, these are some pretty big money transactions that tell us that Kevin Garnett net worth is no joke. Well, apart from the things that are mentioned above, there are many other properties that Kevin bought and sold, and was also caught in some lawsuits due to the same.

    kevin garnett net worth

    Closure | Kevin Garnett Net Worth

    So, that was all on Kevin Garnett net worth and how he earned it. Kevin has made a true fortune out of his career with his talent and sheer determination. If we decide to take our talents to a level that will lead us to success, we surely can. When we get to know about people’s net worth, we should look at their struggle and how they reached that level and try to learn something good.

    Lastly, if you have any suggestions or want to know the net worth of more people, do not forget to mention them in the comments section below. Till then, you can check out more articles on our website.


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