What Is Christian Laettner Net Worth?

    Who is the greatest basketball player of all time according to you? Most will say it’s LeBron James. Of course, he is one of the greatest Basketball players in the world but if we go a little back in time there was one extraordinary player named Christian Laettner.

    It’s not that people don’t know Christian Laettner. Every basketball fan knows him, especially after that match against Kentucky in the 1992 season. Christian Laettner was the hero of that match and he is especially known for his game-winning shot in that particular match, so it is not surprise to see that Christian Laettner net worth is searched a lot.

    Basketball is considered to have two eras. One before the 2000s or to be more specific 2003 and another after 2003. Christian Laettner is someone who has played in both era’s and his career was full of ups and downs.

    Christian Laettner net worth is one of the hottest topics in 2021. It is obvious to have questions like how much is his net worth? How did he build his wealth? If you too have curiosity regarding Christian Laettner net worth, his career, and many more interesting aspects of his life and career, this is the right article for you.

    There are many many great life lessons to learn from this basketball legend Christian Laettner. Today we are going to take a sneak peek at the complete picture of his life. The reason behind this is many people are motivated by his and the Christian Laettner Net worth.

    christian laettner net worth

    How Much Is Christian Laettner Net Worth In 2021?

    Christian Laettner was born into a middle-class family. His NCAA career, his NBA career and all the love as well as hatred he has received to date, the journey for all that started in his childhood. But even after all these things, we can conclude that he is one successful former American basketball player.

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    Today, in 2021 the Christian Laettner net worth is $12 million. Building such wealth from the ground is worth a lot of appreciation and is the result of his hard work and skills. Let us see what all contributed to this $12 million net worth.


    What All Contributed To Christian Laettner Net Worth

    Christian Laettner began his basketball career right from his school days and then continued playing during his college and after that too. From 1992 to 2012 he was an excellent basketball player and in 2012 he started his job as a coach.

    So far Christian Laettner net worth includes mainly his NBA career of 13 years. He earned $61 million alone from the NBA. Additionally, he has been awarded several times and gained titles throughout his basketball career.

    Even after retiring. His number 20 jersey went for auction as his fans from all around the world were crazy about that. His jersey got sold for $119,500 in January 2014. Therefore, whether you hate him or love him, as a basketball player, he has proved his ability many times and he is really one of a kind.

    christian laettner net worth

    Award-Winning Tournament Records | The Building Blocks Of Christian Laettner Net Worth

    Christian Laettner was not an ordinary player. His skills are what lead to fame, hatred and one of the most searched terms ‘Christian Laettner net worth’ on google. His performance in the NCAA tournament can be considered a key moment of his basketball career, apart from the NBA. Let us see some of his best statistics and records.

    Christian Laettner has played a total of 23 games so far for the Duke Devils basketball team. Out of those 23 matches, he won 21 games with his skills and teamwork which justify the fact that he is widely regarded among the best players in college history.

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    Apart from most games played and most games won, he holds another three records. He made a record of scoring the most points throughout the NCAA tournament with 407 points. Christian also holds the record for most free throws attempted which are awarded after a foul from the opposite team. He has attempted 167 free throws so far and made a record.

    Out of those 167 throws, he managed to make 142 throws successfully which is the highest highest too. Not just records but he has been awarded several titles too. Let’s see some of his awards.

    He holds awards like the ‘every major national player of the year’ award and he is included in the ‘national Collegiate Basketball Hall Of fame’. All these records and awards justify the Christian Laettner net worth.

    However, after knowing how good he was at his game, the real question arises, why do some people hate Christian Laettner? He is like every other great player we see on TV and the news, but this special hatred isn’t something common.

    christian laettner net worth

    The Winning Shot

    In 1992, during the East Regional Final between Duke Blue devils and Kentucky, we got to see his behavior that wasn’t really professional and that triggered basketball fans and resulted in hatred. Let us see what really happened.

    There was a time in the match where Laettner attempted a dirty move to taunt Timberlake from Kentucky but not to injure him. Everyone expected that Laettner would not be allowed to continue his game.

    However, surprisingly it was declared as a technical foul and he was allowed to play. This got people thinking that officials were biased upon Christian Laettner. Later on in that game, as he was allowed to stay in the game, he scored a free throw which resulted in the win of Duke Blue Devils during overtime.

    All these reasons equally contributed to Christians hatred among the basketball fans and among players too. But as we can see he didn’t really do something that a lot of players haven’t already done but it still got some people worked up and caused a rise of his fame and hence a lot of people are now curious about Christian Laettner net worth.

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    Performance In NBA

    If we want to talk about Christian Laettner net worth, then his NBA career cannot be unseen. The NBA was one of the most important aspects of his basketball career, although he got into trouble during NBA seasons too.

    Christian Laettner’s NBA performance went all smooth and great for the first six years i.e. from 1992 to 1998. His average score was 16.6 points along with 7.9 rebounds per match. Also, he was the one to start in almost all the matches.

    Christian Laettner’s whole NBA career was 13 years long, starting from 1992 till 2005. He scored a total of 11,121 points in all the seasons he played. It includes jaw-dropping 5,806 rebounds. Thus, like the NCAA, even his NBA career was gold.

    However, his reputation wasn’t that good throughout his NBA career. He changed 6 teams and never stayed in the same team for more than 3 seasons. The longest he was in the same team was for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    Later on, in 2004, he was caught taking drugs like marijuana for which he got suspended several times during the season. Though, even after all this, Christian Lattner net worth has touched a 7 figure number.

    christian laettner net worth

    Closure | Christian Laettner Net Worth

    Christian Laettner net worth is something to be admired and get inspired by. Even though he might not have the best character for a person, he can still inspire you and make you want to work hard to achieve your dreams.

    Christian Laettner is someone who has achieved a lot of fame and he continues to live his life enjoying the fame and money that he earned throughout his career. A $12 million net worth is something anyone would be proud of. I hope that this article helped you get inspired and motivated to do well. Do check out our other articles about net worths and other topics.


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