How to Clean Laptop Fan: Learn 7 Effective Tips to Take Care of Your Laptop


How to Clean Laptop Fan: A Comprehensive Guide to Follow

Day by day, digitalization is improving its position all over the world. In almost every industry, you can see digital improvements. Businesses, whether they are big or small, are adopting digital computing systems and internet facilities. Ranging from the core IT industry, marketing industry to civil department, banking sectors, everywhere computer is not a choice but a necessity. So, it is essential to keep the devices clean and hygienic so that they last long.

Well, the dry duster or a piece of cloth can take care of the external cleaning. But computers have more to deal with internally than externally. Among all of its internal parts, one of the essential parts is the cooling fan. Whether it is a desktop or a laptop, a cooling fan inside helps prevent the machine from being overheated. And many a time, the fan gets dirty and stops working, clogged with dust.

how to clean laptop fan

So, how to clean laptop fan? Yes, many of you have this question. Some of you might have already gone through a significant number of blogs and YouTube videos but got no clue from where to start. No worries! We are here to help. Read this write-up till the end and find solutions for how to clean laptop fan. Don’t miss the useful tips to take care of your laptop.

How to Clean Laptop Fan: Two Different Ways to Try

An overheated laptop can malfunction at any time. And when your boss is fuming for being late at work from home, you cannot afford the hazards of a malfunctioning laptop. So, keeping the fan clear from any dust or dirt is important. You can try two different ways to clean a laptop fan. One is using compressed air can, and another one is manual cleaning without compressed air. If you have questions in mind like ‘how do I clean the dust out of my laptop fan’ – get the answers below. We will discuss both of the ways. So, let’s proceed.

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How to Clean Laptop Fan: With Compressed Air

First, let’s proceed with how to clean laptop fan with a compressed air can. Usually, you can find them at online stores or local computer shops. Once you get a can, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the outer casing to reveal the fan and other internal parts.
  • Turn on the compressed air can and blow it around the machine.

If you are not pro at handling the mechanics of the computer, kindly do not try to open the casing. In that case, it is best to blow the can from outside. Aim the blow at the cooing vents. Try with short bursts of air while aiming directly at the fan.

how to clean laptop fan
Garden Tool expert- Compressed Air Can

Well, this process cannot clean the fan completely. But at least it can help remove the dust to some extent that you can start the machine again and continue working. After that, either go for a professional cleaning process or do manual cleaning.

Using a compressed air can is an affordable and easy-to-use option. But on the other hand, it may not clean the dust properly as the blow sometimes does not reach every fan’s corner. In addition, the cans are usually made of plastic and metal. So, it is not that eco-friendly.

Hence, let’s have an idea about cleaning a laptop fan without using the compressed air can.

How to Clean Laptop Fan: Without Compressed Air

Well, if you are ready to go for dusting the fan, keep aside all of your tasks. Because it will take lots of your attention and effort. Also, you have to be careful with the parts so that any of them does not get damaged. Here are the steps to be followed. Before delving into the process of how to clean laptop fan, let’s first get a list of required equipment.

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Equipment Needed:

Soft cloth free from lint

Static-free mat


The Steps:

Turn Off your PC: Before commencing the cleaning process, make sure your laptop is turned off. Also, keep in mind to unplug it from the power supply points. Never try to open the device when it is on.

Find a Suitable Surface: Want to know how to clean laptop fan? Get a suitable bench or workspace first. Place the laptop on it and keep all of the equipment near your hand. Turn the laptop upside-down. Then, mark the place of the outer casing that covers the fan inside.

Open the Casing: Now, it is time to open the case. Use the screwdrivers to open the casing of the laptop gently. It will reveal the fan. How to locate it? Well, find the air vent on the outer edge of the laptop. You may find an access panel on the bottom. Open it with the screwdriver to see the fan beneath it. If you cannot locate it by yourself, take the help of the manufacturing guidebook or contact the manufacturing company.

Clean the Fan: Once you locate the fan, hold it gently at the place. Start with gentle strokes and continue at a medium pace. Then, remove the dust with a lint-free cloth. Along with the fan, you can also clean the other minor vents of the laptop.

how to clean laptop fan
The Cursed Crusade

Reassemble the Parts: When the fan is cleaned well, cover the machine with the casing again. Ensure you take extra care while arranging the parts because even a loose screw may lead to further trouble.

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So, we hope this step-by-step guide helped you get a complete idea about how to clean laptop fan. Now, as we promised at the beginning of our discussion, let’s proceed with some useful tips to take care of your laptop.

How to Take Care of Laptop: 7 Useful Tips to Remember

  1. Do not leave your laptop inside your car. The temperature inside the car fluctuates, and it affects the device badly.
  2. Make sure your laptop case is of the proper size. It will prevent any scratching, squeezing, and so on.
  3. Do not use the laptop on the bed. The fan sucks the lint and dust from the bed and ends up in blockage.
  4. Try not to put any heavy materials like books or any metal-made items on the laptop. The undue pressure may damage the keyboard and other parts.
  5. Use and keep your laptop in a well-ventilated area. If you keep it in an enclosed area it may lead to overheating the machine.
  6. Use the base while lifting or holding the computer. Don’t lift it using the display ever.
  7. Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the room where you use and keep your laptop.

Bottom the Line

When pandemic is out there, and digitalization is at its peak, the personal computer is a must for us all. Most of us cannot think of our lives without it. So, keep it well and sound. Taking care of the fan is a major step towards maintaining a durable life for the computer. Surely, the write-up has helped you in this matter. Let us know how you liked it. Also, if you want to know software hacks like how to overclock RAM, click here.


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