Big Sean Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    big sean net worth

    Big Sean net worth is in millions because his music has listeners; Not all of his songs are about talking loosely about women. Rap music has had its share of infamy because of the lyrics and how women are portrayed. Obnoxious, sad, blasphemous, that pretty much sums up rap music. Big Sean has explored the genre and created a wide range of songs, from blasphemy to meaningful songs.

    He tops the charts because of the variety he delivers in rap music and the collaborations with other artists to create rapping euphony. Rap might sound more about ghetto music, but some songs are deep. They talk about pain and the rough life and yet not lose the light within.

    African music is melodic, and we know what Quincy Jones did with African R&B; he created magic, a legacy. Big Sean is a gift to the rapping industry because he does not take the beaten path and stick to a standard. He breaks all the rules though his music is not groundbreaking; it’s a wider spectrum to listen to.

    Rapping is ghetto music, and people listen to it. Talking about the world stats, when it comes to a music genre to pick, there is still a demand for rappers. All songs sound similar; there is no different rhythm, beat, lyrics are shady and bad taste. But this music sells, which is why Big Sean is earning millions.

    Linkin Park has a bit of rap, which is in good taste and has lyrics you can relate to and not loathe Big Sean and many famous rappers. Big Sean’s albums topped charts on Billboards a couple of times. Eminem is a great rapper; and one Sean’s influences.

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    Sean got interested in rap music since high school. There’s a good amount of controversy surrounding the rapper. Kanye West expressed his displeasure of signing up the rapper. Sean’s lyrics degrade women and disrespectfully talk about them. The top-charting songs are not your go-to playlist.

    Name Sean Micheal Leonard Andreson
    Age, D.O.B 25 March 1988, 33
    Profession Rapper
    Net Worth $26 million
    Marriage usually dating

    Big Sean Net Worth

    big sean net worth

    Big Sean net worth is because of his passion for music from a young age. He started rapping at a young age and contested rapping battles in the city where he grew up. But he didn’t stop at that. He has been confident in his style and music. He walked to the radio station and gave his demo tape to Kanye West and the rest is history.

    The rapper has had his share of controversies and has worked hard, given the variety in rapping music; most of the tracks have different beats and lyrics from his own perspective. The rapper’s individuality is reflected through his music, which is versatility.

    He does not stick to sadness, or obnoxious numbers. The rapper delivers melody, crassness, beauty, depth, and portmanteau of emotions through his albums. You cannot put him in a category. A few of his tracks are explicit, a few are deep and emotional. Big Sean net worth is earned since a young age.

    Early And Personal Life

    big sean net worth

    Sean was born to Myra and James Anderson in California. The family moved to Detroit when he was three months old. His mother was a school teacher, and his grandmother was the first black woman to serve in United States Army for WWII. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. Sean went to Detroit Waldorf School and Cass Technical High School in Detroit. He scored a GPA of 3.7.

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    Sean has dated a couple of singers after breaking up with his childhood sweetheart in 2013. He owns a home in Beverly Hills which as seven bedrooms and is 11000 square feet. He bought it from Guns And Roses guitarist, Slash. Big Sean net worth is the result of his hard work, spirituality, and faith in himself.

    Big Sean Discography

    big sean net worth

    He was picked by Def Jam Recordings, and Rick Rubin did his magic and, there we have an artist in the rapping genres hitting top charts. It’s not enough to have talent. When you are serious about music, you need a record producer who understands how to mold artists because they understand the sound of music and how to mold any music genre.

    Sean gave his demo tape to Kanye West in 2005. He got his first big break in 2007 when West signed him for Good Music. His mixtape Finally Famous gained popularity and hit the top charts. West and Notorious I.D were his influences developing this album.

    In 2011 and 2012, he collaborated with many artists like John Legend, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, etc. He released a few singles from the album GOOD Music in 2012. In 2013 he released a second studio album, Hall Of Fame. Dark Sky Paradise was the next album released in 2015 and topped the Billboard Charts.

    He released Twenty88 in 2016. In 2017 his album I Decided topped the charts again on Billboard 200 and was certified gold. Sean recorded another studio album in 2019, Detroit 2, which again topped Billboard 200.

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    Controversies And Scandal

    He was charged with a third-degree sexual assault, and the charges were dropped as a part of plea bargain. He is disrespectful, and Princeton students too wanted to call off his show because they thought he was a bad influence. It’s hard to find a rapper who has not been charged for assault or crime of any kind. How different is Sean?

    Awards And Achievements

    Sean has been nominated numerous times for Grammys. He won the Billboard Music Award and BET Hip Hop Award for songs from his albums Finally Famous and Detroit. He won MTV Video Music Award for One Man Can Change The World. He has been nominated for various awards from 2012 to 2021.

    Things You Didn’t Know About Big Sean
    • He worked with Kanye West, Def Jam Recording for a few albums, but Finally Famous was launched as his debut album in the market.
    • He references to Detroit as ‘West Side’ in most of his songs.
    • Sean was once engaged to Naya Rivera, Glee actress, found dead in 2020.
    • He is a spiritualist, which is in total contrast with the obnoxious songs he sings.
    • He built Sean Anderson’s foundation to help children in Detroit.


    Big Sean net worth is earned in millions because of the music he makes. Rapping might not be on everybody’s playlist, but some of his tracks are beautiful. His personality is a motley of several traits that don’t blend together otherwise. Still, they do so well that they make him what he is. Sean is a rapper who takes spirituality seriously and talks about his spiritual faith apart from music.


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