Cat Eye Makeup – 5 Innovative Ways To Wear The Look

    Before we directly start with the cat eye makeup, let us first find out how it came into existence. “Eyes speak louder than words”. It’s true and we couldn’t agree more with this saying. Well, who doesn’t love a set of well-defined eyes with a bold dramatic look?

    There’s nothing more challenging than drawing eyeliner in a perfect way, especially if you are a beginner. Luckily, to overcome the struggles while drawing a perfect eyeliner, we are being introduced with stencils and thin hair brushes.

    Firstly, everybody has to be aware of the fact that eye makeup is not only about drawing eyeliner in a perfect way. It also includes proper blending of eyeshadow, perfect brows, mascaras, and kohls.

    There are a plethora of eye makeup looks and each look has its own history and unique characteristics. Some of the eye makeup looks that have reached high recognition are smokey eye look, natural eyes, cut crease eyes, gradient eyes, rainbow eyes, gothic eyes, shimmer eyes, fox eyes, and last but not least the cat eye makeup look.

    It was the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who brought the dramatic “cat eye makeup” look into recognition. Her style of wearing is different from the one worn now. She applied bright blue paste (made of lead) on her upper eyelid and the malachite green on the lower one. She topped the overall look by applying kohl in a bold way. She used kohl not only for aesthetic purposes but also to prevent her from eye infections and the ill effects of evil eyes.

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    What does cat eye makeup look like?

    Cat Eye Makeup

    This is one of the classic eye makeup looks which includes a thin line of kohl or liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid followed by a flick or a slight curve around the edge. The look also needs the application of dark eyeshadows on the upper lids. light eyebrow shades can also be used. This look is topped with lifted eyebrows and curled fuller eyelashes. This makes your eyes look bigger and wider.

    5 different ways to wear a cat eye makeup look:

    Smudgy End

    Cat Eye Makeup

    The typical cat eye makeup look includes a sharp flick around the edges of the eyes. Instead, smudge the flick using pencil brushes. It gives a softer touch to your eyes and also gives you a subtle look.

    Smokey Effect

    Cat Eye Makeup

    The cat eye makeup look can be combined with the smokey eye makeup look to attain even more highlighting. After you are done with the smudging of the kohl, apply the dark eyeshadow on the crease and the lighter shade around the upper region of your lid.

    Then apply the highlighter around the brow bone region. Make sure that you perfectly blend the eyeshadow using a creaser brush. Then apply the eyeliner along the lash line. When you are applying the kohl, apply it inside of your lash line to make the eye look even bigger and defined. After you are done with the eyeliner, apply your favorite mascara, and you are done.

    The Unfinished Finish

    cat eye makeup

    If you think that eye makeup is taking too much of your time, then this is for you. This look is nothing but leaving the gap between the above and the below eyeliner line, unfilled. This is the simplest cat eye look one could ever ask for. This is more of an “office wear” kind of look but could also be worn to other events as well.

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    Go Glittery

    Cat Eye Makeup

    This is basically the look you get by using the glittering eyeshadow instead of the regular ones. There are various palettes available when it comes to sparkly eyeshadows. This look could make it into a great autumn-inspired eye makeup.

    Rainbow Effect

    Cat Eye Makeup
    L’oreal Paris

    This effect is created by combining the dark. medium and light shades of your palette. Apply the lighter shade on your entire eyelid and then the medium shade. After that apply the darker shade on the crease. After that, blend the colors perfectly using the brush and top the look with your liquid eyeliner and mascara.

    Cessation | Cat Eye Makeup

    So, there are various styles available and each style is meant for different eye shapes. The ideas I mentioned above are just a few, you can use your own innovation and creativity. Now, many people ask about the cost of a cat eye stencil, it depends upon the brand. And the average cost of the cat eye stencil is about 6 dollars.

    Lastly, puffy eyes can be reduced by soaking your eyes with green tea bags or by using jade rollers every morning. Following a good eye care routine by applying night creams, well-shaped eyebrows, curled eyelashes, etc are some of the ways to make the eyes look more attractive.


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