How you can choose your wedding dress

    Your wedding is an event that may happen once in your lifetime. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a dress that can make you feel confident and comfortable. Remember that there are various types of dresses on the market including chiffon dresses for wedding guest. The best thing you can do for yourself is to choose a dress that makes you feel better with your body and can highlight your best assets. 

    A good wedding dress should also conceal the areas that you are not happy about. Before you decide to purchase your wedding, it’s a good idea to ask the opinion of your family members and friends so that you can buy a perfect dress for your wedding. This page discusses how you can choose your wedding dress.  

    Set a budget

    You need to spend about 10 percent of your entire budget on bridal clothes. Remember that this amount doesn’t just account for your wedding dress. You also need to factor in your headpiece or veil, jewelry, lingerie, shoes, and your groom overall look.

    Take note that you can also require some alterations for your wedding dress, though they can be affordable if they are minor ones. If you intend to make huge changes like adding sleeves or changing a neckline, they can cost a bit more money. There is also a chance that you want to spend more cash on your wedding dress than on other things, such as flowers and music. Then you can opt for it and scale down on these other areas. This is your wedding day, so you should make sure that you are comfortable with your wedding dress.

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    Shop with plenty of time

    You need to start shopping for your wedding dress early. If you want to order your wedding dress from a bridal boutique, it may sometimes take a while for it to be ready to wear. In most cases, the average time for a wedding dress to be prepared can be between six and twelve months after you place your order. Many factors affect this process. This includes a wedding dress that is made to order or it can often have various customer details or touches that require to be done by hand.

    The timeline for a wedding dress can be twelve months ahead. This means you need to start shopping for your wedding dress by visiting bridal boutiques, websites, and window shopping. You can order your wedding dress for between six and nine months.

    Take note that if you rush the ordering process because of a short engagement, some shops can provide the option to rush your wedding dress making for a certain fee. But this option tends to also have some limits. If you have a small window like one month, most wedding dress shops cannot fulfill your order.   

    The good news is that there are still other available options if you are on the rush. You can find wedding dress samples from a bridal store, a resale store or even a website. In such cases, the first fitting can be done in three months, the second fitting in one month, and the last fitting in one week.  


    You should look at various places so that you can find inspiration for the type of wedding dress you desire to have. Thankfully, there are many resources you can use to find inspiration nowadays.  

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    All bridal designer sites and bridal fashion shows can offer you some inspiration. You should not skip this step because you can be overwhelmed when you start visiting wedding dress stores for the first time. As you can see, there are many options out there, and they can look all pretty at first. You just need to have an initial idea in the perfect style for your body type. The key consideration is to find a wedding dress that can highlight your best assets instead of hiding them. 

    Make your appointments

    Most wedding dress stores usually want you to make an appointment. Therefore, you need to make an appointment about two weeks in advance, and try to find time during the week when their services are often better due to slow business. In most cases, this is where the fun starts. As explained earlier, you need to have your budget in place and resist the temptation to try on wedding dresses that you cannot afford. 

    And, you can also have a good idea of the right wedding dresses for your body type that can work well with your best assets. Remember that you should be flexible. Therefore, you should not limit yourself, so visit several types of bridal stores including departmental stores, bridal shops, online wedding dress stores, and even a couture house if your budget allows. You should always have multiple options to compare before you decide to purchase your wedding dress.  

    Choose your wedding dress wisely  

    Not every person has your taste or style, though everyone can have an opinion. Therefore, you should not invite many people to your wedding dress shopping appointments. This can make your experience less confusing and stressful. 

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    But you can decide to invite your bridesmaids to the final fitting. It’s also always important to invite one of your family members or friends to help you take notes on the best way to wear the wedding dress.

    You should remember that most bridal salons are designed to help you to feel beautiful. The décor and lighting can create a welcoming environment, and the sales people can be the best ones on the market. But you also need to make a small effort. You should assist the consultant to determine your style by wearing your clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable and show your taste.

    Also, don’t forget the shoes, especially if you already purchased them or any other piece of jewelry you intend to wear on your wedding day. Aside from these, you should schedule a make-up and hair trial before you attend the final wedding dress fitting. This is the only way your entire appearance can come together.


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