Best 5 Successful Habit Building Tips

    Successful Habit Building is the exercise that we all want to develop in our lives. But it is not as simple as it looks. Things go in different directions when you talk about changing things in life. Changes are important but some are so tough that many people give up but still have the desire to achieve it.

    Achieving such goals would never be easy because just when you think you are on a smooth road, at that time you will face a hurdle and that’s life no one can change it. What we can do here is, learn from it just like animals learn from their opponents. You have to look around yourself and learn from your surroundings.

    But to start with Successful Habit building, you have to keep a few things in mind. Without those you can’t do it, you can say they are the package to bring good things into our lives. Let’s look at what we have to adapt to implement successful habit-building practices.


    “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

    – Helen Keller

    When you are up to achieving something in your life or you want a good approach towards anything you wish for, the very first thing you have to follow is to be optimistic. We live in a world wherein reality, positivity is struggling hard to come out and spread among all of us.

    Many of you will think that you can stay positive all time, you can pretend to stay positive all time but you are the only one who knows the real truth. Our corporate and urban life is too attached to office work and everyone is so busy and tied up in tight schedules.

    Successful Habit Building
    Opening Turn

    At this time everyone just complains about everything and they are so frustrated. All this results in the spread of negativity and during this time you have to stay optimistic about things.

    When you think something negative at that time, your positive thoughts just struggle to counter those feelings but you have to fight with yourself and you have to overcome negative thoughts to see the good part of the situation.

    Yes, you have to be optimistic and it is the core part of a successful habit building process. However, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid everything and have no proper reaction to the situation. Every emotion is important in your life, just like we need joy, we need sadness too.

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    Being optimistic means you have to keep a positive approach and react to things calmly and think of all possible ways to solve the problem or see the good part of it. Having negative thoughts or thinking negatively about successful habit building will make it very difficult for anyone to adapt to any good changes in their life.

    On the other hand, if you have a positive attitude towards successful habit building exercises then it would be easier for you to make good changes in your life.

    So you have to be optimistic in your life, you have to think more positively, you don’t have to eliminate your negative thoughts. Just never make those thoughts overcome you, just breathe in and stay cool. The main part of successful habit building is they never happen overnight, you have to be patient enough to adapt to behavior change.

    Prepare Your Mind

    “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

    Benjamin Franklin

    For any new thoughts or any new story to write you want to clear your mind to think and focus on it. Having a clear mind means you have to empty the trash, you have to be relaxed and calm to process thoughts.

    The successful habit building process takes its own time, and you have to be patient enough to go through it. During this period it’s not at all easy to go through it because change is a tough phase and adapting to it is worse.

    Successful Habit Building
    Australian Psychological society

    Whenever you try new things and you are trying it that means you are giving it a shot, this doesn’t mean you will not perform well but it goes in reverse order too. If you fail, never give up because after failure there is always a way for success.

    Everyone wants to achieve some goal in their lives, they want to chase their dreams but there are only a few of them who can achieve it. They will definitely advise you on one thing, clear your mind to focus on things, and go for it.

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    If you really want to change things in your life and want to start with successful habit building, you have to be determined in your work and have proper dedication towards it. You have to start planning and bring it into action, if you feel your plan is not that perfect to execute still go for it. A rough plan is not a problem, it’s just the start of a new beginning.

    Learn To Identify Hurdles

    “An obstacle is often a stepping stone.”

    During the phase when we are set to achieve our goals, crossing the hurdles and passing through the tough times and challenges, helps us understand what is more difficult than achieving a goal.

    Many of us eliminate the fact that we have hurdles to face and many challenges to tackle, so we have to learn from those setbacks and identify the core of the problem to solve it and move at a decent pace to achieve our goals.

    Successful Habit Building

    Once you know what problem you are facing and after knowing the core of it, you can think about its solution and tackle it easily. Just like you want to be fit and have the proper body, but you have excuses to say you don’t have time to invest in the gym. But, what you can do, you can buy equipment and exercise by yourself under proper guidance.

    This way you can learn from your problems and identify them. It will help you to find solutions and will have a good grip on a successful habit building process.

    Learn To Commit

    “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans.”

    -Peter F. Drucker

    Commitment is the thing in which many great people fail, it doesn’t mean you are not fit for it. Everyone is not good at commitments, you have to love things to their fullest and if you are forcing yourself on them you are in the wrong direction.

    When you are achieving a goal, you learn from the mistake and identify your problems, you clear your mind, you do everything to achieve it. However, if you were never committed to it, the initial efforts count for nothing and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

    Successful Habit Building

    Commitment is the thing that you need to have from your heart, it’s not a thing, you can say it’s an emotion, an attachment you feel when you really care about your goals. And if you miss one set of emotions you are never a complete combination.

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    Commitment is the promise to yourself, it will give you the power to fight with every problem, pass through every hurdle just to achieve what you want eagerly and after achieving it the feeling you will get is not explainable at all.


    “Small steps cross a million miles”

    Most of us love treats, don’t we? We are the kind who finds happiness in small stuff and love to celebrate it. From getting good grades in school to getting an increment for our job, we celebrate everything with our loved ones.

    Successful Habit Building

    Then why don’t we celebrate the small milestones we achieve during achieving our goals. Honestly many of us get motivation after these small treats, just like we are mentally fresh after a get-together. So going after chunks is better than planning for something big.

    We love rewards and we are more into the game to achieve the next one, there is nothing wrong with it as it is simply how our brain works. But be aware that you don’t over-treat yourself and spoil everything. However, it’s important to give small rewards, because if we don’t do that we may lose our concentration and may get distracted from our goals.

    Cessation | Successful Habit Building

    So, I hope that after reading this article, you now know that for successful habit building it is very important to be determined. Some people find it difficult to incorporate good habits in their life, while some may easily incorporate them. For any habit to form, the very basic thing we have to do is keep doing it until it becomes a part of our daily life.

    However, when it comes to implementing a habit that is rather difficult or something we have to change, it takes time. Again, the time one requires for successful habit building varies from person to person. Some may be able to do it in weeks while some may take months. However, it doesn’t mean you have to hurry, go at your own pace.

    Also, always remember that; “A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” This quote by Mark Twain speaks a lot of successful habit building and if you make this your mantra, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.


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