How To Reset Wii: A Simple And Efficient Guide

    The Wii is Nintendo’s home console. It was launched in 2006 and brought in motion control gaming to an extended audience of Nintendo fans and those who did not predominantly play video games. In this tutorial, we will talk about Nintendo Wii, some basic facts about it and most importantly, how to reset Wii. So read on further if you need to know how to reset Wii and find some interesting facts about it.

    A value model of Wii mini, Wii, was incorporated in 2013, letting new audiences take joy in Wii software. However, the Wii mini does not conjoin to the internet and does not permit online features. Now in case of any inconvenience, if you need to reset Wii, just follow this article on how to reset Wii.

    Procedure on How To Reset Wii

    The Wii Gaming Console provided by Nintendo which is a multimedia device capable of playing both Nintendo Game Cube games and Wii (motion sensor based) games. It could play audio CDs as well and connect them to the internet.

    Over time, epilepsy system processes or memory may slow down. When there is no button to tap for “hard reset”, you can do your own reset by checking out this article on how to reset Wii. Hard resets are functional when the Wii is running too moderate, or the screen gets frozen.

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    How to rest wii: a guide
    • Find out the “reset” button on the front side of the Wii console. Hold it for a few seconds to reset the device.
    • Stand by for the home screen to pop up, and then hold onto the “power” button on the front side of the lightning till the power light turns into red colour and the Wii gets turned off.
    • Cut the connection from Wii power supply from the power strip or wall outlet.
    • Unplug the Wii console for at least five minutes. Reconnect the power supply and hit the power button to restart the Wii and accomplish a hard reset.


    How to Reset Wii in case you forget your PIN

    If you forget your parental controls PIN, it is totally feasible to reset it by following these below-mentioned steps:

    • From the Wii menu bar, commence accessing the Wii system settings
    • Click on the blue arrow to access the Wii System Settings 2 menu option.
    • Press “I Forgot” on the screen of PIN entry.
    • You will be asked to enter the answer to your secret question. Once logged in, you’ll be able to access the first page of Parental Controls. By striking on “PIN & Secret question” you can easily reset your PIN and follow the on-screen instructions. You will have to reset your secret question and answer.

    Now, if you are unable to remember the actual answer to your secret question, you will have to obtain the master key by effectively communicating with the customer support team.

    • Open the System Settings software from the Wii menu.
    • Select Parental Controls and press “I forgot” on the PIN entry screen.
    • While prompted to input the answer to your secret question, strike on “I Forgot”. A screen with an inquiry number will be displayed. Please be aware to note this. You need to contact customer support to receive the master key and provide this inquiry number.
    • Once you get the main or master key, and then hit “OK”. On the following screen, input the master key to regain control of the parental controls of the Wii system.
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    How to reset Wii and get your hacked Wii to factory settings

    Nintendo Wii could be hacked to permit third-party channels and applications, for example, “Homebrew Chanel” on the device. If your Wii is hacked, Nintendo firmware updates could potentially damage your system. It’s fairly simple in its original factory settings. You must reformat the Wii system memory immediately.

    • Press the “Power” button on your Nintendo Wii VI remote or on the front of the console.
    • Select “Wii Options” from the main menu. The Wii Options button is located in the lower-left corner.
    • Opt for “Wii Settings”. Drive through the Settings menu and choose “Format Wii System Memory”.

      Resetting a Nintendo Wii
    • Confirm the option to format the system memory. This will delete all user data on the system and reinstall the Wii in its original factory settings. Once done, you will need to reset the device.

    How to reset Wii U to genuine factory settings

    If you are facing issues with your Wii U console, you might want to reset it to its actual factory settings. Kindly heed to the piece on ‘how to reset Wii’ that by doing this, your entire saved games, custom settings, and user profiles will be erased from the console.

    How to reset wii
    • Begin your Wii U and hit on the Wii U gamepad’s settings icon (wrench). The ‘System Settings’ menu will be exhibited.
    • Later, go back to the Wii U gamepad and use the left stick to go to the ‘Delete all content’ and Settings segment. Press A to select all. If you have permitted the Parental Controls feature, you will be prompted to input your PIN.
    • Click OK, and then press ‘Delete Everything’ again to complete the reset.

    Factory reset refers to deleting all the data inside Wii. Hence, before considering it, take your time to think about whether you truly require it and then follow the steps mentioned here carefully.

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