How To Measure A TV: Make The Task Simpler!

    Maybe you are placed at home, and you are on the track of where to mount your TV in your abode. Or maybe you are purchasing a brand new television in the store, and you would like to make sure it will fit in a certain place in the house. You may have read our several articles on how to measure a TV but nevertheless could not find the proper one. Next, you necessitate going through this article anyway.

    The very first thing to perceive is that when you look for the size of a TV listed, it cites the diagonal length of the screen – a lot of people make the blunder of thinking that it refers to the width of the screen.

    Actually, this size does not include the bezel of the television (the border running throughout the edge of the screen), so it does not elucidate the whole size of the television. With the emerging technology, the bezels are coming into dimensions; however, they still occupy extra space, so you have to ensure you have vindicated that.

    Something that is also essential to know is that when you admeasure the screen of your television, it will conceivably be slightly inferior to the advertised size. This is fairly standard: only one part of the screen is concealed under the bezel, and that is an essential part of the manufacturing procedure. In general, the discrepancy is a bit more than a few millimetres.

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    Read out the below-mentioned step-by-step instructions for metering your TV screen. We will take you through each and every stage of this procedure and tell you why it’s crucial.

    Step by step instruction on how to measure a TV

    To get the proper size of the TV, you will need four different sets of sizes. Get your measuring tape ready, and let’s have a quick start with this piece on how to measure a TV.

    Diagonally measure the screen

    Place your tape on the television screen, from one top corner to the bottom corner, or do the reverse, diagonally. This will provide you the size of the screen of the TV. However, as we say, do not be stunned if there is a slight discrepancy of millimetres with the catalogued size.

    how to measure a tv

    Cornerwise assess the whole television

    Now, you need to do the same measurements, but pull your tape over the whole face of the television, comprising the bordering bezel. A lot of people jump this step and later make the mistake of considering the size of their television screen is similar to the gross dimensions.

    How to measure a tv

    Meter the television horizontally and vertically

    Horizontally run the tape to gauge the horizontal width of the face of the television. If you are considering installing a television in a small space or in another alcove, ensure you leave a few inches of space on either side; therefore you can place it and remove it securely. Next, do the same thing vertically.

    Calibrate the depth of television

    Utilize the tape to measure the deepness of your television. This can be a bit vague, as a lot of televisions are not completely flat in the back. Hence you will need to measure the inmost point. Once more, verify you add up to the capacity at the back to take in the cables that will run through the mains.

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    With these four arrays of measurement from this article ‘how to measure a TV’, you’ll be capable of making informed prospects about where to fix your television in the place. Contrarily, if you keep these in mind while you are purchasing a television, you can get a set in-store to work out if it will fit into your specified space.

    How To Measure A TV: Some Other things to take into account

    Check out the TV resolution, especially with large screen TVs

    The general rule of thumb is that as the size of the screen increases, so should the entire pixel count or the high resolution. The better the resolution, the more you will see the image instead of the pixels. This is the reason why you may buy a big screen TV. It is suggested to go with higher resolution image quality like 4K or 8K.

    Check the proper TV parameters

    The urge to buy a new TV often causes you to forget about the actual task of setting it up. The TV is even more than its screen size. The physical dimensions, including the big screen TV, stand, and bezel, as well as its future placement in the room, are all important factors to remember. Be sure to compare specific TV dimensions with your interior furniture setup to overcome headaches when setting up your large screen TV.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the upright screen size for your TV is truly a hectic part. If a screen is too big and you sit close to it, you are suffering from eye strain or will not be able to see the whole picture. It is crucial to get a TV that is the right size for your home.

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    Now, there is the question of comfort, and that can include many personal tastes. Because of this, there is not a single strict rule about screen size. Instead, many have the same, but not similar rules, in which different companies and outlets all maintain their own general guidelines.

    Some big brands also have their own specific formulas for evaluating screen size based on the distance you sit from your TV. On top of the fact, you might actually be more relaxed with a smaller or larger screen at your fancied viewing distance.

    For all you need to be informed about purchasing a brand new television; don’t overlook this article on how to measure a TV.

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