How to Overclock RAM: Learn the Easy Steps to Follow

    How to Overclock RAM: A Detailed Guide

    In this digital age, speed and efficiency are all that everybody wants. Be it a human being or machine, the faster you are, the better you will be in your performance. Considering this factor, individuals are now focusing on developing their speed at work. Alongside this, new ideas are being invented to make machines faster. In this scenario, overclocking the RAM in a computer leads to the faster and more efficient performance of the machine.

    For this reason, many users nowadays look for ways to overclock the RAM. The phrase ” how to overclock RAM ” is probably one of the most-searched terms on Google. Recently Intel has understood the demand of the age and found a way to speed up the RAM. But before delving into how to overclock RAM, you first must know few other details. It will help you to get into the process better.

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    How to Overclock RAM: Why do You Need It

    CPU overclocking is easier than boosting up the performance of RAM. All you need to do in that case is that cranking a dial. But for overclocking RAM, things get complex with multiple knobs and buttons. However, it is safer than overclocking the CPU as it does not emit much heat. Now, you may want to know how does it help to improve your system’s performance. Here are the details for that.

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    RAM, as the short-term memory of a computer, is present in all kinds of computers, including desktop computers and special-purpose computers. It allows you to access more than one program at a time. So, you can see, increasing the RAM speed can be beneficial for the system’s performance.

    When you overclock RAM, you can enjoy a wide range of real-time benefits. All of the programs in the computer store the data in RAM before loading it into the processor’s internal cache. These programs can function well through RAM when you know how to overclock RAM and apply it.

    If you are a gamer, overclocking RAM helps you to enjoy your passion more smoothly and efficiently. Increased speed on RAM leads to shorter frame times. Thus, the overall frame times get improved. Alongside this, the chances of stuttering in the CPU-sensitive areas get reduced. These areas are significant as these are the places where new data is expected to be loaded from RAM into cache or VRAM.

    So, in this way, we can see how overclocking RAM leads to higher memory speed and better performance of the computer.

    Rizon Jet: How to Overclock RAM

    How to Overclock RAM: Things you Need to Know before you Begin

    Generally, the speed of the RAM speed is measured in megahertz or Mhz. The regular speed of the DDR4 stock is 2133 Mhz or 2400 Mhz. However, the real speed is actually half of that. Double Data Rate is also a factor here. Moreover, the memory of the system has more than twenty different timings that control latency. It controls how fast you can read and write. All of these are measured in terms of clock cycles. They are often grouped up under the abbreviation of “CAS Latency (CL)”.

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    For example, a midrange kit of DDR4 can be rated at 3200 Mhz CL16. Thus, improving either the speed or timings or both at a time improves latency and throughput.

    The memory also uses another system named Serial Presence Detect. Through this system, the memory in the device gives a set of frequencies and primary timings that it can operate at. It is called the JEDEC specification. It is majorly for the BIOS. So, the combined set of frequency and timing is the stock speed. It is baked into every DDR4 stick ever made. Though it seems to be a fixed speed, Intel has found a way to increase the speed by overclocking the RAM.

    How to Overclock RAM: How does it Work

    , Intel offers another file on top of JEDEC. The name of the file is Extreme Memory Profile or XMP. It helps the RAM to run at a higher speed than ever. With sanctioned factory overclocking, you can get a kit with an XMP profile you can enable when you buy RAM rated over 2400 Mhz. So, in this way, you can overclock RAM.

    How to Overclock RAM: The Beginner’s Guide

    For beginners, it is best to choose Intel® XMP for overclocking RAM. When as a beginner you wonder how to overclock RAM, this technology helps you to enjoy ultra-fast speed. The memory processes compatible with Intel® XMP have their fixed optimal settings. Most of the motherboards can detect the settings easily. They can automatically apply them. You do not need to modify the timing, frequency, and other factors manually.

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    You can find the Intel® XMP setting in the BIOS of your computer. Here, you will get a chance to switch among multiple profiles. Choose any of them you prefer. So, first, select the profile.

    overclock-ram-screen-1-rwd-png-rendition-intel-web-1648-927 How to overclock RAM

    Then, you have to save and apply the preferred settings.

    overclock-ram-screen-2-rwd-png-rendition-intel-web-1648-927 The final step for overclocking RAM

    Finally, reboot the PC. The Intel® XMP makes the complete process of overclocking the RAM simple when it applies correct settings for the modules. The settings for the RAM modules in Intel® XMP are as follows:

    • Set the frequency of the memory to 3200 MHz
    • Set the Timings at 14-(14)-14-34.
    • Set the voltage of the memory to 1.35 V.

    Once you apply the modifications, reboot your system and run the program you were using again. And check the benchmark score for the latency.

    overclock-ram-screen-4-rwd-png-rendition-intel-web-1648-927 The Increased Speed after Overclocking the RAM

    Usually, the speed increases from 33-32 GB/ sec with a 60 NS latency to 46-47GB /sec with a latency of 47 NS. It is recommended to use advanced memory profiles for intermediate users.

    Bottom the Line

    So, now you know how to overclock RAM. Try it and enhance the performance of your computer. If you want to know how to copy and paste on Chromebook, click here.



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