Filo Tata – Smart Safety Insights 2021

    Since 1998, over 800 children in the US have died of heatstroke after being left unattended in a car. Filo Tata is designed and created specifically to stop such unexpected misfortunes.

    Filo, an Italian company, tries to design smart devices to ensure the safety of your child. The company recently came up with two smart devices, Tata Band and The Tata Pad in CES 2021.

    Filo Tata devices have the world’s first Bluetooth connected smart alarm system for babies. Technology that is used for the protection of babies and to take the best care of them is growing rapidly around the world. Filo Tata is one of the best examples.

    Filo Tata Smart Devices

    filo tata
    Image by: Filo

    The smart system pivot around two different Bluetooth based versions of it. One is a smart Tata Pad, which rests below your child. This Cushion is equipped with sensors that detect the presence of a child over it.

    The other is a Tata Band that is wrapped around the shoulder straps of the car seat. Both these devices use Bluetooth to sync with two persons once they get in the car, most probably both parents’ smartphones.

    Smart Alarm System

    Filo Tata system works in three steps. If the sensor in the Band or Pad detects the loss of Bluetooth connection from the parents’ smartphone, while the child is still in the car. This will send alerts to parents’ smartphones to remind them about not leaving their child behind.

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    filo tata
    Image by: The Burn-In

    The alarming process is simple. If you leave your child in the car, the Filo tata system starts the threefold alarming process. The first step is alarming you through a smartphone notification which you receive after 3 minutes of connection loss.

    The second is a phone call you receive after 4 minutes if you didn’t respond to the first alert. But if you still do not return to your child after seven minutes, the system will automatically send warning calls and messages to emergency contacts.


    Tata App

    The system under which Filo Tata both Pad and Band work is controlled over an app. They launched this app which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The alarming process is done on parents’ smartphones with the help of this app.

    You can add up to five emergency contacts via the Tata app. People that are added in emergency contacts can request the last detected GPS position of the child by responding to the message sent by the system.

    Many working parents forget their child in the car because of the stress they’re having. It’s not about being good or bad parents. But this can happen to anyone, anywhere, and unfortunately anytime.

    Filo tata system works even if both the child and the smartphone is left in the car. They immediately start sending alerts to the emergency contacts that you added via the app.

    Filo Market Potential

    Filo uses cloud computing in its devices. Filo has already sold over million units in Italy. Now the company thought of launching it in the United States soon. Both these devices are sold for $60 currently. Anyone willing to take advantage of technology and use it for their child’s’ safety can purchase Tata services.

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    For a parent, child safety is the first thing to deal with. Several deaths occur every year for abandoning the child inside the car alone. Every other parent says that ”I’m not that careless to leave my child alone” or ”Do you think I’m stupid to abandoned my little child alone inside the car?”

    The fact is that the everyday life of working parents is very much tiring. In between the stress of work and home this unfortunate incident can happen. This is why Filo tata designed and created this for child safety.

    Made by parents for parents

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