10 Best Yoga For Weight Loss – Can You decrease Weight With Yoga?

    Yoga For Weight Loss – Will Yoga Induce Weight Lose In Your Body? Find Out


    Yoga is a traditional and ancient form of exercise and workouts that involves the soothing experience of toning the body mentally and physically. It uses various breathing techniques, meditation, and exercises. A person doing yoga regularly will witness brilliant results and changes in the body over a period of time. It helps to keep a balance between the body and your soul. The term “Yoga” is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language word “Yuj” which means to unite.

    Yoga is not just a regular exercise that you perform to lose weight and get your desired physique. There are a lot of stigmas and queries related to yoga when it comes to performing yoga for weight loss.

    Yoga not just makes your body physically fit, it complements mental and spiritual well-being providing you with calmness and a soothing feeling of prosperity like no other form of exercise or workout does. This makes yoga unique and enchanting.

    Practicing yoga regularly makes you mentally, physically, and spiritually developed and heals you in a manner that you are able to create the best version of a human being.

    It’s an effective exercise for weight loss too. Now you might be wondering how to do that proceeds because when he heard of the name yoga, the first thing that strikes our brain cells is the calmness and postures of yoga. Whereas weight loss requires calorie burn that happens most probably due to spiked heart rate. Well, yoga is not limited. There are many active forms of this procedure that helps in losing weight.

    Not only yoga benefit in losing weight, but it also cures sleeping problems, stress, anxiety, and improves the overall quality of life. Let’s see one by one different benefits of yoga that are related to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

    Yoga For Weight Loss And Mindfulness

    yoga for weight loss

    The spiritual and mental aspects of yoga for weight loss focuses on creating mindfulness which improves your awareness in many situations and levels. Your mindfulness depends upon many factors like the food you intake, sleep quality, etc.

    Study shows that people who developed mindfulness using yoga as a means of exercise were able to sleep better and were able to resist unhealthy meal items. This resulted in control over their hunger and less craving appetite that led to losing weight over time.

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    People who did Yoga every day were more aware of their body and could notice when their stomach was heavy and full also they were able to determine the portion of food to eat in order to maintain or lose weight.

    Mindful eating has a lot of benefits that prevent most yoga-practicing people to stop binge-eating (one of the main reasons for weight gain). They were able to convince themselves by increasing willpower to perform more physical activities removing fatigue and laziness from their routine.

    It is advised for everyone to not perform yoga in the morning and not eat anything before yoga. After doing a complete yoga session, in few days noticeable changes will be seen regarding the quality of food you want to consume every day which is raw and fresh instead of processed food items. You will also become conscious of the number of bites and how many times to chew one bite, which will eventually lead to low consumption.

    Yoga For Weight Loss And Improved Sleep Quality

    yoga for weight loss
    Daily fit

    Practicing Yoga can help in improving the sleep quality given that you do it regularly. Over time you will witness changes in your sleep pattern. You will see you are able to sleep more peacefully and early with a set time. Ideally, the sleeping time is somewhere between 6 hours to nine hours daily.

    A night of good sleep is always associated with weight loss. A study showed that people who slept for less than or around just 5 hours every day, lost less weight with yoga or other forms of exercise than people who slept accurately for 7 to 8 hours daily. Both the type of people mentioned in the study followed similar routines of exercise and similar eating habits per day.

    There is a type of guided relaxation known as Yoga Nidra that is done lying down on a floor. This practice when done regularly helps you increase mindfulness and elevates your sleep quality. You may also guide and set weight loss intentions while performing Yoga Nidra which will help you stay in shape in a long run.

    A study in 2018 showed that regular perforation of Yoga Nidra by a set of people helped them elevate mindfulness when performed for eight weeks. This mindfulness gave them instructions including eating habits.

    Yoga For Weight Loss And Calorie Burning In Yoga

    Yoga is not traditionally based on aerobic functions. Although, there are few yoga types that are very much active than other yoga poses and postures.

    Active styles of yoga help in burning more calories than other types by spiking heart rate. These types of intense and active yoga can help you in having control over your body weight. Some examples of these yogas include power yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc. These yogas help you move from one place to another constantly that leads to burn in calories and weight loss.

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    Practicing yoga not only burns calories but also helps in improving metabolism, toning muscles, increased efficiency, etc.

    A study found that a type of yoga known as Restorative yoga helped many women who became overweight lose a lot of weight which included abdominal fat that has become a concern for many women and men worldwide.

    How Many Times To Do Yoga For Weight Loss In A Week

    There is not possible limit on many days to perform and when to skip yoga. You should practice a good yoga session as often and as much as possible seeing all the benefits it provides and its value to improve your lifestyle.

    Hatha yoga, yin yoga poses, restorative yoga provides immeasurable benefits to your body. If you are not aware of any forms of yoga to practice, you can start by doing simple yogas at first and then gradually build up your practice to perform better each day. 20 minutes of yoga each day can do magic to your body, you can witness the results and thank yourself months later after performing yoga for weight loss.

    Combining Yoga for weight loss sessions with physical activities like jogging, walking, cycling, and swimming to gain cardiovascular advantages and regulate blood flow to rejuvenate the functioning of mind and body.

    Some Poses For Yoga For Weight Loss

    Although there are no direct relations for many yoga postures that are related to weight loss, there are certain yoga asanas or postures you may try that are active than other postures.

    The Triangle Pose in Yoga For Weight Loss

    yoga for weight loss
    Yoga Anatomy

    This pose is amazing to burn fat through stretching. To perform this posture, stand part with your feet wide open. keep your hands parallel to the ground. After doing this, bend on the left side and touch your left foot with your left hand. Hold this posture for 20 seconds and do the same for the right side as well.

    It helps to reduce belly fat and improve digestion. As you can see it engages the muscle of the legs and hands, it aids in muscle building on the targetted areas.

    Warrior Pose II

    yoga for weight loss

    It is a variation of the original warrior pose. This yoga posture not only helps to decrease the weight but also gives you a lean physique and flattens your abs. You have to concentrate on the core muscles.

    It can aid in weight loss, muscle building, toning of muscles, and flattening of the belly region.

    Upward Dog

    yoga for weight loss

    Lie on your stomach to perform this yoga posture. extend your hands forward and keep your palms facing down the ground for support. keeping the hands before your shoulders, lift the upper body, and keep your chin high to look forward. Keep lower body that is things and abdomen near the ground region. Also, keep a soft mat or yoga mat for such yoga postures.

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    Chair Pose

    yoga for weight loss
    Ekhart Yoga

    As the name suggests, you have to stand straight and keep your feet joined together. After reaching this position, raise the arms above the head in a way that your palms are facing each other. After this, you have to tilt and bend slowly from the knees the same way as you perform squats in HIIT or cardio. Keep your thighs and ground parallel to each other. Hold this posture for a maximum of 15 seconds.

    Boat Pose

    yoga for weight loss
    Andrew Weil, MD

    As the name suggests, you have to keep your body in a position such that it appears similar to a boat. To get in this posture, lie down on the ground with your back facing towards the ground. Now life your legs and upper body both in a manner to form a “V” shape. Your hands should remain parallel to the ground. Hold this yoga for weight loss posture for 10 to 20 seconds. It is great for belly fat and thigh fat same as Russian twists.

    The Angel Pose as Yoga For Weight Loss

    yoga for weight loss
    Very Well Fit

    It is one of the easiest to perform and effective yoga for weight loss. For this stand on your feet having a distance of few cms between them. Keep your hands by the side and slowly lift both the hands and join them together at the top above your head. Remaining in this position itself, bend from the torso to the left side and then the right side slowly for 20 to 25 seconds.

    Bow Pose In Yoga For Weight Loss

    yoga for weight loss
    Ekhart Yoga

    To complete this posture, lie flat on the ground with your stomach facing downwards, after this slowly lift your upper body and legs just the way you keep in the cobra pose. Remaining in this position only, hold your legs with your hands. Stay in this posture for as long as you can hold it. It stretches the belly, reducing and toning that region of your body.

    The Bridge Pose

    yoga for weight loss
    Yoga Basics

    Lie on the mat with the back facing the ground. With your feet firmly placed on the ground, lift your torso, in the same manner, you perform glute bridges. Do not lift your shoulders at all and keep the hands placed on the ground straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds and see visible changes. Repeat and relax.

    Child’s Pose

    yoga for weight loss
    Very Well Fit


    It is comparatively easy and can be performed effectively for long period. Try to complete this asana between difficult asanas or poses to have a break that is effective. For this fold your knees and sit on the mat with a straight back, now bend forward along with your hands above your head bending forward. Touch your palms in front of the head. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat.

    Plank Pose

    yoga for weight loss
    Yoga Journal

    Plank is well-known to all fitness enthusiasts as one of the best workouts to reduce belly fat. This exercise is well-known to all. Hold the plank position with your core engaged for 30 seconds in the beginning and keep increasing the duration once you are familiar with this.

    These were some of the best yoga poses and all the information you needed to know before proceeding with Yoga for weight loss.


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