Riverdale Season 5 Episode 2 solves the videotape mystery and ties up a loose knot

    The second episode of Riverdale has aired, and it looks better than before. The second episode solves one of the biggest mysteries of the 4th season. Betty and Jughead finally figured out the person behind the insanity and gave the fans a much-needed closure. Before you dive into our episode analysis, it is safe to watch the episode first.

    The Story of Riverdale’s 2nd episode

    The second episode begins with a disturbed Archie trying to cope with the fact that someone recreated the Black Hood shooting his father scenario. He keeps on having nightmares of his father’s untimely demise. Fred Andrews was always one of the good guys, yet he faced the worst possible outcome. The failure of not getting into Naval Academy and the video scene sends Archie into a fit of rage.


    At school, Veronica tries hard to hide their breakup from everyone. She pretends all sweet and kind to hide her sorrows. She doesn’t want Betty and Jughead to split like them. On the other hand, Jughead gets into a college with the finest writing program. Everyone is elated when another blow hits them. Betty and Jughead receive another video, and this time the guy enters their household and puts a knife on Jellybean’s face.

    Meanwhile, Hiram gets into a fight with Archie for breaking his daughter’s heart. Archie doesn’t seem very repentant of his actions since he is preoccupied with the video drama. Betty gets a call from Bret, the guy who tried to kill Jughead at Stonewall Prep. He requests Betty to ask Hiram to transfer him into solitary confinement in exchange for top-secret information. The next day Betty and Jughead visit him in the jail, only to find out that Bret has been killed. He was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen, and his eyes were gouged out.

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    That very night, Betty gets another call from Donna. She also tells her that her life is in danger. All the students who were involved in Jughead’s supposed execution were paying the price.

    The return of Hermosa

    Hermosa, Veronica’s half-sister, played a crucial role in the 4th season. She was daddy’s little girl who did everything by the books to be on Hiram’s good side. But, Hermosa is extremely cunning and clever. Hiram went back to his old mafia self. He believes that his fighting strength is the reason for his recovery from muscle atrophy. Seeing that Hiram is losing his mind and many of his enemies are still on loose, Veronica and Hermosa plan a hostile takeover for Lodge Industries.


    Uncle Frank also returns in Archie’s life. Last time, he escaped from the clutches of the FBI. He always cared about Archie, and seeing him in deep agony, made his return to Riverdale. He helps Archie cope with his loss and decides to turn himself in.

    Cheryl’s Maple business

    From the very 1st season of Riverdale, the maple syrup empire of the Blossoms has been the centre of attention. Jason had to lose his life for this business. On learning of her family’s dark history, Cheryl decides to sell a part of their land to help the wronged community and use that money to re-brand the business. When the board members refuse to agree with Cheryl, Penelope Blossom poisons them all. Perhaps, her deranged sense of motherhood made her do this.

    Who is the new serial killer in Riverdale?

    In Riverdale, nothing is ever sweet and simple. It turns out that Charles bugged the Cooper residence and listened to all the conversations. He had Chic kill Bret as he had harmed his half brother. They’d hurt several people before this. Charles claims that he did it for love. He wanted to protect his closed ones. Looks like the show-runners took the serial killer gene too seriously. Everyone in Betty’s family turn out to be a serial killer somehow.

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    Who is making the videos?

    Jellybean was the one making those videos. She didn’t want Jughead to leave for college. She knew that a mystery would keep Jughead in town. She didn’t want to lose her brother. She and her friends curated this entire video set up, just to make Jughead stay in town. Somebody take this kid to therapy. She unknowingly did something so dark and violent that it scarred everyone.

    Riverdale — “Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Preppy Murders” .

    Will Jughead stay back in Riverdale, or will he go to Iowa to pursue his passion of writing? Will Veronica tell Jughead about Barchie’s little rendezvous? What role will Hermosa play in the future now that Hiram is all cooped up?

    The series is preparing for their big-time jump. Pretty soon, we will see their graduation episode, and what follows next, will be extremely intriguing.

    Here is a clip for the next episode. Get ready to be dazzled with mystery and curiosity.

    Meanwhile, Riverdale completed four years since its premiere episode. The cast posted a bunch of throwbacks, and they’re a pure delight. Head over to their Instagram account and check it out.

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