5 Beautiful Short Nail Ideas To Stay In Vogue For Busy Women

    Oh, Bella, your sweetness shall remain intact, and in style with the daily chores you do, and all in a days work with these ideas for short nail ideas and trends. The millennial era celebrated sheen long nails without art and still rocked, only they didn’t fit into the daily routine. The journey of nail trends as evolved. The once semi-ignored style element is a fully-fledged and ala mode.

    Flaunt them art in short nails and rock the style with different motifs, and color palettes. Who said only a single color makes a guest appearance on the nails until they fade down looking like a faded graffiti on the street walls. No, Bella, there’s more to this than the faded, and re-apply a new shade, there’s beautiful artworks happening on those beautifully manicured short nails.

    Now, you have an abundance to choose from; colors, motifs, patterns, textures, and Viola! Every outfit, every occasion you style in gets a nail dressed in beauty to admire and flaunt your creative side and good taste.

    No, sweetness, don’t Conform!! to those lone colors, they need company, on that manicured platter of your nails, to sit in comfy and have fun. Do the non-conformist thing, its time, to start with nails, and say, aye aye Captain! we take the fun ride and soak into colors and motifs that delight the senses and bring beaming happiness.

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    Short Nail Ideas For The Vintage Lovers

    Vintage motifs, art, and decor are everlasting. They remind of times when everything was mellowing and blossoming in sweetness and splendour. Think of good times? These motifs, textures, and hues are for you. Floral, polka dots, matte, metallic, and a lot of joy flowing on the nails sitting pretty in fancy and lightness of the moment that says -Joie De Vivre!

    Short Nail Ideas In Metallic To Stun You

    Bold, fearless, and bombastic screams the metallic hues in gold, silver, blue, green, or the neons. Wear them till they wear you out, but they won’t. They suit most outfits, formal, semi-formal, club, and yes, the beach or resort wear too.

    You know why? because they sit in style in short nails. Wouldn’t recommend this motley of styles they would go with had it not been the length, short. Poetic, does it sound? sans the floral delight and bold textures, angular, pointing your sharpness and astute acumen, yeah!!

    Short Nail Ideas For Everyday Motifs

    Soft, mellow, colors, fun prints, with swirls, floral, thrown in, and tidbits of embellishments if you do not have a lot of chores to do. Choose textures of your choice and have them in a single color that compliments them. The one motif and texture you adore and relate to the most is your everyday trusty-side kick that sits on the landscape of your nails.

    Offbeat, Abstract, And Quirky Short Nail Ideas

    Psychedelics, abstracts make your nails feel younger and give you feels of reminiscence of days yonder. All ages, usher it onto your nails, for the spirit of young, gung-ho, and the delirious zeal for life! You living it right, Bella, in those hues, tints, and tones working in unison creating stunning textures on your nails, and you nailed it! and how!

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    The Ever Classy Minimalist

    Minimalism is never de mode, neither will you be labelled a fashion victim for choosing this style over and over, and never be worn out, nor wear out its welcome. Elegance? ahoy! and a few notches. Denim, country, leather, tulle, fairy tales, or punk; all is well in the minimalist palette of motifs, textures, and colors.


    Short nail ideas in abundance only encourage you to paint them in beautiful hues and motifs spurring the appearance of your nail. A dash of style and beauty for short nails and who said, art can’t get comfortable in small space with all intricate details? Show yourself some love painting them in these hues and motifs.



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