Buying Cream Cheese

Fresh cream cheese variants such as full-fat cheese, reduced-fat cheese, lite, and other foods added are easily obtainable year-round in market stores and dairy shops.

While buying cream cheese, you have to look for smooth and uniform white to light-colored cream cheese that is unfettered from any sort of blocks, lumps, or grittiness. Reduced-fat cream cheese might be somewhat pasty. When you add other food, it shall be evenly divided and reveal the desirable specific color to the finalized product. This cheese should be free from obvious mold and any other surface blemishes.

Dodge those with an extreme quantity of whey that is spreading from the margins. The cheese should be medium-firm and cold and should be spreadable when kept at room temperature.

Food uses of cream cheese

Cream cheese is served fresh and should be consumed quickly. Cream cheese is really handy and versatile dairy stuff that cooks love to prepare in various mouth-watering dessert dishes and savory recipes. It complements fully with fruits and various vegetables.

In cuisine, cream cheese can be highly helpful in savory dishes such as chicken/vegetable stuffings, sauces, dips, and soups. However, it is particularly used as topping spread in different desserts such as cakes, cookies, muffins, bread, bagels, donuts, etc. Use may also use cream cheese as a replacement in dishes that ask for greek yogurt, mayonnaise, butter, cream, etc.

  • Enjoy this ingredient as a base component in delightful cheesecakes and Philadelphia cherry pie.
  • A mixture of fruit yogurt with cream cheese is mouth-watering.
  • Blend cream cheese with butter fully until it becomes creamy to make frosting cream cheese which can be used as beautiful toppings in stores and bakeries.
  • Being such soft cheese, it can be replaced for Neufchatel cheese, cottage cheese, etc to cook pasta sauce.

Storing cream cheese

Being such a tender dairy product, cream cheese is extremely perishable. If you make it at home itself, make small groups periodically and store them well in the refrigerator for nearly a week.

This was everything about the cream cheese nutrition profile, its benefits, and downsides you needed to know.