Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly? | A Detailed Explanation And 5 Best Alternative Drinks

    Wondering is coke zero keto friendly or not? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. 

    People following the keto diet have been confused regarding whether Coke zero or Coke zero sugar can aid them or not. Well, if we see from a general perspective, then coke zero can be consumed during the keto diet simply because it contains zero calories and carbs, which is much needed on the keto diet.

    But, wait, it’s not that simple. Many other factors need to be considered. Coke Zero containing zero carbs and calories doesn’t indicate a healthy drink. It may not interrupt your keto diet, but some of its ingredients may negatively influence your health.

    Keep reading to find out every vital thing related to the coke zero and the keto diet.

    The Origin Of Coke Zero

    In 2005, the coke cola zero was introduced to provide customers with a drink that promotes health. As we already know, the classic coca-cola contains so many unhealthy ingredients that can lead to serious health issues. Keeping that in mind, the coca-cola company brought coke zero as an alternative, allowing people to enjoy coke cola without compromising health.

    In 2017, the reformation in the branding of coke zero took place. Coca-cola announced that they would relaunch coke zero with the name ‘coke zero sugar.’ The relaunched stated that with coke zero sugar, customers would enjoy Coca-Cola’s original taste while keeping their health on track.

    The coca-cola zero doesn’t contain any carbs or calories, making it perfect for the people following the keto diet. Apart from this, some people also prefer it because it has a unique taste from the original coca-cola.

    is coke zero keto friendly
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    What Is The Difference Between Coke Zero and Coke Diet?

    Before we discuss, is coke zero keto friendly or not? Let’s first understand how it differs from the coke diet?

    Coke Zero and Coke Diet are considered some of the most popular soft drinks in the market. The main reason behind their popularity is the taste that it brings along without any calories.

    Well, if we see in terms of ingredients, there is no significant difference. The same sweeteners are used in both, known as Aspartame and acesulfame-K. However, these sweeteners are why many people have started to oppose coke zero. We will discuss it in more depth further.

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    Diet coke and Coke zero are far from each other when it comes to taste.

    The diet coke has been made with different flavor blends, leading to a lighter taste. But, it may also depend from person to person because many people have confessed that coke zero tastes very similar to classic coke. On the other hand, some people say that diet coke tastes very different from the original coke.

    The taste of coke zero is quite similar to classic coke, which many customers appreciate. It may not taste the same as classic coke, but still, it is considered much better than diet coke.

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    What Are The Problems With Coke Zero?

    Coke Zero doesn’t contain any calories or carbs, which is a positive side of coke zero. But, coke zero contains some other ingredients that can be harmful to you. Here’s the list of some of the main ingredients of coke zero.

    Coke Zero Ingredients
    1. Carbonated Water
    2. Caramel Color
    3. Phosphoric Acid
    4. Sweeteners, which are (Aspartame, Acesulfame-K)
    5. Natural Flavors, which includes caffeine
    6. Acidity regulator
    7. Potassium Citrates


    Aspartame and Acesulfame-K are the main ingredients used in coke zero as a sweetener. Many people have criticized these sweet alternatives as they can negatively impact your health.

    According to many experts, Aspartame is the ingredient that brings along some disadvantages. It consists of two amino acids named phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Phenylalanine can result in some allergic reactions or cause gastrointestinal side effects. It may also lead to some other health conditions like diabetes. 

    However, U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other high authority organizations have approved Aspartame as a safe sweet alternative. But, in the last few years, some research was conducted, in which they found that Aspartame can lead to some health issues, like:

    • Irritable mood
    • Migraines
    • Insomnia
    • Seizures
    • Anxiety

    More frequent intake of artificial sweeteners is also not preferable for pregnant women. It can lead the child to be more inclined towards sugar cravings.

    Apart from artificial sweeteners, Caramel color is another ingredient that may create problems. 

    Dr. Berg explains that producing caramel color results in a compound named Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE) harmful to our body. It is produced when the fat or protein is combined with sugar in the bloodstream. 

    AGE forms sticky proteins in your various body parts like the brain, arteries, pancreas, liver, etc. If consumed for a more extended period, this may lead to severe health issues. 

    Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly?

    Now let’s discuss is coke zero keto-friendly or not?

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    The main motive of a keto diet is to help you attain calories from fat and protein only and not from carbs. And to maintain that ratio, you have to cut off most of the carbs from your diet, which means a classic coke will also be eliminated because one can of 375ml contains 39.8 grams of carbs. Here coke zero takes entry. It helps you enjoy the taste of coca-cola without interrupting your keto diet.

    The zero calories and carbs will help you stay on the keto diet without compromising taste. But, some other health issues might get produced because coke zero contains some harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners named, Aspartame.

    So, should you grab the coke zero if you are on the keto diet path? 

    Well, drinking coke zero occasionally is completely fine. It will not harm you and your keto diet in any significant way. But, if you start to consume coke zero regularly, it can lead to health issues like heart disease.

    But, whether coke zero is keto-friendly or not is still debatable. Many keto experts have neglected the idea of consuming coke zero while being on the keto diet—the main reason they give is those artificial sweeteners. They may not directly interrupt your keto diet but may lead to a dirty keto.

    So, if you are following a strict keto diet, you should try to avoid coke zero. But, if you are not following a strict keto diet, then consuming the coke zero occasionally will not be a big deal for you.

    5 Best Drinks That You Can Consume While Being On Keto Diet

    Let’s look at some of the healthier alternatives of coke zero.

    Now you know that coke zero can be consumed occasionally on the keto diet. But, still, some people may not prefer coke zero due to its harmful ingredient. So, we’ve brought some alternatives to help you out, keeping that in mind. There are some keto-friendly healthy drinks that you can enjoy while keeping the keto diet on track.

    The most common one is plain water. It should be the most preferable when you are on a keto diet. It won’t kick you out of the keto diet as it’s completely calorie-free. But, sometimes, you will crave something different, which is entirely normal, and we also understand that.

    Go through the list to find your favorite drink to sip while being on the keto diet.

    Nut Milk

    Cashew, almond, and coconut oils are some of the most incredible drinks to have on the keto diet. They merely contain 1 gram (or maybe even less) carbs, and it is also an excellent source of calcium. Just make sure to pick the unsweetened milk and check the label correctly.

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    Green or Black Tea

    is coke zero keto friendly

    Green or Black tea is another healthy option that you can opt for when following a keto diet. It serves you with healthy components with 1 gram or less) carbs in a 240ml cup.

    Green tea is made of fresh tea leaves that benefit you with less caffeine, floral flavor, and lighter color. On the other hand, black tea is made of aged leaves that benefit you with higher caffeine, robust flavor, and darker color.

    You can choose any of them as per your preference. You can even go for iced or hot tea.


    Coffee contains zero calories and carbs, making it ideal for the keto diet. It will also provide you with some other benefits, such as a boost in metabolism, help in weight loss, etc.

    Fruit and Vegetable Juices

    is coke zero keto friendly
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    Some fruit and vegetable juices can be added to your keto diet.

    Mostly, fruit juices are full of sugar content, which doesn’t fit the keto diet. But there are a few options available that you can grab–for example, lime and lemon juices. They have the least carbs and good taste as well. You can drink them with plain water or add them to beverages like hot or iced tea for a better taste.

    Some vegetable juices are also less in carbs, making them suitable for the keto diet. Vegetables that you can use to make juice are cucumber, celery, spinach, and kale. It’s noteworthy that juicing the vegetable snatches away all the nutrients. If you don’t want to lose nutrition from your juices, make sure to consume pulp.

    If you don’t have a juicer at home, you can buy ready-made juices from a shop. But, most ready-made juices contain carbs that may not fit on the keto diet. So, make sure you check the label properly when buying a packed vegetable juice.

    Energy Drinks

    A few energy drinks in the market use natural sweeteners, making them perfect for a keto diet.

    But, energy drinks come along with some risks. Many studies display that energy drinks can harm the liver, heart, and brain.

    Caffeine is also a factor that you need to keep in control. Generally, a can of 475ml contains 150-200 mg of caffeine, and the safe limit of caffeine consumption is under 400mg for most adults.

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    Conclusion | Is Coke Zero Keto Friendly?

    Coke zero can be a good option when on the keto diet. Zero carbs and calories make it an ideal drink for ketoholic people.

    But, it also contains some ingredients that are not healthy and may lead to some severe health issues if consumed more frequently. Many experts have neglected coke zero for the same reason: drinking coke zero will lead to a dirty keto diet. However, if you are not following a strict keto diet, drinking coke occasionally will be considered acceptable.


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