Steve Kerr Net Worth – Bio, And 5 Interesting Facts

    steve kerr net worth

    Steve Kerr net worth is the wealth accumulated being the best baseball coach leading the NBA teams. Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls have won numerous championships under his coaching. He is a retired baseball player and coaches NBA teams for championships. Golden State Warriors won three championships when he was appointed as their head coach.

    Steve Kerr spent his early life in Middle Eastern countries because his father lived in his early years. He is an NBA champion who won the title eight times as a basketball professional. He also worked as a broadcaster and commentator while he was pursuing his career as a coach.

    He started his career after high school by playing basketball for the University of Arizona. He is one of the wealthiest NBA coaches. He has been on the move visiting various countries as a part of the basketball team.

    Name Stephen Douglas Kerr
    Age, D.O.B 55, 27 September 1965
    Profession Former basketball player, NBA coach
    Net Worth $35 million
    Marriage Margot Kerr, 1990, 3 children


    Steve Kerr Net Worth

    steve kerr net worth

    Steve Kerr had a stellar career as a professional basketball player and a coach. Though he had a few surgeries, he did not allow that to stall his career. He won prestigious NBA championships learning winning strategies and teaching the playing methods to his teams.

    He is responsible for uplifting the abysmal performance of the Golden State Warriors and creating a team of champions who won numerous NBA titles. He is known as an All-star NBA coach.

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    He started his career with Phoenix Suns, partly owns and manages it. Throughout his career, he has lived a non-controversial life focusing on his passion for basketball. From a young age, he developed a passion for basketball and pursued it. His career took a positive turn when he joined Arizona Wildcats.

    Steve Kerr Net Worth – Early Life

    steve kerr net worth

    Stephen Douglas Kerr was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Malcolm and Ann Kerr. His father was an academic at the American University at Beirut and was assassinated when Steven was 18 years old studying at the University of Arizona. He has one sister named Susan and two brothers, John and Andrew.

    Kerr completed his early education at Cairo American College and American Community School in Beirut. He also attended the Palisades High School where he developed a passion for playing basketball and played for the Palisades Dolphins basketball team. He joined Arizona University at the age of 18.

    Steve Kerr Net Worth – Career

    steve kerr net worth

    Kerr could realize his true potential of playing basketball when he joined the Arizona wildcats and could draw the attention of the NBA. He played for 5 seasons for the Arizona wildcats. He was also a part of the USA basketball team that won the FIBA world championship in Spain.

    He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1988 with a major in General Studies, history, sociology, and English. He joined the NBA league for Phoenix Suns in 1988. He played with Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, and was in the team of Michael Jordon.

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    He also played for the Spurs and was coached by the legendary Gregg Popovich and won the NBA championship which created history in the league of championships. He played for Spurs till he retired. He played a total of 910 games with an average score of 6.0 per game.

    After retirement, he joined the TNT television broadcaster as a television analyst. He anchored a few segments providing commentary, trivia, and interesting insights about the game. He also served as the NBA commentator for Yahoo.

    He quit television for a while to join as general manager for Phoenix Suns in 2004, partly owned and managed it, and retired from Suns in 2010. He had a dazzling career as a coach under whose mentorship NBA teams won numerous championships.

    Until Kerr started coaching the Golden State Warriors, their performance was written off and they did not win a single championship. With Kerr as the coach, Golden State Warriors won the championship after 40 years. He implemented a strategy called triangle offense that let them win the title.

    He underwent numerous back surgeries as a professional basketball player and retired from playing for NBA and joined as a coach. He has been awarded as the best coach twice for creating a winning team of Golden State Warriors that went on a winning spree of gaining titles for the NBA championship.

    Steve Kerr Net Worth – Achievements

    steve kerr net worth

    He won the Rudy Tomjanovich Award in 2018. His career as a professional basketball player has been rewarding which brought him laurels and honors as a player as well as a coach. He is also a soccer player and loves the Liverpool L.C. He was given the titles ‘NBA coach of the year’ in 2015-16.

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    Steve Kerr Net Worth – Interesting Facts

    steve kerr net worth
    • He married his college girlfriend Margot Brennan after dating for five years
    • He criticized Trump in the Jerry Springer show
    • He won a total of 8 NBA championships in his career
    • He was once fined $25000 for criticizing NBA officials on a radio program
    • He regularly contributed to a sports and pop-culture website, Grantland between 2011-2015.


    Steve Kerr net worth is his dedication as a basketball professional. He retired from being the stellar coach that created winning teams the won NBA championships. With zilch controversies and simple life, he is an inspiration to many who love sports or want to pursue their dreams.




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