Are you Androsexual: 5 Interesting Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does It Mean to be an Androsexual: Learn It Here

    Do you feel attracted to masculinity? Take a note. I am talking about masculinity, not the male gender. A person can be masculine irrespective of gender. And if you feel drawn towards masculinity, you are androsexual.

    Since the ancient age, sexual orientation has been a significant factor in human being’s lives. However, the different sexual orientations except for traditional heterosexuality were tagged as taboos throughout the middle age period.

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    But, now, in today’s world, people are changing. So is their mindset. It is now easier than before to talk about sexual orientation and live with unconventional sexual orientation. Still, certain taboos are there. And we hope that they will also go far away soon.

    The Etymological Origins and Meaning

    If we study deeply, we can see that the term ‘Androsexuality’ has its origin in the Greek language. ‘Andro’ means ‘male’, and ‘sexual’ denotes ‘sexual attraction.’ Well, in the world dictionary, the term is new. So, it brings in different meanings for different contexts. While some stick to its meaning as love for masculinity, some identify all of the LGBTQ people with this term. Sometimes, cisgender women call themselves androsexual if they are attracted to male cisgender. Well, for some people, it is a term for a person with a different sexual orientation.

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    The Definition of It

    The term means attracting masculinity from every aspect, including physical, emotional, mental, and sexual. While terms like homosexuality and heterosexuality are restricted to the periphery of gender, androsexuality has no such barrier. A person from any gender may be called androsexual if that person inclines towards masculinity.


    Well, one thing is to be noted here. Whether you are straight or homosexual or bi-sexual or have any other sexual orientation, you can be androsexual. Androsexuality means attraction towards the masculine approach. It means that an androsexual can be attracted to a cisgender or any other gender identity in which masculinity is dominant.

    Androsexual and Heterosexual Cisgender Female: Are they Same?

    As per the experts, being an androsexual and being a heterosexual, cisgender female are never the same. A heterosexual, cisgender female may not necessarily be attracted to masculinity. Although many of them are attracted to masculine features, some groups do not get interested in traditional masculine features. Lindsay Fram, the sexual educator, has mentioned such facts in her book Above the Waist: Sexuality Education Beginning with the Brain.

    I hope many of the misconceptions about the term have been cleared now. Let’s know more about this sexual orientation.

    Some more on Androsexuality

    You might wonder whether the androsexual people need to face challenges like other people from unconventional sexual orientation. Well, to some extent. However, it is not like the severe emotional, social stabbing that LGBTQ individuals face often. But, still, they have to face weird questions regarding their emotions.


    And if they are from the gender minority community, they may have homophobia due to their emotional or sexual inclination towards men. Also, they may develop transphobia for the same reason.

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    How Does it Work in Relationships?

    Well, love is a strong force in the case of these people. Now, for example, if an androsexual guy falls in love with another straight guy with visible masculine features, problems may occur. The straight guy possibly will not be ready for any such relationship. In that case, the androsexual guy should put control on his emotion. Otherwise, things get bad. After all, we should not keep any ill-feeling for any relationship, whether it is a successful one or a failed one.

    On the other hand, if an androsexual lady gets attracted by the masculine features of a straight guy, a love story may take place. If the guy is willing to start a relationship, they may live a happy life together.

    After all, for any relationship, mutual emotions and bonds are the most important things. If it is there, no barrier is an obstacle. So, if you are an androsexual, try to grow a healthy relationship with an individual who shares the same share of love, care, and understanding.


    Suppose you are in a relationship, and gradually you explore your sexual orientation of androsexuality. And you do not feel any attraction towards your partner. What should you do then? Have a clear discussion. Avoiding the talk or having another secret affair will make things worse. So, it is always better to have a detailed discussion and get out of the relationship with mutual respect and understanding.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does Androsexuality have any pride flag?

    Yes, it has. The flag’s colors are as follows: sky blue shade at the top, dark maroon at the middle, and violet below.

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    2. Is there any other term for it?

    Sometimes, it is also called androphilic. ‘Philic’ means ‘to be in love.

    3. How to deal with an androsexual?

    There is nothing to ‘deal with.’ Be human! It is as normal as having any other sexual orientation. Behave naturally.

    4. How to express my love to an androsexual?

    Expressing love is a sweet gesture. You can express it in any way that you find comfortable. But be ready for the consequences. You may have to hear a ‘no.’

    5. What is the opposite of it?

    It is gynesexual, which means having an attraction towards femininity.’

    The Bottom Line

    I hope you have got your doubts cleared now. If you yourself have understood what does it mean to be an androsexual, make others realize. Spread the message of awareness to your surrounding. Let humanity rule the world. If you are interested to know more about different sexual orientations, click here.


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