Color Street Reviews – 5 Stunning Styles And How-Tos

    color street reviews

    Color street reviews give you an idea about the magic you can create with these nail strips that are a safer and better alternative to acrylic nails. Easy to apply, quick to remove, and look great; isn’t that what you want? Busy schedules and manicures, doing away with chipped nail polish, now that is a tedious task to fit into your routine if you have someplace to go in a rush.

    Fa Park, founder of Color Street introduced nail strips. He wanted to bring no-mess and stunning nails in colors, print, and French easy to apply and maintain. A no-fuss answer to your everyday needs of having polished nails to perfection.

    Color Street – About The Founder

    color street reviews

    Fa Park founded Color Street in the 1980s in New York. He immigrated from Korea and established his business in NYC, which revolutionized how nail polish is applied hassle-free. Over many years nail strips, and faux nails have been invented, but they did come with side effects of causing damage to nails with long use. Color Street nail strips are a solution that makes it easy for you to choose a strip in various shades, colors, prints, etc., and does not damage nails with prolonged use.

    It is made with adhesive paper and has natural nail polish, making it look natural and is easy to apply. This revolutionary idea has changed the way nails are polished all over the world. It has reached global customers who have loved using these nails strips on various outfits. The best part is that they come in a standard, customizable size, and shape. So you do not need a nail filer or any of the tools to apply them to your nails.

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    Color Street Reviews – How To Apply Nail strips

    Color street nail strips are affordable, come in different packs, and have a huge variety of colors, prints, and tonality. You can choose from gloss, matte, glitter, nail art motifs, etc. It is easy to apply color street nail strips. They dry out quickly, and the application is no-mess. You don’t have to worry about the uneven coat of nail polish or any other goof-up when using these nail strips.

    Nail strips come with nail art and a bottom strip in a rectangular shape attached to the main part. You have to remove the bottom strip to get started with using the nail strips.

    • Remove the cover on the nail strip.
    • Apply the nail strip on your nails directly.
    • The adhesive part goes on the bottom.
    • Stretch the nail strip evenly and tear off the excess.
    • Ensure it sits well with the length of the nail.
    • Press the strips near the cuticle area.
    • You can use the leftover nail strip for other nails if it is adjustable to the length.
    • Start with a pinky finger and do the thumbs at last. This method is the best way to attach the nail strips to the nails.

    Color Street Reviews – Nail Strip Themes

    color street reviews

    The best thing about the color street nail strips is the umpteen themes, motifs, colors, and shades it comes. Choose any theme and nail art within 15 minutes without having to go to the nail salon. You do not need expertise in nail art or styling to get it right. Just choose a theme and paste it on your nails.

    Apply a topcoat if you wish. The nail strips work like nail polish. Removing the colors from stripes can be done with a nail polish remover. The color stays for ten days as long as you are not spending a lot of time dishwashing or in extreme temperatures like heat or cold.

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    Avoid LEDs or extreme temperatures if you are wearing these nail strips. It could have a side effect. However, they are safe to use as long as you are not spending time in manual work where your hands are exposed to heat or cold.

    Common Problems With Color Street Nail strips

    • Solid colors crack more than glitter because they are thick and absorb water. They expand, contract, and crack easily.
    • To avoid this problem, use a top coat when using a solid color.
    • If you have oily skin, the nail strips might not stick easily.
    • Each set comes with an alcohol prep pad applied to the nail before you glue the strips to the nails.
    • Use a base coat to avoid peeling of nail strips.
    • The trick is to use a thick coat to avoid most of the common problems, but it does not work with glitter nails.
    • If you want to last them longer, apply them at room temperature.
    • Do not peel them off as it can chip and break nails which is another problem to deal with.

    Color Street Reviews – Artsy

    Choose from colorful motifs, prints in florals, geometry, abstract, vintage, and more. Get motifs that style your nails within a few minutes. Get an artsy look of your choice without using nail art tools and techniques. Avoid top coat using a thematic nail strip as it can ruin the look. Suitable for regular nails. Oily nails can be challenging if you want to use art-based motifs for nail strips.

    Color Street Reviews – Glitter

    Best suited for all types of nails but not outfits. But, if you have short or medium nails, it could go well with most outfits. Use a topcoat if you want to use these nail strips daily. They are easiest to wear and do not need a top coat like solid nail strips.

    Color Street Reviews – Solid

    The matte look goes well with most of the outfits. You could use a top coat of your choice with these nails. They are best suited for daily use, and a top coat will protect them from cracking. Do not peel them off, as it can hurt the natural texture of nails. You can use a nail polish remover to remove the coat from nail strips and reapply a color of your choice on the nail strips. They last for ten days. So, you can use a fresh set of nail strips in the paint, textures, and themes of your choice.

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    Color Street Reviews – Motifs

    Color street nail strips come with humongous varieties in motifs. You can take a pick that chooses your taste, nail length, and personality. Nail length is an essential aspect to look into when it comes to picking motifs. Some might not be suitable for long nail length. For instance, if there is a complete fill of motifs, use it for medium to short length and avoid long nails. On the other hand, gradients, solids, and minimal textures and designs are suitable for long nails.

    Color Street Reviews – French

    These are easiest to apply compared to the colored nail strips. Just remove the cover and apply it to the full nail length. Avoid pasting nail strips on cuticles. Instead, spread and ensure it is applied evenly and rip off the extra from the rear part before applying. Measure the nail length before removing the bottom part as it becomes easy to use it on the nails.

    Things To Know Before Using Color Street Nail Strips
    • Apply them at room temperature if you live in extreme weather conditions.
    • Put pack the unused strips back into a zip lock cover to prevent peeling.
    • You can also put them in a freezer after placing them back in a plastic cover. Remove strips and let them melt at room temperature before use.


    • Easy to apply
    • Long-lasting compared to natural painted nails
    • Safer than acrylic nails
    • Non-toxic
    • Dries easily
    • No mess application
    • No side effects to nails


    • Not recommended under UV and LED lights


    Color street reviews give complete information about the easy as well as minor disadvantages of these nail strips. Overall, they are convenient to use and suitable for nails of all lengths. Women of all ages can use them with ease, and there are barely any side effects. You only have to be careful not to apply them in extreme temperatures.


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