Butter Soft Scrubs – 10 Best Stylish Scrub Ideas

    butter soft scrubs

    Butter soft scrubs make you feel good and sanitized. Do you know? Colors, style, and textures impact the human psyche, moods, and emotions? Will you work in an environment with shades of grey, black, or any not-so-bright colors? No, right? The color scheme plays a significant role in every aspect of life.

    You thought only artsy professions were about colors, patterns, and cuts? Organizations have evolved from restricting themselves from thinking about art, mood, and psychology. Today these things matter. When creating a personal or professional space, people have started to think about how colors affect mood and emotions. The good news is, this has become impertinent and a way of life for better reasons.

    Hospital uniforms? Why not add some color, patterns, and textures, and create some spunk in that area too. Caregivers, doctors, nurses, and toil to save lives need better colors and uniforms. Regular fabrics cannot be chosen because dyes might not fit with every fabric.

    You do not want a uniform that bleeds dyes with regular use. These specialized uniforms need to be processed with colors using art and science. Factors that need to be considered are comfort, colors (preferably pastel and lighter shades), soft fabrics that are easy to wash and clean, wrinkle, and shrink-free.

    For long fabrics blended with cotton have been famous for scrubs. It’s crucial for the caregivers to feel comfortable carrying out tasks that involve taking care of patients. They must be easy to clean. Specific colors are never good for scrubs because they could fade regularly.

    Things To Considering Choosing Scrubs

    butter soft scrubs

    The most crucial factor to consider when choosing scrubs is fabric and comfort. Choose scrubs made of breathable fabric. Avoid scrubs in silk, polyester, etc., as they are uncomfortable for the nursing profession. Fleece, stretchable non-woven fabric like cotton and lycra are the best suitable for scrubs.

    Choose pants with stretchable drawstrings or an elastic belt. Elastic gets worn out and loses its elasticity with time. The ideal choice is to choose pants with stretchable drawstrings. You can add style elements like colorful chords for hemlines, necklines, raglan sleeves, etc.

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    Choose a wrinkle-free fabric and fade-free fabric for scrubs for daily use. Butter soft scrubs are one of the best brands for scrubs. They come in the most pleasing colors and patterns that are stylish and provide comfort.

    • Patterns for necklines, side slits, hemlines, pockets.
    • Colors and texture of the fabrics.
    • Choose soft fabrics that do not produce lint.
    • White gets dirty quickly; choose dark colors that do not attract dirt.
    • Choose uniforms or layered scrubs with fewer zipper elements
    • The button-down shirt or jacket is the best choice for workwear scrubs
    • Choose necklines like V-neck or round neck.
    • Scrubs with wraps and removable pockets are convenient for surgeons and doctors.
    • Fitting is one of the essential factors of choosing scrubs.
    • Regular or loose fit is appropriate for workwear scrubs. If you like fitted scrubs, there are many patterns to choose from. Get a customized scrub that is fitted and avoid body-fitted scrubs as they are not comfortable for workwear though they look stylish.
    • The color and fit of scrubs you choose build trust and confidence in the patients for the caregiver.
    • Choose layering scrubs for cold weather, emergency rooms, or cold labs.

    How To Dress Wearing Scrubs

    You can wear tank tops or any fitted clothing under scrubs to avoid contamination of pathogens when you work in hospitals. You can wear leggings under scrub pants to keep yourself warm. Avoid wearing see-through garments under scrubs. Most scrubs do not come with an inner lining. You can layer it with a comfortable and fitted garment underneath if you want.

    Patterns And Textures For Scrubs

    butter soft scrubs

    Most of the scrubs come in simple patterns of tunic and drawstring pants. You can choose patterns with hoodies, raglan sleeves, mock wraps, cargos, tapered leg pants, etc. Butter soft scrubs come with stylish patterns for various scrub tops with features like crisscross necklines, zipper necks, asymmetrical necklines, zipper and pocket panels, etc.

    You can also find scrubs in prints, but they might not always be appropriate as caregiver uniforms. If you are an au pair or an individual caregiver, choose the Butter Soft scrubs in prints like paisleys, stripes, flowers, etc. They come in a variety of colors and motifs.

    Fabrics – Stretchable, Woven, Non-Woven

    butter soft scrubs

    Stretchable fleece and cotton fabrics are ideal for scrub uniforms. They come in umpteen varieties and are soft on the skin. Stretchable scrubs provide more comfort than cotton and scrubs made with other fabrics. Butter soft scrubs come with exciting patterns which provide style and comfort.

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    Removable Design Elements For Scrubs

    Detachable wraps and removable pockets are ideal for surgeons and doctors. If your job requires medical tools, you can choose scrubs with detachable pockets. You can make a detachable pocket to any scrub uniform using Velcro or snap closures.


    Colors play an essential role in every profession. Choose bright or pastel colors for scrubs. Avoid colors like grey, black, and red for scrubs. Green, blue, and pink shades are an ideal choice. You can choose prints in cheerful colors. White is not a practical choice though a popular choice for scrubs.


    Regular and loose-fitted patterns are great for scrubs. They give your skin room to breathe and are comfortable for medical professionals. Necklines such as boat neck, v-necklines, and round necks with short sleeves are ideal patterns. Tunics with side slits and textured hemlines add comfort and style.

    Knits seem great but might not suit all weather conditions and medical emergencies. Knits are high maintenance compared to cotton, twill, and spun. Choose a fit you are comfortable with.


    Body-fitted scrubs are available in professional-looking patterns that provide style and comfort. Why should medical professional outfits look boring? You deserve to look good and feel good every day. Darts, decorative seams, and textured lapel, are some of the style elements you can add to scrub to make it look professional and stylish.

    You can choose a decorative neckline, adding straps, snaps, drawstrings, corded hemlines in a different color, etc. Decorative pockets with pintucks, petal sleeves, and many other minimalistic design elements can be used for creating a stylized and professional-looking scrub. If you are looking at customized scrubs, there are fewer options to go with.

    Pockets Wraps Closures

    You can add pleats, tucks, textured hemlines to wraps and pockets. Zippers, Velcro, snaps add an excellent visual appeal to scrubs. Scrubs come with pockets for tops and pants. Choose a detachable pocket if you do not need one. Wraps and closures come in a wide variety for you to choose from.

    For Veterinary Doctors And Caregivers

    You can choose a loose or a regular fitted uniform in dark or pastel colors. Caregivers can choose printed tops. Animals feel comfortable being treated in solid colors that do not have prints to distract their attention. If you are treating an animal, it is best to choose solid colors instead of prints.

    10 Different Styles Of Scrubs

    Scrubs come in a variety of styles. You can choose from a dress, uniform, layered scrub, or a customized scrub with design elements. Fabrics must be soft, wrinkle-free, machine washable, and fade-free.

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    Butter soft scrubs hoodies

    Hoodies scrubs are available in soft fabrics, full sleeve length, and stretchable fabrics. They are comfortable for cold seasons. Fleece and non-woven fabric are used to make hoodies, one of the most comfortable fabrics used for making scrubs.

    Butter soft scrubs dress shirts

    butter soft scrubs

    Dress shirts are chic and suitable for women of all body types. One of the ideal workwear scrubs chosen by nurses. They come in various necklines, hemlines, designs, and patterns. You can choose empire lines, button-down, or pinafore style of nursing dresses.

    Knits With Design Elements

    Knits are body-fitted and might not be a comfortable choice for all. You can choose from loosely fitted knits if you wear them every day. Patterns, prints, and solid colors are available to choose from.

    Butter soft scrubs yoga style pants

    Yoga-style plants are comfortable for people of all body shapes. They are stretchable and are made with a comfortable fit. You can choose tapered or pajama-style pants for workwear as a caregiver.

    Mid Rise Pants

    Mid-rise pants are suitable for younger caregivers. They come with side pockets, decorative hems, and zipper elements. They are tapered and can be worn as casual wear. One of the best chicest choices for younger caregivers is that they blend comfort and style.


    If you need a pant with many pockets and comfort fit, cargos are your best choice. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Male and female nurses can choose cargos if they carry medical tools daily.

    Butter soft scrubs uniforms

    Uniforms are the most common choice for scrubs. You can find them in all kinds of fitting, designs, patterns, and colors. They look professional for hospital uniforms and are best suited for any nursing environment.

    Caregivers can choose a pattern and design of a uniform of their choice. They come with pockets, zippers, and fabrics that are easy to sanitize and maintain. Butter soft scrub uniforms are well made and available in chic designs.

    Butter soft scrubs palazzo style

    What is the work culture of the medical facility you work with? Palazzo style is casual and comfortable. Wear them daily as they are chic and comfortable. Choose a soft fabric with pockets, solid colors, or prints.

    Butter soft scrubs sheath dresses

    They are fitted and suitable for caregiver females of all age groups. Necklines come with design elements like zippers, yokes, snaps, bertha, etc. You can choose a design that suits your body type.

    Jackets And Skirts

    butter soft scrubs
    butter soft scrubs

    Jackets and skirts are suitable for doctors, nurses, and hospital management professionals. They are available in the chicest patterns, designs, and colors. Choose from the button-down, pencil, hobble skirt, or any skirt and top patterns.

    Butter Soft Scrubs- Conclusion

    Butter soft scrubs are famous for their designs, patterns, and durability. They are made in the most functional fabrics, easily maintained, and sanitized. Medical workwear is no more boring and hard-to-maintain. The medical workwear gets chic with comfort with a wide range of wrinkle-free and machine washable fabrics.


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