Can You Freeze Yoghurt? | Here are The Things That You Must Know

    Yoghurt is a dairy product and it contains a lot of live bacteria, many people question that can they freeze yoghurt and manage to get all the benefits? So, can you freeze yoghurt and still get all the benefits from it even after a certain period? If you are also wondering this question then this is the absolute article for you. Here you will get to know every essential thing that you must know about freezing yoghurt. Now without wasting any time, let’s dive into the article.

    Can You Freeze Yoghurt?

    can you freeze yoghurt?

    Well, yes, you can freeze yoghurt. You can freeze it for approximately up to 1 month. But keep in mind, you will notice a few changes in the texture, flavour, and consistency and in this case, the way you use yoghurt plays a major role. Let’s say if you want to use yoghurt in a frozen recipe then you won’t notice that much difference but you may notice a big difference in any other type of recipe.

    How Can You Freeze Yoghurt?

    can you freeze yogurt?

    If you really want to freeze your yoghurt and maintain its all the benefits then it is necessary to know how to freeze yoghurt? Here I am mentioning a few ways that you can use to freeze yoghurt:

    • Put the yoghurt straight into the freezer with its packaging

    if you have bought yoghurt from a store then you can directly put it in the freezer. If you bought yoghurt in a big tub and want to divide it into sightly small portions then you can freeze it in air-tight containers also.

    • Freeze The Yogurt In The Small Portion
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    By using this method you will get far better consistency and texture. You can buy silicone freezer trays for freezing yogurt.

    If you are thinking to use yogurt in smoothies then this method will be very helpful.

    What Happens To Yogurt When You Freeze It?

    When you will freeze yogurt it will stay fresh and healthy as it was before but it will evolve while being in the freezer. There will be a few changes in it that you will notice in it:

    • Changes In The Texture

    As I mentioned above yogurt is a dairy product, the water and fat is may get separate when frozen. When you will bring it out again, you will notice that it is more grit and the smoothness is faded away. Most probably it will feel grainy in your mouth.

    • Changes In The Consistency

    The separation process of water and fat will also affect its consistency. You may be wondering if there is any way to reconstruct the yogurt? Yes, you can do it easily by mixing it thoroughly. But keep in mind that your yogurt will get more watery and thinner than it was before.

    • Changes In The Flavour

    The bacteria that live in yogurt is the reason that makes yogurt slightly sour but it is extremely beneficial for your health. So, keep in mind that you will not get the same flavor as you get before freezing yogurt. It might be a surprise to an individual who is used to the desert taste of yogurt.

    One more thing, Its liquid will expand when freezing. So make sure that you have stored it in a container that allows the yogurt to expand.

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    What are the best ways to use frozen yogurt?

    Because of the changes in frozen yogurt, if you are not willing to eat it as an alone snack then don’t worry. Here are 3 ways to utilize the yogurt in a very better way:

    1. Do you want to make creamy spreads and sauces by mixing up frozen yogurt in them? If yes, then you should definitely go for it because earlier frozen yogurt will be a perfect fit for it.
    2. You can use yogurt in cooking. When you use the yogurt in cooking, the changes in flavor, consistency, and texture will disappear when cooked properly.
    3. Using earlier frozen yogurt in any type of baked food is one of the best things you can do. In this case, you will not notice any changes at all.

    How Can You Thaw Your Frozen Yogurt?

    Here is one of the most efficient way that you can use:

    • Take the container of yogurt and carefully move it to the fridge from the freezer a few hours before you are mean to take it into use. It will be very helpful in unfreezing it while being cool.

    Remember that you should never leave the yogurt on a table or in any type of heating device such as a microwave. The heat can kill all the probiotics and can ruin the taste of yogurt.


    The process for freezing the yogurt is not rocket science and you can implement it very easily and the thawing process is also very simple.

    So, this was the article on “can you freeze yogurt?”. I hope you have found enough valuable information that could help you in freezing yogurt without any problem.

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