Learn How to Defrost Fish Quickly: An Easy 5 Step Guide to Follow

    Get a Guide on How to Defrost Fish Quickly

    Going to prepare a delicious fish curry and have found your fishes are frozen? Don’t worry. This is a common hackle in most households. When you keep fish for a long time within the freezer, it develops frost around it. And you need to thaw it. Also, it must be done safely. And in our busy days, we often get startled by the thought of the strenuous and time-consuming process of defrosting the fish. So, we are here with some amazing tips on how to defrost fish quickly. Stick to the end to get the most useful solution for frost-covered fish.

    how to defrost fish quickly
    Pixabay- frozen fish with frost

    Before delving into the process of defrosting fish, let’s first know how frost develops around the fish.

    How does Frost develop on the Frozen Fish?

    We often keep the freshly brought fish inside the freezer to preserve it for future purposes. When it stays long inside the freezer, it develops the frost around it. If you keep it inside for nearly 2-4 hours, it is less likely to get frost on it. But, if you keep it longer than that, suppose for overnight, frost develops on it. It is actually a way of preservation. The fish may fester when you keep it at room temperature. So, it is important to keep it preserved in cold temperatures.

    Also, we often buy frozen fish from the store. Sometimes, it is hard to go to the fish market, bargaining the price, and buy the fish later on. Buying frozen fish is less time-consuming and convenient in this regard. And, as these frozen fishes are kept inside the freezer for a long time, frost appears in its own form

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    Now, you know you cannot avoid the freezer. In modern life, we need to use it to preserve our fish for a long time. We cannot avail fresh fish all the time. Frozen fish, therefore, is an alternative. So, let’s learn the process of how to defrost the fish quickly. Once you learn it, keeping fish at a freezing temperature won’t be a problem. So here it goes.

    How to Defrost Fish Quickly: A Step-by-step Guide

    Step 1: Arrange some cold water: The first and foremost step for defrosting fish is to arrange cold water. It will be used later on to get it defrosted.

    Step 2: Put your fish in a plastic bag and seal: As the next step goes on, you have to arrange a plastic bag and put the fish inside it. Once you get your fish inside the plastic bag, seal it well. Remember to push all air out of it before sealing.

    how to defrost fish quickly frozen fish inside the plastic bag

    Well, if you have brought frozen fish, it may come in a sealed plastic bag. If it is so, then, no need to put extra effort to arrange other bags. Let it be as it is.

    Step 3: Pour the water into a bowl: Then, pour the cold water into a large bowl. Make sure that your bowl is large enough to hold the fish properly. If it is cut into pieces, it will be easier for you to manage it in the bowls. Even if it is in its whole portion, do not worry. There are large bowls and pots in the market. Get any of them.

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    Step 4: Put the fish in the water: As the process of how to defrost fish quickly goes on, the next step is to put the fish into the bowl of cold water. Make sure that the fish is completely under the water. For this, as we mentioned before, take a bowl that goes well with the fish size.

    Step 5: Keep it in the water: As the final step, keep the fish in the bowl for a certain period of time. Once you see the frost has melted completely, get the fish out of the water. Keep changing the water, in the meantime, frequently. It will speed up the process of defrosting the fish.

    Instead of keeping the water inside the bowl, you can run the tap of cold water on the fish.

    how to defrost fish quickly
    DIY Network: Coldwater on frozen fish

    It is also another easy way to defrost the fish. No matter which process you are applying, the process of defrosting take usually 20 minutes to 1 hour. Well, the size and amount of the fish are significant factors in this matter.

    Wrapping it Up

    So, that is the complete process of how to defrost the fish quickly. Learn and apply it when you are about to cook delicious delicacies with fish. You can make fish curry, fried fish. Also, you can try using fish as the fillings of the dumplings. To get some interesting dumplings recipes to try at home, click here.

    Anyways, defrosting the frozen fish and having it is a convenient alternative to fresh fish. The best way to stay healthy and fit is to consume fresh fish. So, learn how to defrost fish quickly and apply it when it is inevitable. Try to use fresh fish most of the time to cook delicious delicacies.

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