Biromantic Asexuality – Here’s Exactly What You Need To know

    I’m sure that you must have heard about Biromantic asexuality, right? If not, let me explain it in a very short. Biromantic asexuality defines someone who is attracted to people of different gender and this attraction is only romantic, not sexual.

    Most people are not aware of this concept yet and they have believed in many myths and misconceptions. This can be trouble-making sometimes, not only for them but also for the people around them.

    So, in this article, we are going to fully understand Biromentic asexuality. If you want to know every essential thing regarding this topic, keep reading…

    What Exactly Biromantic Asexuality Means?

    Biromantic asexuality
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    In simple words, biromantic asexuality indicates a person who is romantically attracted to more than one gender. This basically means that this type of person is only looking for romantic relationships, not sexual relationships.

    So, how do you identify if you are biromantic asexual or not? Well, that’s quite simple. You just have to look up a few signs, including:

    • If you feel romantic, not sexual towards multiple genders, then you fall into the category.
    • When you thinking about your beloved future partner, you are not generally thinking of a person of the same gender.
    • You don’t give that much importance to gender when choosing your dating partner.
    • At some point, you always had a deep desire to get into a relationship with persons of different gender groups.
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    So, if you have noticed these signs in yourself, there are chances you are biromantic asexual.

    Is Biromantic And Bisexual Same?

    Well, not completely. There are a few differences and in some cases, biromantic and bisexual are correlated with each other. Let’s understand this more simply.

    The term bisexual is more leaned towards the sexuality of a person. On the other hand, biromantic is more leaned towards the emotional aspect of a person.

    So, if someone is sexually attracted towards people of multiple genders, they are considered bisexual. But wait, what if I say that a bisexual person can also be biromantic at the same time? Yes, it is possible.

    When a bisexual person is sexually attracted to multiple genders but they are also able to develop strong romantic and emotional connections with them. Then, they would be considered both, bisexual and biromantic.

    What About Panromantic? Is It Same As Biromantic?

    One word answer: No

    There is a very slight difference between both of them.

    When someone is considered panromantic, they can have romantic feelings towards all kinds of gender. On the other hand, when someone is considered biromantic, they can be romantically attracted to only more than one gender.

    So, basically, here we can say that the main difference is of gender barrier. Panromantic can be attracted to anyone without caring about gender. And a person who is biromantic may only be attracted to two genders.

    Related Questions

    How Can You Run a Relationship With Biromantic Asexuality?

    The only key to run a successful relationship as a biromantic asexual is communicating about it to your partner.

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    When you have found out someone you are connecting with emotionally and romantically, just open up to them about this.

    You will have to tell them exactly what you want from this relationship. Explain to them what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with. Some biromantic asexual people are completely ok to with the behaviors like cuddling, kissing, hugging, etc. So, basically, you can have a great relationship that includes almost everything except the physical element.

    Being a biromantic, there are chances that some of you might be worried if you will be able to find someone or not. But let me tell you, my friend, the population of this world is around 7 billion and you think that you won’t be able to find your ideal partner? No way, that’s just a misconception. You just have to look up for the right person. There will be surely someone who embraces a romantic relationship without a physical element.

    Can a Person With Biromantic Asexuality Have Crush On Someone?

    Of course, you can definitely have a crush as biromantic asexual. As we mentioned before that a biromantic person can develop romantic feelings for people of multiple genders which ultimately helps them to have a crush on someone.

    What kind of feelings they will have while having a crush varies from person to person.

    Can a Person With Biromantic Asexuality Fall In Love?

    Again very obvious answer, yes. They can absolutely fall in love.

    But most likely, they will not fall in love with someone who is also biromantic asexual, according to WebMD.

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    How Can I Open Up To People About My Biromantic Asexuality?

    This is something very important because opening up about this to your loved ones can be very helpful. They will understand you better and will try to comfort you as much as they can. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    • If you want to tell people that you are biromantic asexual, make sure that it’s your inner choice and no one has forced you. Do it only if you are okay with it.
    • You should only share it with people who you believe. Don’t tell everyone you met, otherwise you can be in some trouble.
    • There will be some people who may not behave with you properly after knowing you belong to biromantic asexuality. Just keep in mind, this is not your problem, ignore them and spend your valuable time with the people who understand you.

    What Is The Biromantic Asexuality Flag?

    Here’s the image of how it looks like:

    Biromantic asexuality
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    Bonus Tip – If you are willing to explore more about biromantic asexuality, you can try out the following offline and online resources:

    • GLAAD is a website that has taken the initiative to openly talk about LGTQ+ and spread awareness.
    • The Trevor Project, this one of the best resources for LGBTQ+ youth. If you need any help, they are ready 24/7.
    • You can also go on Facebook or Reddit and join groups to interact with people.
    • If you are someone who likes to have face-to-face interaction, then local groups are the best option for you.

    Final Words On Biromantic Asexuality

    So, a person who belongs to biromantic asexuality gets attracted to multiple genders (romantically not sexually).

    If you find out you are biromantic asexual, start embracing it and accept it to yourself. Try to open up about it to the people who you love and believe (only if you are comfortable). It can make your social life more easier and comfortable.

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