How To Convert PDF To Google Doc – Seamless Conversion With This Step by Step Guide

    Who doesn’t know about Google doc, be it any student, employer, or businessman, everyone works on Google doc. There are many benefits of working in Google doc which you do not get in Word files. One of the biggest advantages is that the file gets automatically saved while you are still progressing with your work. Now, many people get stuck at “how to convert PDF to Google Doc”.

    A very common problem for most of us. Usually we face this problem when we want to edit the pdf file. It is better to convert the PDF to Google Doc for editing purposes.

    PDF, which is a portable document file, is the most widely used file among us. Nowadays, schools and colleges are going online, online classes are given much more priority. During this time, students are asked to convert the word file into a pdf before submitting their work.

    In case, they want to make any changes in their file or by chance they made any mistake. Then, they need to know how to convert PDF to Google doc or word file. These days, students are using PDF file format more than the rest. This is so because they have got so many exams along with project work on prospective subjects.

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    Here in this article, you will get a step by step guide on how to convert PDF to Google Doc.

    A Step By Step Guide On How To Convert PDF To Google Doc

    Step 1: The first and foremost thing is to log in to your Gmail ID

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    Step 2: Then, open your Google Drive. For instance, if you forget your password you can use the ‘forget password’ option. This will help you in creating a new and strong password for more security.

    Step 3:
    Then, upload the PDF which you want to convert. Or, you can simply drag the file you want to convert.

    The answers to “How to convert PDF to Google doc” is quite simple and easy if you carefully follow this tutorial. All you need to do is upload the file and wait for it to upload.

    Step 4: After uploading the file, right-click on the file. You will find an option of ‘open with’.

    Step 5: Select ‘open with’ option and then click on Google docs from the drop-down menu.

    This will take a minute or so, then it will open as Google docs. Now, you can easily edit your file. So easy and quick!

    These are the simple steps of “How to convert pdf to Google doc”. When you are done with your editing you can again convert it into PDF.

    How to convert PDF to Google doc
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    Google Docs – A Perfect Fit For Your Business Organisation

    As we know that Google Docs are a great help to each and everyone of us. Here, you will know about the pros and cons of Google Docs.

    Advantages of Google Docs

    Easily Accessible: Google Docs are easily accessible and we can access the data for 24/7. As Google Docs are easily accessible, it increases the productivity level. It is very flexible.

    Free to use: Google Docs are free to use. You do not have to buy any premium version or something like this. All you need is to log in to Google Drive.

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    Flexibility: Google Docs provides both export and import facility. You can easily import and export a file whenever you want to.

    You can also import a file in bulk. When you are downloading bulk files, it get downloaded in the form of a Zip file. Then all you have to do is to export it to the folder. Right click on the zip file and export it to the folder.

    Features: There are so many features in Google Docs like ‘add on’ feature. You need to explore Google Docs to know more about the other features. The more you will explore the more you will know about the latest update and new features of Google Docs. Google keeps adding new features to not only Google Docs but to other Google apps too.

    Disadvantages of Google Docs

    There are no such disadvantages of Google Docs. The one and only drawback is the internet connection. You need to have a strong internet connection or broadband for the proper functioning of Google Docs. Weak connectivity may hamper your work and ultimately decrease the overall productivity.

    In order to increase productivity, you must have a strong internet connection otherwise the file won’t save the data.

    From the above mentioned data, we find out that the advantages are more than the disadvantages. Google Docs is making the life of people easier by providing flexibility and such great advantages. It is recommended to use Google rather than Word file because it will surely improve your productivity.

    Final Thoughts

    Google Docs has made the life of students, employers and businessmen easier than before. A common question to which we all get stuck is “How to convert PDF to Google Doc.” The simplest and most effective answers to this question has been provided in this article.

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    No doubt, Google Docs is the need of today’s generation. During this pandemic, Google Docs are a great solution to all of us especially for the students. This allows them to complete their work smoothly.

    Besides answers on how to convert PDF to Google Doc, people also ask about saving a Google Doc file. To get the most reliable answers, you can read our blog on the 3 simples ways to save a Google doc file.



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