How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU: Best Guide With 9 Most-Asked FAQ’s!

    Things you Need to Know about How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU

    Thanks to the pandemic and the growing rise of digitalization, the computer is now an indispensable part of our life. Along with the desktop, the other parts like the CPU and others play a vital role in keeping the computer well. Hence, it is essential to keep every part clean to maintain the computer among all parts. CPU is the crucial one.

    The Central Processing Unit or CPU is the primary factor you must address. So, when thermal paste gathers on the system, it is truly a headache. You must know how to clean thermal paste off the CPU as soon as possible.

    How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU
    CPU Ninja

    Why does a CPU need Thermal Paste?

    Thermal paste is a material that helps to transfer heat eliminating the air gaps present between two surfaces. It is mainly used between CPU and CPU cooler. It ensures that the CPU is not overheated. An electronic device like a computer can generate too much heat while in use. And it can damage the system. So, to avoid this hassle, the thermal paste must be applied.

    After all, we want convenient and sustainable living. So, we must ensure the safety and efficiency of the computer at once. Applying thermal paste helps improve efficiency while cleaning and reapplying it, making it sustainable.

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    So, without further ado, let’s know how to clean thermal paste off CPU.

    how to clean thermal paste off cpu
    The stuff

    How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Cleaning thermal paste is a genuine hack. If you want to re-apply the paste, you need to clean the existing paste off first. Otherwise, it may affect efficiency. Here, we will help you with how to clean thermal paste off CPU.

    Before we begin, make sure that your computer is turned off and the CPU is excellent. Remove the CPU cooler and ensure the clear visibility of the thermal paste. Usually, you can see it as a white or grey substance.

    Components You Need:

    • A microfiber cloth
    • mild alcohol
    • cotton swabs
    • plastic spudger

    Well, take note that you can ignore plastic spudger if you do not have it.

    how to clean thermal paste off cpu

    Step 1: First, wipe the top of your CPU with a microfiber cloth and remove the thermal paste as much as you can.

    Step 2: Next, take the alcohol in a bowl, preferably rubbing alcohol, and dip the cloth into it. Then, rub the top of the CPU gently. Thus, you can quickly soften the rigid signs of the paste.

    Step 3: If required, you can use a plastic spudger to remove more stubborn paste signs.

    Step 4: Repeat the process until the old thermal paste goes away.

    Step 5: Finally, clean the surface with a plain microfiber cloth.

    Once you clean it off, you can reapply the paste. First, leave a drop of the paste on the surface of the CPU’s center. The cooler’s pressure will gradually spread.

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    So, this is how to clean thermal paste off CPU.

    Now, you probably have many other questions in your mind. Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions regarding how to clean thermal paste off CPU.

    How to Clean Thermal Paste off CPU: Frequently Asked Questions:

    how to clean thermal paste off cpu
    CPU Ninja
    1. Can I rub off thermal paste?

    Yes, you can. But taking professional help or doing it properly is essential for a long-lasting and effective solution.

    2. Can I use paper cloth instead of microfiber cloth?

    Well, you can use it. But, it cannot allow you to have that gentle touch. Paper cloth leaves scratches on the machine. We suggest not to use it. A microfiber cloth is an ideal option for it.

    3. How do you get dried thermal paste off?

    You can use isopropyl alcohol and dip the cloth into it. With this cloth, gently clean off the thermal paste from the surface. Wipe it frequently. Leave the alcohol on the surface for one hour or two. Then, give it a final wipe.

    4. Do you need rubbing alcohol to remove thermal paste?

    Yes, if you want to remove the paste quickly and efficiently, you must use rubbing alcohol.

    5. Is 70% alcohol suitable for thermal paste? 

    Probably, you do not have 99% alcohol at the moment. No worries. You can use 70% alcohol. It will work. But remember that using 99% alcohol is the best option to go for.

    6. Can I use hand sanitizer to clean thermal paste? 

    No, experts do not recommend it as it leaves a mark of extra stuff on the surface. It is always better to use regular rubbing alcohol instead of any other ingredient.

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    7. Does acetone remove thermal paste? 

    It can help, but you must take care of the correct percentage. Only the right percentage of acetone can remove the thermal paste.

    8. Is nail polish remover safe from cleaning electronics? 

    If you do not have rubbing alcohol with you, you can use nail polish remover. But only the ones that contain acetone.

    9. Is there any alternative for microfiber cloth? 

    Well, microfiber cloth is the best option so far. But, if you want an alternative, you can try a compressed air duster.

    The Bottom Line

    Cleaning electronics is essential. And when it comes to cleaning the computer parts, it becomes a must-do task. As applying thermal paste is essential, cleaning it is also essential. Here, we have discussed how to clean thermal paste off CPU efficiently. Ranging from the ingredients to the cleaning steps has been explained well. Also, you can find several frequently asked questions that can clear your doubts.

    So, got answers for how to clean thermal paste off CPU? Try it today and clean the paste off your CPU. Let us know how it has helped you. If you have any more doubts or questions in mind, the comment box is all yours.

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