9 Main Causes Of Hip Pain At Night (+6 Easy And Practical Ways To Cure It)

    Hip pain at night not only affects your sleep but also affects you throughout the next day because hip pain at night doesn’t allow you to have good deep sleep which ultimately affects the mood of the next day. Its effect can also be seen in your work or studies as it drastically decreases focus and productivity.

    In this article, we will discuss everything from causes to effective solutions for hip pain at night. Keep reading…

    Is Hip Pain At Night a Serious Health Condition?

    One word answer: No

    Hip pain at night is known to be a common health condition. And probably, it can be cured at home easily.

    It will be considered serious only if it persists for a long time and becomes worse. In this case, professional help will be required.

    What Exactly Causes The Hip Pain At Night?

    Here are the 9 reasons that can be the cause of your hip pain at night.


    There are many arthritis such as septic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis that can cause hip pain.

    But osteoarthritis is known to be the most common cause of hip pain. When the cartilage that cushions the bones’ end wears down, it causes osteoarthritis.

    It not only affects the hip joint but also many other joints such as the joints of the hands, knees, and spine. Anyone with this condition may experience the following symptoms:

    • Hip pain interrupting while sleeping
    • Pain becoming worse in the morning
    • Pain becomes worse during the rainy season
    • Pain while having a walk, even if it’s a short walk
    • Pain while bending the upper body
    • Pain when standing up from the chair
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    But the good news is that these symptoms can be managed easily. Being active in day-to-day life and having a healthy weight can help. Some kinds of medical treatments can also help prevent this disease.

    But if the condition is not getting cured and becoming worse day by day, then a visit to your doctor is a must.

    Your Sleeping Position

    hip pain at night
    Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

    This is another very common cause of hip pain at night. If your pain is developing because of your sleep posture, then it’s highly recommended to sleep on a side where your pain doesn’t get triggered. Sleeping on your back may help.

    Apart from your sleeping position, your mattress is also something that can lead to hip pain at night. That’s why you should have a mattress that is not too soft or too hard.


    Between the bones of your hips, there are fluid-filled sacs known as bursae. They are the cushions for your joints, muscles, and tendons. But when they become inflamed, bursitis can develop.

    In this health condition, the pain mostly occurs at night when you are on your bed and trying to sleep. If you are sleeping on that affected hip, the pain can become worse.

    Also, taking a long walk or trying to climb a lot of stairs at a time can worsen the condition.

    Bursitis can be managed easily at home. But if you notice some serious symptoms like pain lasting for more than two weeks, excessive swelling, fever, or skin discoloration, then visit your doctor as soon as possible.


    There are tendons in the hip that attach the gluteal muscles to the pelvis and hip. It basically helps in stabilizing the pelvis and assists the mobility of the hip which ultimately helps in performing daily tasks. But when the tendons break down or become inflamed, it can cause tendinopathy.


    Obesity or being overweight can also cause hip pain at night. These conditions put extra pressure on the joints which can develop pain in that area.

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    Also, overweight people are at more risk of getting osteoarthritis.


    Generally, older people are known to be at more risk of suffering from hip pain.

    Injury To The Hip

    If you have had a hip injury lately, there is a possibility that the hip joint has become dislocated causing hip pain at night.

    Your Job Might Also Be a Cause Of Hip Pain At Night

    Yes, your job can be the reason for your hip pain. If your job requires you to work while standing all day long, then you are at a higher risk of getting hip pain. Taking breaks during your work may help.


    hip pain at night
    Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

    Pregnant women can also experience hip pain. As you know that during pregnancy our hips and spines have to carry a heavyweight. This puts extra weight on them which can cause hip pain.

    To prevent hip pain during pregnancy, you can start wearing supporting shoes and take stretching breaks if you are sitting for a long time.

    Some other causes of hip pain at night are:

    • Soreness from exercise
    • Tight muscles
    • Hip replacement surgery
    • Sports injuries.

    How Can You Help Your Hip Pain At Night?

    As we mentioned before, hip pain at night is a normal health issue and can be cured at home. So, here are some of the best solutions that you can use to ease your hip pain at night.

    Maintain a proper sleep hygiene

    Hip pain makes it difficult to sleep at night, but maintaining good sleep hygiene can help in sleeping well. It can also help in reducing hip pain. Here are some of the best habits that you should follow to have a deeper and restful sleep.

    • Say no to television, mobile, or any other device that produces blue light
    • Decreasing the alcohol consumption
    • Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day
    • Keep the temperature of your room cool
    • Keep the room completely dark

    Check Upon Your Sleep Position and Mattress

    Sleep position can cause hip pain so you should check which sleep position is worsening the pain. Don’t stop until you find a comfortable position to sleep.

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    If your mattress is too hard or soft, then it’s time to change it. Because these kinds of mattresses can cause hip pain. Click here to find out the best mattress for hip pain.

    Take Rest If The Cause Of Pain Is Injury

    If hip pain is caused by an injury, then resting can help in reducing the pain.

    Try Icing

    Icing can help in reducing inflammation and also in breaking the pain cycle. Use icing on the area for at least 15-20 minutes. Do it around 2-3 times a day. But always remember to keep the difference of 30 minutes before reapplying the ice.

    Hip Stretches Exercises

    Your hip pain can also be controlled with the help of some exercises. Check out here some of the most effective exercises to reduce your hip pain.

    Go For Physical Therapy

    If the cause of your hip pain is bursitis or an injury, physical therapy may help. By getting physical therapy, your mobility around the joint will improve.

    If you still don’t get relief from your hip pain even after trying the above mentioned solutions. Then the only option left is to seek professional help. Contact your doctor to begin the treatment at right time.

    Related Questions

    Why Is Hip Pain So Bad At Night?

    Your sleeping position can be a reason behind worsening the pain. Also, when we are sleeping without moving too much, it can lead to swelling joints which ultimately causes pain and stiffness.

    However, hip pain can be treated easily at home. But if the pain doesn’t go away and becomes worse, then professional help will be required.


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