40 Weeks Pregnancy Calendar Week-By-Week (Most Precise)

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    A detailed Pregnancy Calendar Chart And Information Including 3 Trimesters And 40 Weeks

    Both the mother and baby go through numerous changes during pregnancy. These changes begin once the mother has conceived a child till the time of delivery and lactation period. Although the changes in life remain lifelong while handling your toddlers, this illustrated pregnancy calendar provides you with a detailed guide mentioning all the changes that take place inside you and your baby.

    After you announce your pregnancy, the very first question that comes to your mind and other people ask is When are you due? which simply means the delivery date. When you visit your doctor for consultation on various things, the doctors will guide you and they will determine a delivery date for you also known as EDD (expected Delivery Date). This date is given based on your LMP or last menstrual period. Your EDD will be 40 weeks after your LMPs on the first day.

    However, it is important to note that very few people deliver their babies on the date assigned. Mostly the delivery is seen between 38 weeks to 42 weeks of the pregnancy calendar.

    Every week, there are changes in the growth of the baby inside you and your womb also goes through a lot of changes. In this article, we shall be discussing all the 3 trimesters and 40 weeks of pregnancy changes through a pregnancy calendar.

    What Is A Pregnancy Trimester In Pregnancy Calendar?

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    The trimester is a period of 3 phases in which different weeks of pregnancy is divided. The phases are:

    First Trimester

    The time period from the beginning of the first week to the ending of the 12th week comes under this phase.

    Second Trimester

    The time period from the beginning of the 13th week to the ending of the 27th week comes under this phase.

    Third Trimester

    The beginning of the 26th week till the ending of pregnancy includes the time period of their trimester.

    Let’s understand what happens every week within your body and the developing baby.

    Week By Week Guide Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Week One Pregnancy Calendar

    This week is actually related to your menstrual period. Your EDD or expected delivery date is calculated after the menstrual cycle ends. Although you have not conceived the baby yet, this week still comes in or counts in as your pregnant period in the first trimester.

    When you are pregnant, your health and baby’s health go hand in hand. Whatever you consume or intake directly affects how your baby’s health is. Before pregnancy, there are some things you should always consider. These are:

    Avoid Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

    These things are very serious when consumed during pregnancy. They can cause a defect in birth, Fetal alcohol syndrome, low weight during birth, respiratory diseases, and different health issues.

    Consult Your Doctors Before Taking Any Nonprescribed Or Prescribed Drugs

    Taking special care and precautions with medication is very necessary at this stage of time. Unwanted medications or some medicines that are useful also, might not be suitable for you and cause side effects and harm the fetus negatively. Always consult your doctor and mention all the side effects, if any, you have come across or seeing unusual changes you are confused about. You should know the benefits and potential downsides before proceeding with a medicine.

    Maintenance Of Balanced Diet Having Folic Acid

    Women who are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant should have an adequate amount of folic acid in their diet. Consume 400 micrograms f folic acid every day. Intake of folic acid daily will reduce the risk of neural defects in the baby. These defects may lead to incomplete development in the brain and spinal cord such as a disease like Spina Bifida. Make sure you ask your doctor which supplements to take for folic acid if you do not receive them from the diet.

    Week Two Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar
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    Development Inside Your Baby

    This might sound stage to you but still, there is time for pregnancy. Fertilization of ovum and sperms will take place during this week’s end.

    The gender of the baby will be known after fertilization occurs. The chromosomes that will determine the baby’s sex are XX and XY.

    Changes Occurring in Your Body

    At this stage, the uterine line of the mother is still nourishing and developing to receive the fertilized egg. A female’s body releases or stimulates the secretion of FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone. This hormone itself is responsible for stimulating the egg for maturation. This week is most likely the week when you are about to conceive as the sperm penetrates the egg to form a zygote which further forms the embryo. You will not be seeing a lot of changes in the body yet.

    Week Three Pregnancy Calendar

    Changes In Baby in 3rd-week Pregnancy Calendar

    Even in the third week, you will not feel as if you are pregnant, but at this stage, the baby starts to grow and develop inside of you. After the process of fertilization, the egg that has been fertilized goes through a series of changes in the form of cell division. After completion of 30 hours from the fertilization, the cell divides itself into 2 cells, then 4 cells, then 8 cells, and so on when it moves within the fallopian tubes to reach the uterus line to get implanted. By the time it reaches the uterus, a group of cells that have been formed previously appears to be in the shape of a ball. This cell ball is known as a morula.

    Morula is filled with fluid and is hollow from inside. This hollow structure is called a blastocyst. At the end of near to the end of 3rd week, this structure called as blastocyst will prepare itself to attach to the inner lining of your uterus known as the endometrium. This process is known as implantation. During or after implantation light flow of blood might occur for 1 or 2 days, this is common in few women and is known as implantation bleeding.

    Implantation is very important as it forms a connection between the mother and child and is responsible to carry out nutrition to the baby and remove the waste materials produced at that site by the baby. This endometrium line further elongates to form a connection between mother and baby that we call as placenta or placental cord of connection.

    Developmental Changes In Mother’s Body

    You need to make sure by this time that you are consuming enough amount of nutrients for the baby’s development. some important nutrients to take at this time are protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid. If your diet doesn’t contain any of these supplements naturally you can go for purchasing these supplements after consulting a doctor. The neural cord or tube of the baby develops at an early stage of pregnancy in the first few weeks. Folic acid consumption here becomes very crucial.

    Protein is responsible for creating new tissues that are very important in your baby. So consuming enough protein is important. Calcium aids in the formation of bones and teeth in the baby. Intake of iron is also necessary to increase the count of blood cells and healthy growth. Some food items that provide a good amount of calcium and iron include legumes, eggs, red meat, leafy vegetables, lentils, peas, beans, dairy products, etc.

    Week Four Pregnancy Calendar

    Development Of Baby In 4th-week Pregnancy Calendar

    after 4 weeks of pregnancy, your baby has become an embryo. This embryo has 2 types of cell layers. The two layers are known as hypoblast and epiblast. These layers are the only one that develops and forms your baby’s organs and different body parts growing exponentially.

    apart from these two layers, other structures also grow and develop into yolk sac and amnion. This amnion is completely filled with a fluid known as amniotic fluid and is responsible for surrounding and protecting the embryo formed. This yolk sac is responsible for producing blood and helping the embryos formed to get nourished until the placenta is formed. Later, the placenta performs the functions that the yolk sac now performs.

    Changes In Mother’s Body In 4th-week Pregnancy Calender

    At this stage, the embryo still continues to penetrate deep inside the endometrium wall. When this happens some women face light pain in the form of cramps and they mistake it with their period cycle, but it is not so. In case the bleeding doesn’t stop and pain becomes intolerable, it is highly advised to visit a doctor.

    After the process of implantation is completed the embryo prepares itself to produce a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone or HCG. This hormone functions to maintain the lining of your uterus. After implantation or getting pregnant, you have realized and heard from everywhere that period cycle every month stops. The reason behind this pause for 9 months of pregnancy is HCG. It signals the ovary to stop producing any more ova.

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    When you go for a pregnancy test also, they measure the level of HCG hormones. During this week, the results of your test will show pregnancy positive due to HCG. By this week, symptoms of pregnancy will be pretty evident to you due to the release of HCG. The symptoms include tiredness, aching or tingling sensations in your breasts, nausea, etc, which also happens along with PMS or premenstrual syndrome.

    Week Five Pregnancy Calendar

    Developmental Changes In baby During 5th-week Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage, the embryo that previously was a group of cells or cell mass converts itself to form a structure that is distinctive in shape. The neural tube that was earlier present in the top of the embryo starts moving down. This neural tube is the only one that further forms a baby’s brain and spinal cord. A bulge is present in the embryo’s center. This bulge starts developing and growing after a series of changes to form the heart.

    Placenta also develops at this time. Placenta has a finger-like projection termed chorionic villi. Through the placenta and its chorionic villi, the baby receives all the nutrients and nourishment that a mother intakes during pregnancy.

    Mother’s Body At 5th-week Of Pregnancy calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar
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    Many women face morning sickness and nausea at this stage of the pregnancy calendar. Even if you are not among them who are already hit by nausea, there are some food times that can put adverse effects on your baby’s health. There is some illness that is foodborne during pregnancy like toxoplasmosis, listeriosis, etc that are responsible for causing defects during birth. Presenting you a list of certain food items that you should try avoiding.

    • Unpasteurized, soft cheese such as goat, feta, camembert, brie, and blue cheese are often advertised everywhere as a fresh product.
    • Unpasteurized juices, milk, or apple cider vinegar.
    • Food items that contain raw eggs like tiramisu or mousse.
    • Either undercooked or raw shellfish, meat, or fish.
    • Processed food items and meat like hotdogs, deli meats, etc. If you are fond of these and have cravings, you can cook them properly at a high temperature and consume them.
    • Avoid Fishes that have high mercury levels for example swordfish, shark, tilefish, or mackeral fish.

    Diseases like Toxoplasmosis also spread through cat litter boxes that are soiled. While you are undergoing pregnancy, ask someone else to do the work and clear these litter boxes.

    Week Six Of Pregnancy Calender

    Development Of Your Baby In 6th-week Of Pregnancy calendar

    By the end of the 6th week, the nervous system or brain of your baby starts developing very rapidly and quickly. On both the sides of the baby’s head, optic vesicles start developing. These optic nerves or vesicles later turn into your baby’s eyes. Passageways also start to develop which later forms and coverts into ears for hearing purposes.

    In the previous week, the baby’s heart started to develop as you know. In this week beating or pumping of the heart is seen. This pumping can easily be detected by means of an ultrasound scan. The beginning of the development of the respiratory tract and respiratory system is seen. The digestive system starts to developed too at this week of pregnancy calendear.

    Besides these developments, their legs are in a curled up position against their torso for a long time of pregnancy. This makes the measurement of full-body length difficult to carry out. Due to this when the baby is measuring inside the womb or uterus, Measurement from head to buttocks or bottom of the butt is considered. Considering this, at the end of the 6th week of the pregnancy calendar, your baby measures between 2 millimeters to 5 millimeters from rump to the crown.

    Changes In Mothers Body In 6th-Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    All that you have heard about pregnancy will hit hard this week. You feel tired and not willing to get up during this week due to the increasing demands of pregnancy. A tender ache also starts in your breast and you have a feeling of vomiting or nausea this week. Don’t be surprised if morning sickness becomes common along with a squishy stomach this week.

    Nausea alone does not make you run to the bathroom or loo again and again. Your body goes through hormonal changes too, which makes you want to throw up or pee after every hour or so. Your kidneys also work a lot more extra than earlier and tend to flush extra waste soon.

    Week Seven Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In baby At 7th-week of pregnancy

    With the appearance of this week, the umbilical cord in your child has formed. It is the new connection you will share with your baby during pregnancy. They will get all the desired nutrition and nourishment through this part like disposing of waste, reaching of oxygen, etc. After this, the lungs and digestive tract are still in continuity to form fully.

    Are you wondering how your baby will look like? During this week your baby’s face is under development and taking a shape. The nostrils, mouth, ears, eyes, etc are some features in your baby’s face that are getting more defined.

    In the previous week, an arm bud developed on both sides of the shoulder. This has turned into a hand that you will hold and play after they take birth. At this stage of the pregnancy calendar, it looks like a little paddle.

    Changes In Your Body At This Stage Of Pregnancy Calendar

    There are a lot of changes in your cervix during pregnancy. By the end of the 7th-week mucus plug will be developed. The formation of a mucus plug is very essential as it protects the uterus from any outer infection. It forms an opening of the cervical canal. At later stages of pregnancy, this canal will automatically dilate when your body prepares for labor or giving birth.

    Week Eight Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In Your Baby

    Previously you have seen that tiny paddle starts to form in the form of your child’s hand. Playing and holding their little fingers is a joy you are about to be familiar with. With this week begins the formation of those tiny toes and fingers. The arm of a baby can even start flexing at their wrist and elbow. Eyes have started forming a pigment in the back of the eye which we call the retina.

    The intestine of the baby starts getting longer and longer such that there is no enough place for them to remain inside the baby’s abdomen. Until the beginning of the 12th week, they completely float along with the umbilical cord. The buds that will turn into the genitals of the baby have started to develop. Although it is still difficult to find out whether the baby is a girl or a boy.

    Changes In Your Body During 8th-week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Missed periods, fatigue, extreme nausea, swelling of the womb, etc start to appear as symptoms of pregnancy. It starts becoming evident through tight clothes that you are pregnant. You can now use any test at home like a urine test and determine whether the results are positive or negative. Also, fix an appointment with the doctor to consult for the best advice and to-dos.

    Good prenatal care becomes extremely crucial for your safety and your baby’s well-being. Due to these taking appointments related to prenatal care is very important. Prenatal care should remain your priority at this time.

    Week 9 Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Child

    A tail appeared at the spinal cord of your baby. During this week, it completely disappears. In contrast to this, the baby’s head grows larger. If seen through an ultra scan, your baby’s head will appear very bigger as compared to the rest of the body and it curls towards their chest.

    Size of your baby measures between 16 millimeters to 18 millimeters this week. Weight increases and reaches nearly 3 grams. Nose tips develop and can be detected in the profile and flaps over the eyes started changing in the form of eyelids. In the next few weeks, the eyes and nose will be more clearly visible.

    The digestive system is still in continuation of being developed and the anus also started to develop. Along with this internal development of ovaries and testes also begins to form this week. As the muscles are also developing, anytime soon your baby will make its first movement, although you will not feel them at this week.

    Changes In Mother’s Body during 9th-week Pregnancy Calendar

    It is time to get familiarized with your family history of health-related issues and review medical records to see if there is any source of disease or disorder that runs inside the family tree. Meet a healthcare professional who will ask many different questions related to you and your family history.

    Week Ten Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In the Fetus

    By now, all the important or vital organs in your baby has grown and underdeveloped to work together.

    External developments are seen which includes movements of had and separation of fingers along with internal developments. The organs are learning to work together as a function to carry out different functions. Tooth buds start forming inside their mouth. If there is a baby boy, testes will produce a male hormone known as testosterone.

    This week marks the ending of the embryonic period as an embryo has now formed an appearance of a human being and not just a mass of cells containing fluid. At the beginning of the 11th week, your baby can officially be named a fetus.

    Changes In Mother’s Body At 10th Week Of Pregnancy calendar

    Often mothers visit doctors for prenatal care at this time and it turns out to be a milestone. When you will visit a doctor, you will undergo a series of tests and questions that are important. The tests will include blood pressure, weight, etc. Some women also have external examinations of their abdomen to figure out the position of the child and size along with tests of urine.

    Also, the doctor will conduct a series of examinations that will include a breast examination and an internal examination of organs. A list of questions will also be asked and you are advised to answer honestly with full information to know if your baby has any risk of acquiring genetic disorders if they have previously existed in your family tree.

    Another great thing about this check-up is that the doctors will use stethoscopes to check the baby’s heartbeat and using that stethoscope you can also hear your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.

    You will also be asked to give your blood samples to test whether you have acquired immunity against diseases like measles, varicella, mumps, and rubella. Your blood sample will be taken to know the RH factor and blood type you have. Not only this, certain tests will be done to see if you have any infection which may harm the baby like hepatitis B, syphilis, and HIV test.

    Week Eleven Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In Your baby

    Beginning from this week till the 20th week the growth rate of your baby increases rapidly. Your baby will grow in size between 5 cm to 20 cm from rump to the clown. To handle the quick growth of the baby, the placenta also grows both in size and number of blood vessels to facilitate growing demands of nutrients and nourishment of the baby.

    Facial development still continues and the ears keep moving to reach their final position on both sides of your head. The head of your baby is still larger in size as compared to the rest of the body. Although you know that internal organs like genitals are growing but externally you will still not be able to differentiate whether the baby is a girl or a boy.

    Changes In Your Body At 11th week Of Pregnancy calendar

    You are quite familiar by now that nourishing the baby will require you to eat good and in a larger amount. Naturally, you will crave the food of your choice and the taste might differ. During your pregnancy, you will end up gaining weight between 10 kgs to 15 kgs or more sometimes.

    The healthcare provider you often visit might ask you to take a test known as a first-trimester screening test. This test is important as it determines if your baby is at risk or not. This test will include a blood test along with an ultrasound scan to test any abnormality in the chromosomes. You can ask your healthcare provider about the different advantages and risks associated with this test and its results.

    Week Twelve Of Pregnancy calendar

    Development In The baby

    It is the last week of your first trimester. The brain still continues it’s development. Tiny toenails and fingernails begin to form. Vocal cords are also formed during this week. The kidneys start functioning during this week as when the baby will intake nutritions from amniotic fluid, it will excrete unwanted waste and flush it out using peeing.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 11th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage of your pregnancy, you will receive an immense number of compliments regarding your pregnancy glow. You might think it is because of the joy you have while you are accepting the most beautiful gift of being a mother, but there is a scientific reason behind smoother, radiant skin. The increased volume of blood along with hormones released during pregnancy provides you with this radiant glow. An increase in the blood volume will bring an increase in oil gland secretion which makes your skin look plumper, flushed, and smoother than ever. For some women, an increase in oil secretion might cause acne.

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    Week Thirteen Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    This is the beginning of your second trimester. Your placenta is fully developed and it provides your baby all the necessary nutrients, oxygen, and facilitates the disposal of waste materials. It also forms various hormones including estrogen or progesterone depending on your baby’s gender which aids in the continuation of your pregnancy.

    The eyelids get fused together to protect their eyes from any external damage as they develop. Although the sucking muscles of the baby are under development during this week, they still put their thumb or finger inside their mouth.

    Changes In Mothers During 13th-Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    When you showed up for your first prenatal care visit, the doctors might have taken many tests and based on that prescribed some important nutrients and prenatal vitamins to consume during pregnancy. Take those prenatal supplements including folic acid, vitamins, etc along with a balanced healthy diet to ensure your baby is getting all the needed nutrients.

    Your diet should contain calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, and other nutrients. Consult your doctor and decide the best possible way to intake these supplements with your diet along with time. Also, note if you are facing any allergies or discomfort with any supplement and report to the health care specialists as soon as possible.

    Week 14th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development Inside The Baby

    By the beginning or end of this week, fine hairs can be seen on your baby’s face. These colorless and soft facial hair are known as Lanugo. Lanugo later covers the entire body of the baby until the time of delivery when it’s shed. At this stage genitals of your baby are fully developed although it is still difficult to identify through an ultra scan. The thyroid gland is also matured at this time and the baby starts releasing thyroid hormones.

    The weight of the baby also increases significantly at this week of the pregnancy calendar. It becomes nearly 45 grams and the size from crown to lump is 9 cms now.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 14-Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Your healthcare expert might ask and discuss amniocentesis if you’re older than 33 or 35 years of age or if there were any problem in the baby developing inside you that has been shown in the screening tests. It is a test conducted between the 15th week to 18th week to detect any abnormalities like down syndrome or any other syndrome.

    To carry out this test a tiny thin needle is put inside the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby. But amniocentesis carries a small risk of miscarriage in many women, so it is very important to consult expert doctors and health care, professionals.

    Week 15 Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar
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    Development Of Your Baby

    The skin of your baby has been constantly under development. The skin at the starting is so translucent and thin in the structure that easily the blood vessels are also seen. Growth of hair is continuing on the head and on eyebrows. The ears of your baby are slightly lower on the head but they are almost about to be positioned in their ideal location. Along with this, the skeletal system is also developing. With the development of all the muscles, the baby keeps making the movement with legs, hands, wrist, head, feet, and mouth.

    Changes Inside Mother’s Body In 15th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage, you feel emotionally unstable sometimes and it is completely okay to be emotional because it mainly happens due to changing hormones. You also might feel scatterbrained which means even you are having a very strong memory, you feel you are forgetting a lot of things and being clumsy at times. There are days when you are unable to focus and concentrate on anything but all this is fine. Try your best to avoid stressful events and surround yourself with positivity and thoughts of the new member that is getting ready to step in your arms.

    Week 16th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    The weight of your baby is nearly 110 grams now. The size measures from the crown to the lump is 12 cms or 4.7 inches. At this stage, your baby is able to hold their head in rest position along with frowning or squinting on as their facial expression which comes after the development of muscles although they are not entirely developed.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 16th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Anywhere between the 16th week to the 18th week, you might be asked or advised by your healthcare expert to take your second screening test of the second trimester. This test is commonly known as the triplet test or multiple marker test.

    This test is mainly conducted to measure the alpha-fetoprotein or AFP levels in your body. It is a protein that your fetus produces along with HCG and estriol hormones and then these are released in the blood of the mother. When another additional substance known as inhibin-A levels is also measured along with the previous 3, this test is known as the quadruple screen test as the name suggests.

    If you have undergone a first-trimester test or screening test in your first trimester, both the tests of the 1st and 2nd trimester together are known as Integrates Screening Examinations or tests. The results of both these tests together are enough to give mothers information about their developing fetus and if there is any defect in the childlike down syndrome that results due to chromosome copy or defects in the neural tube causing spina bifida. If the results are not in your favor, it does not necessarily mean the defect is there, you have to go through more tests and examinations after consulting your healthcare expert.

    Week 17th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    Your baby at this stage has grown 13cm from measured from the crown to the lump. Their weight is 140 grams which means the baby is still little. Along with your baby, the placenta also grows to accommodate all the increasing needs of your baby of oxygen, nutrients, and removal of waste materials.

    Changes In Mothers Body During 17th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    As a mother, you may have seen certain changes in your breast consecutively after your pregnancy bega, this is because various hormones are signaling your body and preparing your breast for the lactation period that is milk production and breastfeeding. Many women notice the increase in their size of the breast and veins of your breast are more visible and pumped appearance is seen.

    Week 18 Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The baby

    At this point in time, the ears of your baby move to their final position. Your baby will start to blush when you sing a lullaby for them during this week. Isn’t it relaxing and overwhelming?

    The nerve ending of the brain and ear bones develop due to which the baby will be able to hear your heartbeat and pumping of blood through the umbilical cord attached through the placenta as a connection between you and the baby. At high noise or heart rate, the baby might even get startled due to noise. The eyes of your baby are still under development even at this stage or pregnancy calendar and they are facing towards down. If you put a flashlight near the abdomen, the retina in the baby’s eye might even detect the beam of light.

    This week the bones that were previously soft become hardening or ossifying. The first few bones to ossify are the legs and the clavicles.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 18th Week Or Pregnancy Calendar

    This is the best time to ask all the questions that are in your mind related to the delivery date, food to eat when to sleep, rest, etc, and find a good pediatrician for your understanding and knowledge. You’re probably starting to think about your life after the baby arrives.

    It is very important to choose a doctor you are comfortable asking and sharing questions with.

    Week 19 Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    At this stage, a waxy, white substance Known as Vernix Caseona is covering your baby. This waxy substance plays an important role in protecting your baby’s skin from getting chapped or scratched. If premature delivery happens, the babies are still likely to be covered with this layering. Your baby starts developing a brown layer of fat that provides warmth to the baby.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 19th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    You start feeling the first few movements of your baby this week or the following weeks to come. These little movements are called quickening. You will feel like your stomach is growling or there are butterflies in your stomach.

    In the later weeks, you might even feel punches, kicks, or hiccups in your stomach by your baby. The movement made by all the babies varies greatly. If you are noticing any increase or decrease in the movement produced by the baby you should consider talking to a doctor.

    There is a question asked by women commonly about having sex in the pregnancy is safe or not? the answer to this is Yes! It is completely safe at all stages of pregnancy. However, many women have shared their experience that their mood fluctuates very quickly during pregnancy due to fatigue, anxiousness, and growing size due to which they will not feel like doing it anymore at times.

    Week 20th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar
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    Development Inside The Baby

    20 weeks of your pregnancy is here. You are halfway into your pregnancy at this week of the pregnancy calendar. The weight of your baby becomes 312 grams or 11 ounces. The size is 16 cms at this stage. At this point in time, you will start feeling pressure on your stomach, kidneys, bladder, and lungs. The growth of your hair and nails still continues to happen.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 20th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage, a diagnosis test becomes important like that of an ultrasound scan. It will use waves produced by sound and create an image to determine the position and size of the fetus. If you have not gone through an ultrasound scan till now, you can consult your healthcare provider and ask for an appointment to carry out this test. With this test, any structural abnormalities of organs or bones can be found out.

    Week 21st Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    The amniotic fluid that previously did the function to support and cushion your baby now does other functions. All the nourishment still comes through the placenta in a baby. However, the intestine is able to absorb the sugar present in the amniotic fluid.

    Till this stage, the spleen and liver of your baby were responsible for the formation of blood cells inside the body, but after this stage, the bone marrow also develops enough and is able to contribute information of blood cells. By the end of the 30th week, the spleen stops the production of blood cells.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 21st Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Exercises should be done when you are pregnant too. They are great to stay in shape and can also result in curing many problems naturally such as excessive weight, backache, or varicose veins. Ligaments are very relaxed during pregnancy so it is important to go slow during any exercise or workout routine as the risk of injuries is high. You can follow low-impact workouts like yoga, walking, swimming, etc.

    Always talk to your health care expert before starting with any form of workouts.

    Week 22nd Of Pregnancy Week

    Development Of Your Baby

    The senses through which the baby perceives the world is developing daily. Your baby started developing taste buds to taste on the tongue. Nerve endings along with the brain are developed in such a way that the baby can easily sense any touch by this stage. At this point in time, the baby sucks their finger and they have learned about the sense of sucking fingers.

    The baby is also able to see various parts moving now. The reproductive system is still under development. In boys, the testes begin to descend down from the region of the abdomen, and the vagina is developed along with the ovaries and uterus.

    Changes In Mother During 22nd Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Braxton Hix Contradictions are seen at this stage. These are irregular and painless contractions the uterus undergoes. You might be feeling them at this stage. It happens when the uterus is preparing itself for the delivery period.

    These are not at all harmful or dangerous. You also might feel the sensation of squeezing in your abdomen. It’s not only you who feels this, but your baby also feels the same. If you feel these contradictions are becoming more painful, intense, or occurring frequently, immediately call a healthcare expert for advice or visit them as these might be a sign of premature birth or preterm labor.

    Week 23rd Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    Even though there are constant development and formation of fat in the child’s body, the skin still remains loose or saggy which gives the fetus a wrinkled appearance. At this stage, you also might feel the movements to be more intense or forceful as the baby does a daily workout. This workout of your child is nothing else but moving muscles in the toes, fingers, legal, and arms.

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    The weight also keeps increasing. At this point in time, the weight becomes nearly 454 grams. If preterm delivery happens at this stage, the child may or may not survive. This depends upon the doctor and expertise present in the hospital.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 22nd Week Of Pregnancy

    At this stage, as you are getting closer to the weeks of delivery you feel and face issues in your sleeping pattern. You face anxiety, a burning sensation in the heart, leg cramps, etc. You cannot avoid getting into such situations as they are a common part of your pregnancy. To maintain the proper health of yourself and your baby take enough rest, a warm bath, a relaxing book, soothing music, herbal tea, etc to feel better.

    Week 24th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    The inner ear of a baby is responsible for creating a balance. Now that it’s completely developed, the baby might be sending the signal and tell you if he or she is upside down or floating in the fluid.

    Changes In The Mother’s Body During 24th Week of Pregnancy Calendar

    Again comes the time to go for a prenatal test. Taking a test between the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy is important. With this test, you can know if you have gestational diabetes. It is temporary diabetes that only occurs or is seen during pregnancy and can cause serious blood sugar ussies in your newborn baby.

    This is also harmful because it may lead to a large growth of the babies and the women might require a C-section. To carry out this, a glucose screening test is performed for all the women. It can be controlled through a good exercise routine and a good diet in some women, while some will require medicines like a daily dose of insulin at the time of pregnancy.

    Week 25th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In the Fetus

    The baby starts to developed alert and rest periods. Now the baby will also be able to recognize and hear your voice.

    Changes In Mother During 25th Week Of Pregnancy Development

    Pregnancy can cause very unpleasant effects on your digestion. Eating your desired food can really become difficult. As your uterus is expanding to hold the growing baby, additional pressure is also developed on the digestive system. At this stage, you have to make sure you are eating more frequently but in small portions. Do not eat fatty foods and food that contain a lot of spices.

    Week 26th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The baby

    The eyes of the baby start opening and shutting or blinking at this point in time along with growing eyelashes. The hair on the baby’s head also grows. The weight becomes nearly 900 grams. Over the next few weeks, the weight will increase but the wrinkly appearance still remains the same.

    Changes In Mother During 26th Week Of Pregnancy Development

    The uterus is the safest place for your baby. It’s your child’s home for the first nine months. After this, your baby comes out and faces the world. The mother has to prepare herself and babyproofing is to be done which includes creating a safe environment in the home for the baby.

    Week 27th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    At this week the appearance of your baby is quite similar to their appearance at the time you will be able to see them physically. Although the immune system, lungs, liver, etc are still not fully mature, the appearance is similar in many ways.

    The ears of your baby are still surrounded with vernix but they are able to hear you and your husband’s or partner’s voices.

    Changes Inside The Mother During 27th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Consider joining or signing up for certain classes that teaches how to take care of the baby after birth. Consult your parents or any other elder as they can share their experience and you can learn a lot.

    Learn breastfeeding and food to give to the child especially if you are becoming a mother for the very first time.

    Week 28th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development Of The baby

    The weight has increased up to 1000 grams now and the measured size is nearly 10 inches. Various grooves and folds in the baby’s mind are still under development and the body is still adding fat layers.

    Whenever you visit a healthcare expert at this stage, you will be notified if your child is in feet or bottom first position or headfirst position in your womb. It’s not the permanent position of your baby. There are chances that the baby might change position.

    Changes Inside The Mother During 28th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Earlier you were asked to perform some tests that measured the levels of RH in your blood. After the test results arrive the doctors will tell you if your baby has less RH than you or more RH in their blood. If you are negative to RH but the baby is RH positive, there are chances that the baby might have anemia or jaundice like diseases. You have to consult your doctor as they might ask you to take RH immune globulin after this.

    Week 29th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Baby

    Few movements are always seen in the baby as they are continuously active. They might kick your womb or hit punches daily. Counting the kicks your baby gives is important at this stage. Mostly the baby kicks nearly 10 times or more in just 2 hours. If your baby is not moving this much, talk to a doctor to know the cause of this issue.

    Changes Inside The Mother During 29th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Take care of your diet. Keeping a good supply of RBCs is very necessary during pregnancy. Eat a lot of iron-rich food through your diet or take iron supplements. Iron deficiency is pretty common these days, make sure you are taking prescribed levels of iron.

    Week 30th Pregnancy calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The baby

    The weight has increased up to 140 grams along with a size of 27 cm. Extra layers of fats are added and the weight increases due to that increased fat. This addition of fat layers makes your baby appear less wrinkled. Also, the baby starts mimicking breathing movement and prepares itself for the life after birth. Sometimes the baby also gets hiccups.

    Changes Inside The Mother During 30th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage, you are likely to have constipation related issues. Regular exercises along with a high-fiber diet can keep everything in a good condition. Eat vegetables, whole grains, etc.

    Week 31st Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Child

    During this stage, the baby pees several cups of urine a day in the amniotic fluid. The baby also has to take nutrients and swallow amniotic fluid. If there is too much fluid in the amniotic sac this can be due to gastrointestinal obstruction. Consult your doctor and ask what can be done if the baby is not peeing or swallowing properly. You might go another ultrasound scan at this stage

    Changes Inside The Mother During 31th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    It is recommended that breastfeeding your baby for the first 6th months is very important. By now the milk glands present inside your breast have started producing colostrum. This colostrum is important as the baby gets nutrients and calories from here after birth.

    Week 32nd Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    The final touch is being done in your baby’s body like the eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on the head, etc. These become pretty evident when viewed through the ultra scan. You have studied about lanugo hair. Lanugo hair covers the entire body of your fetus for protection purposes. At this stage, the lanugo hair starts to fall off the baby. You can see left out lanugo hair on the back or shoulders of the baby when they take birth.

    The weight of the baby during the 32nd week of the pregnancy calendar is 1800 grams and the size measured from the crown to lump is 29 cms now. If a preterm birth is given this week, the chances that your baby will be form healthy are excellent.

    Changes In Mother’s Body During 32nd Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage your blood pressure, swelling if developed, urine, etc will be monitored by the healthcare professional when you go for a prenatal care visit. Sometimes symptoms of Preeclampsia develops in some women due to which they witness sudden gain in weight, headaches, change in vision, swelling on the face or hands, etc. If you are seeing any related symptoms it becomes very important to consult your healthcare expert as it causes the protein in the urine or high blood pressure.

    Week 33rd Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    In this week or few weeks prior to the delivery billions of neurons are developing in the baby’s brain. These neurons help the baby to learn about the environment surrounding it. The baby can hear you out, feel you, and sometimes can even see.

    The eyes of the baby can recognize light while their pupils can dilate and contract in response to a beam of light.

    Your baby is sleeping most of the time in the womb-like a newborn baby does. The baby also has REM sleep. This is the stage or phase of sleep when adults witness most dreams occurring. At this week of the pregnancy calendar, the lungs of the baby are completely matured. The babies are still gaining weight due to increasing fat layers that is meant to provide warmth to the baby.

    Changes In Mothers During 33rd Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    You might be scared thinking about the labor pain at this stage, as the delivery is only 2 months away. Some common techniques you can consider to cope up with labor pain include breathing techniques, medicines for pain relief, epidurals, etc.

    Week 34th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    The intake of calcium is very crucial for a mother because it aids in the healthy development of the baby’s bones. Taking extra care of these nutrients like vitamins, iron, calcium is necessary. The mother should consume food items like tofu, broccoli, and other food rich in calcium.

    By this week, the baby will gain the position in which delivery will happen. The lungs are developed nicely and their weight at this stage is 2250 grams. The size measured from rump to the crown is 32 cms. If the baby is born now, they will easily survive without being taken under much medical intervention.

    Changes In Mothers During 34th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    A Common complaint during stages of late pregnancy is getting extremely tired, having problems in sleeping, weight gain, aches, pain, anxiety about the delivery or labor pain, etc. Rest properly and take naps as much as you can.

    Week 35th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar
    Baby Center

    Development In The Fetus

    It is the time after which you will witness a rapid gain of weight in the baby every week. The weight has become nearly between 8 ounces to 12 ounces. Fat is deposited especially on the baby’s shoulders. The coating of vernix is thicker and the lanugo hair has disappeared completely. With an increase in the size of the baby, the space present becomes less for the baby and you may feel the movements getting lower day by day but the intensity of these movements will be higher than the previous ones.

    Changes In Mothers During 35rd Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Prepare yourself for the baby as they are about to arrive within a few weeks from now. The bonding will be developed slowly once the babies are out. The baby will tend to develop a safe feeling or sense of security when they are with you.

    Week 36th Of The Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    Earlier on the ultrasound, you might have seen very tiny babies with wrinkles all over their bodies, but it is not so this time. The baby looks plumpy and wrinkle-free now. They develop fat on their cheeks and the sucking muscles are active. The face of the baby becomes fuller and their weight is 6 pounds at this stage.

    The bones are able to overlap each other providing swift movements. This process is termed molding and it allows the baby to get through the birth canal. If your baby is born with a pointed head you do not have to worry as after few weeks pass, the head will get normal like other babies.

    Changes In Mothers During 36th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    At this stage, the baby might come into the pelvis region for labor. This is termed as lightening or engagement. If you had problems like heartburn or a change in appetite, they will be eased during this week as the baby is not putting pressure on your diet.

    If the cervical effacement or dilation has begun, the birth time is near.

    Week 37th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    If you project a beam of light near the abdomen, the baby will get closer there because they have developed the sense properly. Along with developing sense, the weight of the baby will increase nearly half an ounce daily and in general, the weight of the boys is larger than girls.

    Changes In Mothers During 37th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    The mucus plug will shed off which developed earlier to seal the cervix to protect the uterus or womb from any outer infection. When the cervix prepares itself or dilates during pregnancy, this mucus plug tends to release in the form of thick blood discharge. Make sure you consult and speak to the doctor on a call about the changes you are witnessing at this stage.

    Week 38th Of pregnancy Calendar

    Development In The Fetus

    The weight of your baby is about 2900 grams now along with a length of 34 cms. The growth of fat is slower now but it has not stopped accumulating on the child’s body. The weight gain of the mother usually slows down during this stage.

    In case you have a boy, the scrotum now contained testicles that dropped inside and if you are carrying a girl, the labia minora is developed. The waste material excreted by the baby appears in the form of a greenish-black substance which includes the hair of the lanugo, dead skin cells, cells shedding from the intestine of the baby, etc.

    Changes In Mothers During 38th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    The bladder of the mother becomes compressed at this stage because the baby is engaged in the pelvis region. You feel like going to the bathroom again and again. In case you are carrying a boy, the doctors will ask you to carry out the process of circumcision which refers to removing the foreskin on the penis. You can always consult an expert if you want it or not.

    Week 39th Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Development Of The Fetus

    The vernix that had covered your baby as a waxy substance has disappeared majorly although some might be left. The supply of antibodies from your body to the baby through the placenta has begun now as it will be useful for the baby’s health.

    These antibodies are very important as after the baby takes birth, their immune system is very weak. The antibodies protect the baby from 6 months to 12 months after their birth unless the baby is capable of synthesizing its own antibodies.

    Changes In Mothers During 39th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Braxton Hicks Contradictions in women will become more and more pronounced. In simple terms, these contradictions are called false labor. You may feel pain and think about the baby’s arrival. The pain can sometimes be as strong as labor pain. However, these are not very frequent. These can be a sign of delivery.

    Another sign that tells about labor is water break. Water break refers to a break or rupture in the membrane of the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby. This may happen anytime soon during this stage. If you see any of the above signs you are supposed to call a doctor to clarify and remain ready.

    Week 40 Of Pregnancy Calendar

    Pregnancy Calendar


    Development In The fetus

    After months of waiting, preparation, and anticipation your baby might be in your arms, or sometimes not as some women take 1 or 2 weeks more for the delivery. If your baby is born after 40 weeks the possible weight of the baby will be 3300 grams along with body measurements of 51 cms.

    Also, do not expect that the baby will look picture perfect at this movement. There will be few rashes, wrinkles, dry patches on the skin that will get normal within few weeks and your beautiful baby will be right there waiting for you.

    Doctors will perform a series of tests where screening of the baby will be done to see if any allergies, diseases, or other health issues are there or not.

    Changes In Mothers During 40th Week Of Pregnancy Calendar

    This week is the week you have been waiting for for the previous 9 months. You might have learned everything about the birth stages. There are 3 stages for delivering a baby. The first stage is the labor stage as it working to stretch and thin the cervical region by uterus contractions at intervals regularly.

    The second stage is pushing the baby into the vaginal canal and through the vaginal canal directly outside of the body. The final stage or tried stage involves delivering the placental cord outside the body.

    Some women go through regular or normal delivery to deliver their babies while some go through C-Section delivery. Keep in mind that C-section delivery involves surgical operations to deliver the baby out of your body. Delivering through C-section does not make your efforts any less. Take care of your health and the baby’s health after delivery.

    To all the new mothers or the ladies who are accepting, Best Of Luck for a healthy and beautiful baby.


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