Best 10 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

    In today’s world, we are spending the most time at work. Almost every day, we spend long hours while working and it is becoming quite difficult for us to stay productive for long hours. If we stay productive in our working hours, it could be very helpful to level up our performance. Well, productivity is not like rocket science but demands the ability to manage time.

    So, if you are also having a burning desire to know how can you increase your productivity at work, this is the article that will help you out. Now without wasting any time, let’s get started with it.

    Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

    1. Stop Checking Social Media In Between Your Work

    increase your productivity at work
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    This is the habit that most people have adapted. Checking social media while working drains all your energy and productivity. So, if you are doing this, immediately eliminate this habit. Here are a few ways that can help you out.

    • Turn off all the notifications because it can become a huge trigger to check social media.
    • Set a fixed time when you will check social media.
    • Turn off your phone.
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    2. Stop Multitasking

    increase your productivity at work
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    Psychologists have discovered that if we will try to attempt to do many tasks at once, can outcome in the loss of productivity and time. I will recommend you to build a habit to focus on a signal task before moving to the next task. A study by researchers at Stanford discovered that the people who attempt to multitask at a time, work very less efficiently even if they are not attempting to do multitask.

    3. Give Yourself Self Imposed Deadline

    Increase Your Productivity At Work
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    Stress is bad for us, isn’t it? Almost everyone has this perception to stress. Well, manageable stress levels could be proved helpful in furnishing your focus and meeting your goals. When you have a task or project to do, give yourself a deadline, and just stick to it. Implement this in your life and results will blow your mind.

    4. Limit And Track How Much Time You Will Spend On the Particular Tasks

    Let’s be honest, most of us believe that we are very good at measuring how much time we are giving on numerous tasks but that is not true. According to some researches, there are approximately 17% of people have the ability to estimate accurate time. There are a lot of tools that can assist you in tracking how much time you are giving to your daily tasks, you can try them out.

    5. Get Regular Breaks

    increase your productivity at work
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    Breaks are such a great thing that can help you in many ways. It helps you in improving your concentration. There are a few pieces of research that say that people who take breaks during the tasks helps them to sustain the constant level of performance. People who don’t take breaks can turn into a decline in their performance. So, take breaks to increase your productivity at work. It will help you for sure.

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    6. Implement 2 Minutes Rule

    The entrepreneur “Steve Olenski” has recommended implementing the 2 Minutes Rule. The concept is: If there is a task that can be accomplished in only 2 minutes, just go and do that. Steve Olenski says that finishing the task at the moment takes slightly less time than leaving it for later. By implementing this rule, he has become the most influential content strategist in the online world.

    7. Try To Avoid Meetings

    Meeting are becoming a huge time waster, but still, we fix them, attend them and later complain about them. The average worker of the office use 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings. So, what can you do is before booking the next meeting question yourself that can you achieve the same purpose via phone calls, web-based meetings, or e-mail.

    8. Kick Out The illusion Of Perfectionism

    In the reality, there is nobody perfect, even your idols and role models are not perfect. Stop running after this shitty illusion, do your tasks with your 100% ability and just move on. If there will be any need to improve or adjust it, you can easily come back to do it.

    9. Try To Take Exercise Breaks

    According to research published in the Journal Of Occupational And Environmental Medicine, if you use your work-time to do an exercise can really increase your productivity at work. You can set a particular time for going to the gym or for a walk. When you will do any physical exercise, it will pump up your blood which helps in freeing your head and give you the ability to focus intensely.

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    10. Start Working In The Periods of 90 Minutes

    Some researchers at Florida State University have found that top performers such as athletes, musicians, and chess players who work in periods of 90 minutes are higher productive than those who work in 90 minutes plus period. So, try it during your working hours, may result amaze you.


    These were the 10 tips that can help you to increase your productivity at work. To get good results and to accomplish your tasks in a relevant time, you must bring these tips into your life. So, now I hope this article gave you something that can help you with your real life.

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