Calisthenics vs. Weights – 3 Important Factors to Consider!

    Lifting weights is an essential part of strength training, but there are innumerable ways to practice it. Some people start with calisthenics since it uses your resistance and body weight. This article will brief you on the distinction between Callisthenics vs. weights.

    Calisthenics, as well as weightlifting, are two of the most common forms of strength training. But they both give very different results. Although it mostly depends on the fitness goals of an individual.

    Calisthenics vs. Weights

    Weight lifting, as the name suggests, is one of the common kinds of strength training where weight is for resistance. Read this article till the end to know about calisthenics vs. weights. There are different ways to perform weight training.

    It can be done with barbells, weight machines, and free weights. Muscles are stressed by these weights, which help speed adaptation and further growth. There are lots of differences between Callisthenics vs. weights.

    On the other hand, calisthenics eliminates the involvement of weights. This is also regarded as bodyweight training, so resistance training is formed by calisthenics with the help of one’s body weight.

    Since calisthenics has emerged recently, that’s why people are very keen to know about Callisthenics vs. weights.

    What are some of the Advantages of Calisthenics?

    It is essential to be aware of the differences between calisthenics vs. weights. An individual uses their body weight in calisthenics for performing exercise without any specific equipment.

    Although there is a need for a pullup bar when doing pullups or other forms of calisthenics exercise, it is especially for those who need to change the position of their body for modification of exercises.

    Some of the advantages are as follows:-

    #1. Relatively Safe

    Talking about calisthenics vs. weights, using one’s body weight for exercising is considered safe for every individual regardless of their level of fitness and age. As long as you are exercising correctly, you are free from the risk of any injury.

    #2. Affordable

    The equipment in the gym can be pretty excessive. While using weights, you must purchase different equipment such as kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells.

    Your body weight and gravity are only required in calisthenics, and you need not spend your time with different fancy equipment. At the same time, it also saves a lot of money on a gym membership. This is the significant difference between calisthenics vs. weights.

    #3. Convenient

    Most people practice their workout related to body weight from any location. It can quickly be done in your home or park with utter convenience. Within 30 minutes, you would be done with your workout session. This also freshens your mind. Such points also remove the blur between calisthenics vs. weights.

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    #4. Coordination and Balance

    Calisthenics indulges in being mindful of your own body rather than exercising using equipment that promotes proper balance and coordination. These are some of the significant points while talking about calisthenics vs. weights.

    #5. Simple Workouts

    Choosing one particular workout can be quite a daunting task at the beginning of a workout regime. One of the most convenient things is that calisthenics widens the scope of a wide range of easy exercises that can quickly build your muscles. This could prove to be a fun way to increase your fitness level.

    #6. Compound Workouts

    It is proven that all the workouts related to body weights can be a positive target of multiple muscles in just one simple move. This is more beneficial for people who have hectic schedules and cannot dedicate much time to fitness.

    If you want to know about calisthenics vs. weights, you should read this article until the end. There are not a lot of cons of calisthenics. Since the only requirement is bodyweight, it is pretty beneficial. Check out Healthline to know calisthenics workout for beginners.

    What are some of the Plus Points of Weight lifting?

    Weighted objects such as resistance are widely used in weightlifting. There are numerous differences between calisthenics vs. weights. The weight is regularly lifted to challenge muscles.

    calisthenics vs. weights

    This can also be performed with the help of a machine or free weights.

    Some of the examples are as follows:-

    • Shoulder presses
    • Bicep curls
    • Bench presses
    • Triceps extensions
    • Leg presses

    #1. Easy to progress

    Compared to calisthenics, progressing one’s efforts is a very straight path. For example, you can use a heavier dumbbell for a more robust workout session to make workouts more efficient.

    #2. Isolation of specific muscle groups

    During weightlifting, it is easier to perform isolated exercises. Such movements require only a primary muscle group which would further work against every resistance. Such load can make it very convenient for enhancing the size and strength of specific muscle groups.

    Which is more recommendable between calisthenics vs. weights?

    While differentiating between calisthenics vs. weights muscle growth, the first and foremost thing is that free weights and bodyweight workouts help build muscle. However, when deciding on a particular workout, you should be very clear about your fitness goals since every exercise doesn’t work similarly for everyone.

    If you lift weights and regularly do exercises relating to body weight, it would increase the strength of your muscle and enhance endurance of your muscle. However, weight lifting is more advanced. Weights are more effective when you build muscle mass and target particular muscles.

    The addition of extra weights in your day-to-day routine compared to just taking the use of one’s body weight puts additional strain on one’s muscles, which makes it harder to adapt and sustain the particular weight for your next gym session.

    The training to increase your strength might cause harm to your muscles by breaking them down, and your body forcibly gets the instructions to repair such issues.

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    The whole process of repair increases the growth of the muscles, further resulting in not only bigger but also stronger muscles. While discussing calisthenics vs. weights, weights are far more preferable for those who want to get into intense workouts, further resulting in serious gains.

    Calisthenics vs. weights: which burns fat faster?

    Irrespective of indulging in bodyweight workouts or lifting weights, both help burn calories during your workout session. However, the significant difference takes place after the completion of the workout. Regular workout sessions help in boosting one’s metabolic rate.

    Throughout every workout session, the rate of your metabolism would keep increasing. Workout promotes the growth of the muscle and our bodies since calories tend to burn at a faster pace when the muscle starts growing.

    The bigger the muscles, the more the basal metabolic rate, which is how your calories get burnt when you are at rest. When you want to lose some fat, it is suggested to do weightlifting rather than calisthenics.

    Since weight lifting maintains the rate of metabolism for a longer duration if you regularly do exercises, this article would resolve all your doubts about calisthenics vs. weights. However, you are free to opt to choose between the two.

    There’s no harm in using resistance bands or weights in your bodyweight workout session to give the muscles an additional push to break down faster, which would help to boost your BMR.

    Calisthenics vs. weights: Is there any harm to doing them every day?

    When it comes to Callisthenics, whether you’re doing it to build your muscles or even as a form of cardio, for that matter, you are still required to rest your muscles.

    It is advised to avoid doing calisthenics every day since that would result in overtraining. Giving your body at least one or two days to rest each week allows muscles to rest as well as repair themselves.

    Talking about weight lifting, the same goes for it. It is suggested to let your body rest for about 48 hours per week to repair and rest your muscles. However, weight lifting has more cons than pros. You should never work out two days back to back for the same muscle groups since that can cause severe injury.

    For instance, if you have decided to work on your upper body on Monday, you should switch to working on your lower body the next day. Amidst such training, it is essential to take a rest.

    What would be the outcome if you combined both Callisthenics and Weight lifting?

    It is an excellent alternative to combine calisthenics with weight lifting. This is an excellent option if you are willing to enjoy the advantages of both techniques at the same time.

    Here are two different ways to combine both calisthenics as well as weightlifting:-

    #1 Practice both the techniques on the same day

    It is possible to do a proper combination of calisthenics and weightlifting exercises in one strength-training workout session.

    #2 Practice both the techniques on alternative days

    If you want to concentrate on a simple method at a time, you can try to switch between calisthenics and weightlifting alternatively throughout the week. Moreover, both methods add resistance to the muscle, so don’t overdo it. Remember to let your body rest and be attentive to necessary bodily changes.

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    It will help if you take proper guidance from your trainer for more alternatives since they can better advise you after examining your strength and fitness goals.

    Why is Callisthenics considered more advantageous than weight lifting?

    calisthenics vs. weights

    While debating about calisthenics vs. weights, calisthenics is of greater importance since you can do it without spending your savings on any fancy equipment or even a trainer, for that matter. You have to abide by a simple regular bodyweight routine.

    Moreover, some people compile a list of videos for streaming wide ranges of multiple calisthenic exercises so that they can practice in their living room. Furthermore, it offers more flexibility and constitutes more variety than weight lifting.

    Although you still require weights in your workout routine. Since they help burn calories rapidly and build more muscles than what can be gained by just doing workouts related to body weights.

    Keeping apart all these, you should consider your overall fitness level, age, and health before starting with such exercises. You should consult a professional if you cannot figure out a proper way to explore more different options.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Does Callisthenics help in losing weight?

    A: Callisthenics is effective when you want to lose weight. Bodyweight workouts help in burning calories and building lean muscles. You can indulge in intense bodyweight exercises with either resistance bands or by following HIIT proline, which is more incredible intensity interval training to burn more fat during and after your workout session.

    Q2. What role does Callisthenics play in building muscles?

    A: All workouts, whether weights or not, helps in building muscles. However, people prefer calisthenics to build their muscles in a very natural way. People who strive to have bodies like their aspiring bodybuilders should add weights to their workout routine.

    Q3. Can push-ups help in getting six-packs?

    A: Both pullups and push-ups fall in the category of the classic form of calisthenics exercises. The primary point is that doing activities related to bodyweight would benefit you with six-packs faster since every exercise fills the requirement of using muscles, including your abdominals.

    Q4. Why are Callisthenics safer options than weights?

    A: Callisthenics is considered safer because of the higher usage of one’s body weight than fancy machines. Your joints are not stressed. You would become more muscular because calisthenics exercise makes your joints stronger. It also minimizes the risk of developing an injury compared to getting crushed by lifting around 100 kg weight.

    Q5. How soon can we see the result from Callisthenics?

    A: Most people start noticing the benefits from Callisthenics in around two to three months if they work out regularly twice a week. You are keen to develop greater strength mostly in your upper body and would notice changes in your shoulders, arms, and chest in particular.


    If you can’t decide between calisthenics vs. weights, you should consider your working out style and your fitness goals to remove blur from your vision to opt for one. Callisthenics allows one to use one’s body weight and is full of compound exercises.

    It demands sufficient movement, making it preferable to lose weight and grow your muscles. In the case of weightlifting, you are required to use external weights such as dumbbells.

    It also constitutes isolated exercises that would further help increase the size of your muscle group. If you are doing it regularly, weightlifting is one of the best options to increase your muscles’ size and build strength. While both Calisthenics and Weights are appreciated

    However, both the above techniques are recognized as efficient forms of strength training. Most people prefer taking benefits of both by combining calisthenics and weight lifting.


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