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Russell James, widely known by his stage name Russ is one of the most famous American rappers. Russ is not only a world-recognized rapper but also a noticeable songwriter, playback singer, record producer, and whatnot. He is one of those rappers who have reached the topmost position and have established an impeccable career in music at a very young age. 

Some of his famous works include “What They Want”, ”Do It Myself”, “Losin Control” and so on. All these famous songs of his have boosted to a lofty position in the Billboard Hot 100, U.S. 

                                            RUSS NET WORTH 2021

Birth name Russell James Vitale
Stage name Russ 
Date Of Birth 26th September 1992
Age  29 years
Birth place New Jersey, United States
Nationality  American 
Profession Rapper



Record producer

Russ net worth (as of 2021) $10 million


In this article, you will come across some interesting facts about Russ net worth, his childhood, education, career, and so on. So, Gear up!

Early Life

Russell James Vitale, also known as Russ, was born on the 26th of September, 1992, in Secaucus of New Jersey, United States. He hails from a Sicilian descent. His father’s name is unknown. 

His mother’s name is June Diemon. He used to live in North Carolina and Kentucky, with his three other siblings, due to his father’s constant relocation because of his profession. After a few years, Russ’s family settled in their permanent house in Atlanta.

Russ Net Worth

His love for music started at a very young age. Initially, he learnt to play guitar from his father. Later, he mastered it and started playing other instruments as well. Can you believe that Russ actually started writing rap songs when he was just seven years old? Well, yes. That’s right. 

He used to write rap songs in his notebook when he was seven. When he was fourteen years old, he started composing his own beats, and when he turned eighteen, he was able to record his first song. 


Russ is more of a hard worker and has faced rejections and failures at the beginning of his career. Russ even stated that the first seven albums of his career were flops. Later, he rectified his errors and concentrated more on marketing strategies, as he didn’t do his best in the marketing part, initially.

After all the extra efforts, he decided to release his tracks on “SoundCloud” every week. It took him a lot of years to gain an appreciable amount of followers on SoundCloud. The process went on for almost three consecutive years. After gaining enough recognition among the viewers and followers, he was finally able to release his tracks on a few more commercialized platforms.

Russ Net Worth

His efforts never failed and that is evident from the fact that two of his tracks – “What They Want” and “Losin Control” peaked to the numbers 83 and 62 respectively on the US Billboard 100. Around 2016, Russ signed to Columbia Records and later released his twelfth album “There’s Really a Wolf”, which peaked at a number of 7 in the US Billboard 200. 

Another interesting fact is that this album has also reached number 4 on the US Top R&B Album Charts and also has been presented with a certified Platinum by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

In 2020, Russ completed his dealership with Columbia Records and became an independent artist. In November 2020, Russ released an extended play named “Chomp”, consisting of a few show-ups from Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Benny The Butcher, and Ab-Soul, among other artists.

Some of the Best Works of Russ

Russ Net Worth
Name of the song  Year 
Best on Earth 2020
Losin Control 2017
Missin You Crazy 2019
What They Want 2016
Wife You Up 2017
Back To Life 2018
Civil War 2019
Take You back 2021
Me You 2017
Nighttime (Ft. Daisy Marquez) 2020

Russ Net Worth 

As we all know, Russ has now occupied a substantial position in the world of rapping. Many of the released tracks have elevated Russ net worth. Apart from singing, he is also known for producing works and mixes. Wondering what Russ net worth could be?

Russ Net Worth
Coog Radio

Well, as of September 2021, Russ net worth is an estimated amount of $10 million. Even in this budding stage of his career, he managed to earn quite a huge Russ net worth. There aren’t any doubts about him succeeding even more. He is definitely going to set the bars higher for the upcoming rappers.

Social Media

Russ owns a total of 3,480,818 followers on Instagram. He’s active on Twitter too with a followers count of around 2.2 million. In September 2017, one of his tweets went viral and became controversial. On YouTube, he maintains a subscribers count of 5.5 million that also justifies Russ net worth. 

Lesser-Known Facts About Russ

Russ Net Worth
  • Russ has heterochromatic eyes. Heterochromia is a condition in which either the person has different eye colors or the eye possesses more than a color. His right eye is light brown whereas his right eye is dark brown in color.
  • Russ has stated that his early inspirations for music were from Eminem, G Unit, and 50 Cent.
  • He was nominated for the Woodie Awards 2017 for the category “Woodie to Watch”.
  • Russ is also an author who hails from Atlanta.
  • “It’s All in Your Head” is the most famous book written by him, which was released in 2009

Cessation | Russ Net Worth 

Russ net worth is a great example of the motto “Believe in Yourself”. He faced many rejections in his journey of becoming a millionaire under the age of 30 but he didn’t give up his hope and hard work. Instead, he overcame all the hurdles by rectifying the mistakes that he had been doing and created a master plan, and implemented it. 

He trusted the process and yes, of course, the wait was definitely worth it. It is evident from the Russ net worth, fame, and fortune that he has earned during the budding stage of his career. Hope you enjoyed reading this article about Russ net worth, his career, and so on. Do share suggestions about the next celebrity net worth article in the comments below.

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