8 Excellent Ways To Remove White Spots On Teeth (Improve Your Dental Health)

    White Spots On Teeth- Are They Sign Of Underlying Disease?

    White spots on teeth could be a sign of tooth decay, so you must identify them early and know the cause behind them.

    White teeth are a sign of excellent dental health. Some people follow different practices to keep their teeth white and free of any yellow or white spots on their teeth. This includes brushing the teeth daily and having regular checkups from the doctor. People also use teeth whitening products to keep their teeth appear shining.

    White spots on teeth are different from the regular white color you can think of and people often find it bothersome. Let’s see what are the causes of white spots on teeth and how can you get rid of them.

    Causes Of White Spots On Teeth

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    Several causes can contribute to developing white spots on your teeth. Once you visit a dentist, you will be able to know the possible causes of white spots in your case. Some common causes are:

    1. Diet

    Eating too much food that is acidic in nature can cause white spots on teeth. The reason behind this is that the acidic foods damage and eat away the topmost layer of the teeth Enamel. This layer is important for the protection of teeth from damage.

    A diet high in sugar can also cause the formation of plaque which leads to erosion of enamel. All the acidic food and drinks have soda and certain fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits.

    Acid reflux can be one more trigger because it produces acid inside the stomach, mouth, and throat. As the enamel layer breaks down, you might have some other symptoms like sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks.

    2. Fluoride

    Another cause of white spots on teeth is fluorosis. Fluorides mainly work for preventing decay and strengthening your teeth but when it becomes too much it certainly does the opposite work. It starts causing decolorization and decay of your teeth. This mostly happens in children when they intake too many fluoridated beverages or swallow any toothpaste rich in fluoride. It can also cause pitted enamel which makes it really hard to brush the teeth and clean them.

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    3. Enamel Hypoplasia

    This is a defect in which your teeth have less enamel composition than they should have. This might occur due to any deficiency in nutrition that causes loss of this mineral in your tooth. This includes conditions such as celiac disease where your body has difficulties whole absorbing nutrients as the immune system weakens down.

    When you take too many antibiotics during fever, that can also lead to interfering with the nutrient absorption process. Additionally, when a woman smokes too much while being pregnant can also cause the child to have such deficiencies. Other symptoms of this condition enamel dysplasia may be lines or grooves in the teeth and teeth sensitivity.

    4. Plaque Accumulation

    Another season of white spots on teeth is an accumulation of bacteria-causing plaque. This usually results due to poor hygienic conditions such as not brushing the teeth regularly or flossing. It may also occur as a side effect of wearing braces for teeth correction.

    These spots can appear on the teeth once the braces are removed completely. They are caused due to the buildup of plaque deposits around the braces or underneath them. Inability to remove the plaque thoroughly or poor hygiene can cause demineralization of tooth or removal of enamel from the tooth. The tooth may appear chipped and rough instead of smooth.

    5. Sleeping With Ope Mouth

    You might be surprised but this is one cause that leads to white spots on teeth.

    You might see white spots more often when you just wake up in the morning and then they vanish within few hours until you might get ready for work or something. This is often resulting when your mouth is wide open all night. When you keep your youth open, dehydration of enamel takes place. Once your saliva hits the teeth, your teeth will rehydrate again and the spots will vanish on their own. Now you might have understood what causes them in the morning and how they vanish soon.

    When you have a cold during the night, it can make your mouth wide open.

    These were few causes leading to white spots on teeth, let’s see certain treatments to get the condition diagnosed and treated.

    Treatment For White Spots On Teeth

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    White spots on your teeth can bother you a lot as you might have constant thoughts on how you appear and it does affect your confidence while talking and attending meetings sometimes. Here are possible treatments you can use to get rid of them.

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    1. Microabrasion

    The first procedure involved in microabrasion includes removing the layer of enamel from the surface of your tooth using mild abrasion. This instantly removes the white spots and makes your teeth appear much better and shiny.

    2. Bleaching

    This is a tooth whitening procedure. It is also performed under specialist supervision. It helps to balance the color of the enamel layer on the tooth. This treatment effectively lightens the color of your teeth entirely thus your tooth color will match the white spots and hence n uneven color prevails.

    You should keep in mind that this process is not for ones who have white spots on teeth due to fluoride. This treatment might further bleach the spots thus resulting in a much darker color and gain causing a different shade and appearance of spots.

    3. Veneers

    Depending upon the extent of the appearance of white spots, your doctor might suggest concealing them using a porcelain veneer. This usually involves the making of customized porcelain that is permanently bonded to your teeth’ surface.

    4. Chin Straps

    This procedure is designed to keep your mouth closed while you are sleeping. As you know one specific cause that leads to white spots on teeth is keeping your mouth open at night. Wearing chin straps helps you keep your mouth closed thus enamel will not be dehydrated hence no white spots appear.

    5. Nasal Decongestants

    If any viral infection or normal cold is the reason for congestion, you should try to take nasal decongestants before you are sleeping. This helps improve your sleep and keep your mouth closed.

    6. Testing Well Water

    People should always have their water tested if they face white spots again and again. The reason for white spots can be excessive fluoride inside the water. This is vital for anyone having young children at home as the level of fluoride varies greatly in different places one may reside in.

    7. Using Right Amount Of Toothpaste

    This is especially for children under the age of 3 to 4 years. AS an adult, you must ensure that the children are not using excessive toothpaste. For this age, it is advised to use only a grain of rice-sized toothpaste only rather than having a complete smear.

    For children of the age of 3 years, you should ensure that the toothpaste amount is pea-sized and not more than that. Young children mostly fail to split their toothpaste out so they must use it in small amounts.

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    8. Others

    You can practice certain things to maintain a healthy state of your teeth. Try to practice the following things and you will see visible differences in your oral hugyene.

    Practice oil pulling

    Oil pulling is an excellent method to improve oral hygiene. This practice involves swishing nay oil around in your mouth so that all the bacterias can be removed.

    Brushing With Baking Soda

    Baking soda is an excellent ingredient in toothpaste. It has natural whitening properties through which the spots will disappear. It helps to brush away surface stains and bacterias from your teeth.

    Eating Fruits And Vegetables

    A diet rich in certain fruits and vegetables can be a good option to fight bacterias in your mouth. You can eat raw and crunchy fruits as they rub away plaque on teeth when you chew them. The two most used fruits for this purpose include strawberries and pineaaples. Eating them regularly can help whiten the teeth.

    Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain which has shown significant results in improving stains on teeth. You may use strawberry and baking soda paste to improve your oral health.


    If you wish to prevent white spots on teeth, it is most important that you start practicing good oral hygiene. This includes flossing and brushing your teeth regularly. If possible, try to brush your teeth after taking every meal. Try to floss nightly and using an electric toothbrush can help I’m reducing plaque buildup.

    You can use Waterpik to remove the plaque accumulated on your teeth if you wear braces. It helps remove plaque between the teeth and brackets. When you visit a dentist they are likely to recommend any toothpaste that can help remineralize the enamel layer and protect your teeth from having white spots on teeth further.

    You can work on yourself if you hate white spots, just change some habits and you can avoid many other health issues. Stop eating acidic food and sugar-rich food to protect your enamel and prevent having spots. If you are pregnant or expecting, you can just stop smoking as it is good for both the baby and mother. Healthy food helps in the better development of the child overall and not just teeth.

    You can prevent excessive exposure to fluoride in children by helping them brush their teeth or monitoring them when they do so. Make sure your child is not putting too much of any toothpaste. You can also replace their regular toothpaste with one that can remineralize enamel.

    Teach your child not to swallow the toothpaste because my children do so. Fluoride is present in my beverages, and children love such drinks. Keep a check and cut off their daily beverages if needed. This helps prevent white spots on teeth.

    This was everything you needed to know about white spots on teeth and how to prevent them.



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