35+ Stylish Mullet Haircut Ideas- Find The Best One That Suits Your Style!

    Mullet Haircut- Trending Styles To Try In 2021!

    Let’s be honest, some of us have wished mullet haircut to make a superb comeback in the past years, right? Although the mullet haircut was highly popular back in the 1980s, during the past few years, stylists have worked hard to modernize the cut and waiting for a comeback.

    Mullet haircut is often portrayed as a business in the front and party at the back. If you are truly fascinated with this mullet haircut and willing to get a makeover soon, here are all the things you need to know with some amazing latest mullet haircut inspiration ideas to cunt on.

    Mullet hair Cut

    If you are still confused with what mullet hairstyle or cut is, mullet has extremely short hair on either side with long hair in the back. In so many ways, you will notice that this haircut pictures a mohawk. People also described this haircut as Rattail as there are plenty of styles and cuts when it comes to mullet hair cut.

    The latest version or modern version of mullet has other styles and cuts such as fade or undercut. This leads to a vast styling choice for the stylists such as spiked up or faux hawk version of mullet. As a result of plenty of options, this haircut has become extremely versatile and trendy. Also, this is the reason why you should give it a try!

    If you wish to get a trendy mullet haircut, the very first step is to grow your hair out to a suitable length. This gives the stylist or barber more hair to act on and style rather amazingly well. Then, notify the barber of the fancied length you need at the back. A suitable length is normally hair that touches the back of your neck. The front hair and the back hair require to hold the proper balance, and this is where your barber will help. Finally, the stylist can combine the short side hair with the longer top in the middle, achieving the desired look.

    To syle a mullet hair cut, you will be surprised to know there are endless possibilities.

    When styling your mullet hair, the primary step is to comb the side hair either forward or backward. Most people prefer brushing the strands back. Then, a gel can be added to keep your sides together in place while also establishing shiny hair.

    Brush the top division of the hair behind. Use the pomade or your favorite gel to shape it to the aspired fashion. Try spiking the hair up or raking any wax across the hair. This will certainly give your mullet an edgy look.

    Now that you know what a mullet haircut is and how you can style it once you have achieved the perfect style, here are some ideas to explore and obtain the desired finish.

    Mullet Hair Cut Ideas

    1. Hint of mullet

    mullet hair cut
    Dean Shackley Instagram

    Sometimes all you need is a hint of mullet to update your dashing style! The key to achieving this incredible look is all in the tiny details, just look at the picture for reference- the highlighted tips of the cut and the perfect designs trimmed into the sides are meant to give you this swept-back appearance and form a unique character.

    2. Hipster Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Men hairstyle Tips

    Have you wondered what will be the most suitable mullet haircut for an apprentice of a vegan coffee store or a juice bar? Most probably not! Well, here is this haircut anyway! This particular haircut mixes Caesar bangs in the face, shaved-down sides, with plenty of stubborn curls in the spine. What brings this haircut together? It is obvious- the nose piercing with the eyebrow slit. If you wish to get the dapper look altogether, you may want to try this!

    3. Stylish mullet

    Mullet haircut

    Want to leave an ever-lasting impact or impression with rockabilly-inspired hair? well, we feel you! Design this high pompadour cut by concurrently combing and blow-drying your hair from the forehead to the back. It serves best if you already have long hair both in your front and back. Add a bald strip on the side hair of the head with a trim of lines.

    4. Fade Mullet

    Mullet haircut

    The key to learning more interesting facts about this mullet haircut is that it doesn’t take itself very seriously. This is an excellent example of the carefree attitude that the mullet embodies. It is not meant for everyone, but that is completely okay! If you like it, just do it, as simple as that!

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    5. Arthouse Mullet

    Mullet haircut

    Here is another fine mullet haircut. But this one possesses a bit more clarity and elegance than the previous style. This specific look would be accurate for all those who are in an indie troop. Like the previous cut, this fashion commands discipline. Do not assume you can simply wash your hair and go for a haircut if you wish to pull this one off!

    6. Super Spicy Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Men styling tips

    This distinctive yet spicy take on the conventional mullet fade brings popular anime characters to our minds like Goku. This is a very demanding cut as it will need routine visits to a barbershop with plenty of dedication or commitment to the bathroom mirror before heading out every morning for great styling! If you wish to pull this look off, you are required to make certain that you are stocked up on different texturizing gels and creams and that the hair trimmer is in excellent working condition.

    7. Textured Mullet

    Mullet haircut

    Rather than lying low, smooth, and elegant, the texture is probably the best friend to mullet hair cut. Raise or spike your natural hair in an upward fashion in various directions to build volume and sharpness with a smooth gel or wax. Long hair is bliss, you may play around with the height of your spikes, particularly if the hair includes many lush layers. The striking blend of the fade hair along the side hair and length near the spine will assist in increasing your confidence as much as ten-fold.

    8. Bright orange mullet

    Mullet haircut

    You probably know looking at all the styles that wearing a mullet is taking a run on the wilder side. Further adding a unique color takes it a step distant. Fortunately, there is a broad variety of hair dyes ranging from crimson red to aqua green that will drive everyone’s attention towards you. Attach an additional layer of edginess using a round fringe throughout the front and preferably a bald shave on the sides. You will have no issues standing out from the mass with a mullet breaking with brilliant orange dye.

    9. Popular Faux Hawk

    Mullet haircut

    This simple hairstyle coordinates the area between the regular fauxhawk and a mullet just as much as it balances amid being feminine and masculine. This look is all about disordered texture, obtaining an edge to its oppositely neutral brown hue. If you sense you are brave enough to attempt a new DIY haircut, this is the one you must try!

    10. Wavy Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Hair By KMAC- Instagram

    Ask for some impressive waves with a mullet haircut as it fits perfectly in with the popular beach and surfer lifestyle. Try using a flat or any curling iron to style the right volume of the “just woke up of the bed” hair. This mullet variety is trendy and fashion-forward. Also, it coordinates with the courageous and adventurous spirit who embrace taking risks.

    11. Lines In Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Beauty By All

    This style is a huge throwback, but do not mistake it for the decade that you may have assumed. You might not know this but while the mullet haircut was first introduced in the 1980s, it encountered a short resurgence nack in the late 2000s? This millennial fashion is precisely what is being mentioned here in this look. This one is all about a definite, jagged, and sharp texture similar to broken glass. If you are having straight hair, this mullet haircut will demand insignificant effort daily. Just let the barber arrange all the work for you and enjoy the carefree stylish look.

    12. Messy Mullet

    Mullet haircut

    It is time to proceed opposite of the conventional clean-cut mullet hair with this messy brush-out in several directions. Use a comb or simply use your fingers with a bit of wax to pull and push your hair exactly where you wish it to go. To further style the bangs, you may implement gel with a comb to form half-up and half-down waves or curls. There is no obligation to keep your hair all elegant if this messy yet natural mullet haircut suits you admirably.

    13. The Gekko style

    Mullet haircut
    Brittney The Barber

    This particular look is a genuine throwback to the conventional mullets of the 1980s where it was born! It will fit appropriately as per your choice. The fashion is pulled concurrently with the addition of simply sufficient gel for it to be trending and look amazing. Sooner or later, these hairstyles will be seen everywhere on the street, why not get your hair done first and inspire everyone to get a quick makeover.

    14. Low-key waves

    Mullet haircut
    Darth fader 12

    This is a comfortable and relaxed version of a mullet haircut. Mullet fashions usually request an edge with aggression, but if you are not quite fine with the idea of aggression, this amazing look should be the one you are looking for. It is soft and relaxed. This haircut is perfect for hair with enough texture as it has quite enough volume and length to show off the curls. But the picture still seems short to be highly simple. This is a new practical cut for a bright, no-nonsense person. As a reward, this easygoing look needs approximately zero daily touchups.

    15. Fringes

    Mullet haircut

    A mullet haircut is different on its own, but have you ever thought about getting bangs with a mullet? Show off your creativity and peculiarities with this u-shaped fringe, and allow your hair to lay flat. The bright blond hue also makes an understated elegance to the overall look. If you recognize or aspire to obtain an androgynous look, this charming look is a small step in the correct direction. What do you think?

    16. Asymmetrical punk mullet

    Titan Barber
    Titan Barber- Instagram

    If you understand the punk subculture very well or follow it, there are high chances that you prefer to take your haircuts in different directions. Nothing is as interesting and exciting as a dapper mullet haircut which you can rock at sing-alongs and with your cool friends. Grow the mullet hair to your shoulder length, and allow the hairstylist to vary the extent of asymmetrical bangs to brush and spike.

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    Enhance the illusion of a separated mullet with a fine fade around your ears. A small amount of pomade or hair wax will help spike various strands on their own to move out on the crown of your head.

    17. Mullet cut with undercut

    Mullet haircut

    Most girls these days are obsessed with a sharp-dressed gentleman! Genuine words from every perspective. Just like a silk outfit and a black bow or tie, this cut is simply meant to be. The mullet hair portion is so detailed yet subtle that you could blink and you would miss it. The small elongation of the back hair of this mullet haircut is exactly what differentiates it from a conventional tapered hairstyle.

    18. Skin fade mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Barbero Bengie- Intagram

    Mullets are not the very style a person will choose when they wish to receive a clean-cut makeover or appearance. Still, the precise shaping and small cuts can make this cut intriguingly polished. Ask for a classic quiff on your top hair and a solid fade to the sides. The hair length must run a proper space at the nape of your neck to not seem too rebellious.

    19. Strawberry blonde mullet haircut

    Mullet haircut

    Like different modern mullet haircuts redesigns, this cut also features its mullet silhouette by slightly fading the hair at the top and the sideburns. The hair length at the back is somewhat normal. This unfussy haircut properly draws notice to the warm color and curly texture of his hair.

    20. Spiky Mullet haircut

    Mullet haircut
    Dencio Guilar- Instagram

    There is nothing in the mullet haircut book that suggests a mullet must look or possess a rat tail. You can make your mullet as varied and stylish as possible by suggesting the hairstylist clip this cut with spiky ends and add some more possibilities to style them. The mixture of eye-catching spikes with that of jet black hair is the new definition of cool.

    21. Textured Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Pearl The Barber- Instagram

    Short layers often add texture and volume to a mullet rather than letting your hair grow evenly from the beginning to the back. Cap off your hair by simply allowing it to grow either one or two inches longer than you usually do. Using a sandy beach blond color to your hair can be fascinating. It helps brightens up the look without wanting to use an intense colored dye. You may also try a polished mullet for work purposes and for taking it smooth on the weekends.

    22. Long Mullet with side part

    Mullet haircut
    Rafi Barber- Instragram

    People who often wear a mullet have a habit of typically growing the hair all over the head, but you must note that the length on the top and at the nape of your neck is up to you. You can alter it and ask the stylist to change it as per your likings. Mullets do not require to be uniform or smooth throughout.

    A buzz cut at the crown reopens your face and allows the mullet to work its charm in the end creating a great look overall. This haircut is not the best choice for anyone in the workplace with a strict dress code requirement, but it is a foolproof and amazing choice for teenagers who are willing to break the norm.

    23. Edgy Fringe Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Men Styling Tips

    Asymmetrical strands of hair for a mullet haircut are surprisingly more popular than ever earlier. Including an edgy fringe mullet haircut, you can make your look as messy or as even as you desire it to be.

    Develop an edgy fringe using an uneven cut for your hair present on the top and in the back. Add volume or texture to the style by touching a pomade or gel on your hands and spreading it with your fingers on the hair for as many spikes on your head as you want.

    24. Wavy long mullet haircut

    Mullet haircut

    Mullet haircuts form an excellent way to combine short and long hair into a single unique way. Having short hair brushed and slicked over to each side, allow the mullet haircut to hang loose. Using a flat iron to obtain straight hair helps you to create the right volume of natural-looking curls. This haircut blends older mullet ideas with an up-to-date twist.

    25. Wisconsin Waterfall

    Mullet haircut
    Vagaroinc- Instagram

    Implemented by a single man in Wisconsin, this mullet haircut is accomplished by receiving a tattoo of a local wild animal on your head, growing the hair long, trying to dye your hair blue but failing on the attempt and ending up having a green colored hair, and then cutting the sides to reveal the tattoo you almost forgot about. Ornaments or small jewelry pieces that conflict with the tone of facial membranes are also needed.

    26. Euro Mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Evan The Barber- Instagram

    This look seems to have a major European vibe. Can you feel it? Americans usually do not have a patent on mullets! When you look at it from the front, it looks like a regular cut. From each side, it will appear as if it has been forcefully shaved down to reach the scalp to reveal a retro symbol.

    27. Buzzcut and mullet fade Haircut

    Mullet haircut
    Hello Riley Hair

    If this haircut were just a centimeter short in the back, we doubt if it would have qualified as a mullet. Anyway, it is paying tribute to the free spirit of the mullet haircut. The temples with sideburns have been entirely shaved off, emphasizing more on the added length at the crown and back of your head.

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    There is no obligation to book an appointment separately at the barbershop for receiving this style! Anyone with enough determination, hair clippers, and a slight bit of experience can DIY this haircut home. If you fail at it, do not worry, stylists are there to fix it.

    28. Versatile hipster mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Men Styling Tips

    This haircut connects uniformly tousled volume on the head with tidy faded sides and a deep, nicely-kept beard. The outcome is completely easy yet casual, but still impressive. It is a solid, decent choice for people who wish to try any mullet-inspired haircut but does not wish to resemble Die Antwoord. Different from the average mullet haircut, this cut is mostly about elegance and subtlety.

    29. The waterfall

    Mullet haircut
    Parties In The Back

    A major sporty variant of the Waterfall mullet haircut mentioned above, this is slightly more softened with an extra generous front-to-back length proportion. It is perfect for the frat or jock boy, this mullet hairstyle hints at some potential for ultimate respectability. Just do not ignore the buzz-grooves over the sideburns.

    30. Mullet with flipped ends

    Mullet haircut
    Josh Craig Hair- Instagram

    Even though this haircut might be strangely nostalgic of Kate Gosselin’s well-known soccer mom cut, it also has a silhouette that is anything but amazing. It connects a swept-back crown with the sides shaved or faded to almost a level with your hairline at the front. The cropped length in the back continues to give it the final touch it needs.

    31. Full wavy mullet

    Mullet haircut
    Tapered The Barber Shop- Instagram

    Glorify old-school cultures by taking the hair back to its roots. Brush the front hair to the side, and entangle the mullet easily using a pomade or wax. Use any curling iron to add waves and curls loosely. You can shift how the bangs appear to accurately imitate 80s iconic favorites like Chuck Norris, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Patrick Swayze.

    32. The Flavio

    Mullet haircut
    Miss Red26- Instagram

    The idea behind the Flavio arrives from the Italian settlers to the West Coast in the initial 1990s. It was a well-known technique among said demographic functioning in seaside fish markets, it suddenly jumped on with neighborhood tweens. This haircut can be obtained using a single guard on the sides along with a pizza cutter on the neckline.

    33. The Tennessee Top Hat

    Mullet haircut
    Jody Taylor Hair- Instagram

    This is one of the rarest mullet haircut styles that truly attempts for a level of panache, the Tennessee Top Hat obtains it with a huge application of mousse and a good holding spray. It is achieved more via styling than using the cutting method, this haircut one of those few mullet hair cut ideas that portray a very low degree of involvement or dedication to maintaining since it requires little to no cutting at all.

    34. Pink Semi Skullet

    Mullet haircut
    Shrunken Heads- Instagram

    A textured mullet haircut allows you to reveal yourself as much as you desire. Show off that amazing personality by going for more than merely a semi-skullet but an intense dye. Choose any one solid hue or mix two or more like hot pink with orange. complete the edginess using a rough short fade cutting into the mullet and destroy any concern of caring what other people think.

    35. Ceasar mullet haircut

    Mullet haircut

    An intellectual mullet haircut that yells avant-garde type is ideal for someone who recognizes as an artist. Attempt a U-shaped cut around your forehead and a slim beard on the chin offer a fine display in the front. Using your hair subtly elongated longer in the back, the complete look bonds together with a slight fade at the front. Combine a quirky touch to the roots by executing platinum blond color highlights around the front bangs.

    36. Slicked back hairstyle

    Mullet haircut
    XBIGWESX- Instagram

    Slicked or flat hair gels with all haircuts including mullets look stunning. Use wax to slick back the mullet haircut ere combing it back. A mullet fade eliminates any casual grooming actions by keeping it extended adequately in the back. This unique look effortlessly works for professional environments and formal opportunities.

    37. Short spikes mullet haircut

    Mullet haircut
    Rum Barber

    Mullet hair cuts are usually “business in the front but a party in the back”, you have already heard of it. Polish your short hair on the crown by spiking them up using a pomade, but allow the long hair present in the back to grow organically. The combined combination of a wavy beard and slight fade gives the right level of texture to this mullet haircut.

    38. The Batty Boy Bishop

    Mullet haircut
    Abbas Ahmadifard- Instagram

    This unquestionably unorthodox mullet haircut occurs with a trend-setting appearance. If you want to leave a religious mark revealed on the haircut, this might be the one for you. Look at the haircut, any dye will work amazingly well.

    39. The Canadian Passport

    Mullet haircut

    This bouffant derived its title from Americans attempting to pass into Canada at the time of economic collapse in the year 2008. Accomplished with a blend of hurry and a rented set of clippers, this Canadian Passport mullet haircut quickly got out of trend in those days and now back again as many individuals selected new skills to make it a lot better than earlier. Now, it doesn’t seem to go away soon.

    How to maintain a mullet haircut?

    Now that you have decided to get a mullet haircut but don’t know how to proceed with it or are afraid to learn how to maintain one, here are some easy steps you can follow.

    Pick the Correct Gel or Pomade

    There are different types of gels from which you can choose. However, many hair products seem to create a balance between glossy appearance and holding power. For instance, a hair product named to shine will make your hair glow; nevertheless, it may not hold the same holding power as another hair product meant to do so. Find the correct balance for your new mullet haircut.

    Consider Either Weekly or Biweekly Trims

    The mullet haircut is mostly about achieving a balance between the short hair on each side and the long hair on the crown of the head. As the small hair begins to grow, it might throw off your mullet haircut. Think about trimming the side hair either weekly or biweekly. The shorter your hair will be on the sides, the more durable its growth will be seen. Anyone having super low fade must consider shaving the sides more frequently.

    Enlist the Assistance of a Hair Professional

    The mullet haircut needs proper caring and grooming. Especially for people having curly and wavy hair, expert stylists will help maintain the haircut in control. They have the proper training and knowledge needed to get even uncontrollable hair to remain together.

    These were some amazing mullet haircut ideas and tips to maintain a mullet haircut if you are planning to get one very soon. A haircut as cool as this one will require your time and dedication, but it is worth it as you will have all eyes on you!

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