70 Gorgeous A-Line Haircut Ideas!

    Heard of an A-Line haircut? Maybe multiple times. Do you always get the same hairstyle when you go to the salon? It might be time to step outside your comfort zone and attempt a new hairstyle. The A-line haircut is one of the most popular styles right now. And whether you prefer short-medium or long hair, an A-line style could be perfect for you.

    In fact, we feel this is one hairstyle trend you’ll want to try for yourself because it can look great on various hair types and textures. As a result, it’s no wonder that many of your favorite celebrities have been getting short and long A-line haircuts recently.

    Ready to try out a new hairstyle? Find out everything you need to know about A-line hairstyles, including what they look like, who they suit, and how to style them.

    What is an A-line Haircut?

    Not sure what a haircut with an A-line looks like? The answer is probably easier than you thought. A haircut with an A-line shape is longer in front and shorter in back. Most of the time, this is how the popular A-line bob haircut is made. You don’t want the length difference to be too big—it only needs to be about an inch longer in front than in the back for your cut to be called an A-line. 

    Still, if you have very long hair and want to keep a lot of it, you might want to cut more off in the back for a more noticeable look. The best thing about an A-line style is that you can change it to fit your needs.

    Who looks best with an A-line Haircut?

    The good news is that an A-line cut looks good on almost everyone. This style is a great way to change things up, whether you want a long or short A-line cut, straight or curly hair, or thin or thick hair. Your hairstylist will know how to give you an A-line cut that looks best on you and your hair. Bring some photos of hairstyles you like (maybe from a Pinterest board) to your salon appointment so your hairdresser can get an idea of how you want your hair to look.

    How to Cut an A‐Line Haircut

    The A-line haircut, which is shorter in the back, is a timeless style for a reason. It’s a flexible cut used with various hairstyles and is simple to grow out of. Decide on the best length for the hair in the front and back while cutting it into this style. Then, cut the hair in the back first, then the sides and front. For a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect A-line haircut, see below.

    Step 1: Deciding on Length

    • Keep length differences within 1 inch for straight hair. Straight or slightly wavy hair highlights the length difference between the back and front. Starting with 1 inch (2.5 cm) or less provides you with the desired effect without being overly dramatic. You may always go back in and adjust the length difference afterward.
    • Aim for more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) of length variation for curly hair. If the hair is extremely wavy, curly, or textured, a more dramatic adjustment in length will be required to see the result. As a result, aim for a length difference of more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) between the back and front. The amount of difference depends on how curly the hair is. For example, if your hair is curly, you could opt for 2 inches (5.1 cm) or more. 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) may suffice if it’s mostly wavy.
    • Keep it short to avoid frequent cuts. If you want to go longer between trims, go for a shorter cut that extends to the back of the neck. It should just touch the chin in front. This allows it to grow out a few inches while still looking excellent. Remember that curly hair tends to scrunch up shorter after it dries.

    Step 2: Cutting the Back

    • Divide damp hair into 3 parts, one in the back and one on each side. The top hair should be parted the way the person usually does. With a comb, start near the back of one side of the head near the top and make another part. Using the corner of the comb, draw a line straight down the head that ends behind the ear. Use a clip or hair tie to keep the section of hair on the side in place.

    Repeat the same thing on another side and clip the side piece of hair in place. Cut the hair up in the back so you can see the back of the neck. You might have to turn it and clip it to your head.

    • Make a horizontal part at the bottom of your hair and unclip it in the back. Pull the hair back so you can see what’s underneath. Use a comb to make a horizontal part across the head about 2 to 3 inches from the bottom of your hairline. Make sure this line is as straight and even as it can be. Put the rest of the hair back up into the clip.
    • Cut the hair towards the back of the neck, angling up towards the center. Hold the left side of your hair in your palm and run the comb down it at an angle until you reach the point where you want the back of your hair clipped. The angle should rise toward the center of the neck.

    With barber shears, cut along the comb, angling down as you go away from the center of the neck. Remember that this is only a portion of your overall angle, so if you’re attempting to keep the cut under 1 inch in length difference, don’t make this angle too steep. Repeat on the other side, angling down from the center to the outside.

    • Even up the cut. Press the hair against the back of your neck to see where it needs to be clipped. Certain pieces will appear longer as you press. Cut any excess length using scissors, being mindful not to catch the person’s neck. This technique allows you to see more clearly when the cut is uneven.
    • Fluff up the hair, so it falls naturally and cut off any extra. Fluff the hair with your fingers. This layer should be mostly dried by now and should lay normally. Remove any pieces that are not parallel to the angle. Comb it out as well to catch any stray hairs that are excessively long.
    • Bring another part of hair down in the back. The next portion should be 2 to 3 inches long (5.1 to 7.6 cm). Make a horizontal part in your hair. Bring the clipped portion down and let it fall over what you just cut. Make sure that whatever part you create is straight and even. Instead of dividing the hair into three portions, you can part it along the middle all the way back and progressively draw more and more from the sides.
    • To cut the next part, use the bottom layer as a guideline. Trim the newly added top layer until it is even with the bottom layer. Angle your hand to assist in guiding the cut you’re making. Trim both sides of the cut, angling down as before.
    • Finish the back of the hair by sectioning it off. Continue to bring down portions of hair. Use the hair below and your palm as a guide each time to cut the hair, angling as it moves out to the sides.
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    Step 3: Cutting the Sides

    • Bring one side of your hair down. Allow all hair to fall to one side so you can cut it from back to front. Comb it out so that you can see it clearly. Do only one side at a time. If your hair is particularly thick, you can do it in pieces by removing a section of it from the clip and producing an angled part from the top of your head to the front. Clip the remaining hair up and comb out what’s underneath.
    • Cut the very front to the desired length. You’ll angle from the back to the desired length in front. As a result, it’s much easier if you know what you’re striving for. Snip the hair in the front to the length you want it to be. Make sure the length in the front is longer than the length in the back. If you don’t think you’ll be able to do that, simply angle the cut from back to front in the next step.
    • Guide the angle of the cut with your comb and hand. Comb your hair many times, then use your fingers to create an angle from back to front. Make a line from where the hair was clipped in the back to where it was trimmed in the front. To make the angled cut, cut along that line. To guide the line, use your comb as a straight edge.
    • Examine the angle. Comb the hair thoroughly to ensure it is straight from top to bottom. Check that the line angles from back to front and that all of the hair is aligned. Any places where the angle does not connect properly should be trimmed. Make sure your longest point is at the very front. Also, any stragglers that are too long should be clipped.
    • Repeat on the opposite side. When you’ve done one side, switch to the other and repeat the process. Examine the hair from the front and even the length to ensure that both sides match. While looking at the individual from the front, pull the hair down with your fingers. Check that they are facing forward and have their heads straight. The cut will not be even otherwise.
    • Blow-dry the hair and double-check it. Lift the hair in portions with a round brush while blow-drying it. Blow-dry each piece until it is completely dry before moving on to the next. As you dry your hair, shape it with a round brush. Check for any portions that are protruding too far and cut them off.
    • Finish the hair cut by adding texture and lightening it area by section. Take a vertical part and draw it to the side at a 45-degree angle from the head. Hold the end of the hair up and point cut it by snipping your scissors along the hair’s very ends. Repeat this procedure all over the hair, and there you have it! You made an a-line haircut.

    70 A-line Haircut Ideas

    An A-line haircut is longer in the front and shorter in the back. While the contrast between front and back might be dramatic or subtle, all A-line haircuts share the same angled silhouette. A versatile alternative, A-line cuts are especially appealing on round face shapes since they make them appear longer and slimmer.

    Here are 70 A-line haircuts you’ll love.

    1. Short A-Line Haircut
    a-line haircut

    A classic hairstyle is a short A-line cut, also called an A-line bob, an angled bob, or an inverted bob. The cut is fresh and girly, and it reminds me of the 1960s, so it’s great for women who like that style. Also, the haircut looks good on most face shapes because the longer front pieces fall below the jawline.

    2. A-Line Haircut with Bangs

    A-line haircuts can be worn in many different ways and look great with bangs. If you want a straight A-line cut, thick, blunt bangs will go well with the angles in the rest of your hair. Blended bangs will look great if your A-line cut has more texture and waves.

    3. Layered A-Line Haircut

    A-line haircut
    Latest hairstyles

    Women with thin hair should get an A-line haircut that has layers. Because the layers make it look like there is more volume, the A-line shape gives it structure and movement. Style your A-line cut with textured waves for the best look. This will give you cool, subtle, and sexy hair.

    4. Long A-Line Haircut

    A long A-line cut is stylish. The way your hair falls like a curtain makes your face look longer and thinner at the same time. Try styling your hair straight and smooth, without any layers, for a professional and elegant look.

    5. Haircut for Thin Hair

    A classic A-line bob is another great choice for thin hair. Your stylist will add thin layers and clear, separate pieces to your hair to make it look fuller and thicker. You could add lowlights and highlights to your hair to make it look fuller and give it more depth.

    6. Shoulder Length A-Line Haircut

    Shoulder-length hair looks great with an A-line cut, just like other styles for hair about the same length. If you have thick hair, an A-line cut will remove some of the bulk and give your hair a clearer shape. An A-line cut can give fine hair movement and depth when paired with highlights and layers.

    7. Curly A-Line Haircut

    A-line haircut
    Latest hairstyles

    Most stylists recommend cutting curly hair at an angle to avoid the “triangle hair” look. An A-line cut will also take some of the weight out of your hair, making it easier to style and giving it structure so it doesn’t look like one big mass of curls. At the same time, beautiful ringlets and tendrils will still frame your face.

    8. Haircut for Wavy Hair

    Wavy hair already has great texture and movement, which an A-line cut will bring out even more. Try a jagged A-line bob or lob for a rock ‘n’ roll look if you have this hair type. Also, the shorter pieces in the back will make your hair lighter and easier to style, while the longer pieces in the front will still look great around your face.

    9. Very Short A-Line Haircut

    A short A-line haircut is a new and textured take on the pixie cut. The different hair lengths give the style depth and movement. If you already have short hair, this is a great way to change your look. Try an asymmetrical or side-swept style to make it fit your face shape.

    10. Straight A-Line Lob

    The straight A-line lob is a sophisticated style for women with a polished sense of style. It’s a simple haircut that still stands out. It’s sleek, smooth, and doesn’t have many layers. The straight A-line lob looks good on most women because the front is long. Based on the shape of your face, a sharp center or side part can make it look even better.

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    11. Cute A-Line Haircut

    For fun, young-looking hair, try giving a short A-line cut long layers and then styling it with loose waves. Your hair will look extra cute and carefree because of the difference between the long, wavy front and the short, textured back.

    12. Classy A-Line Bob

    A-line haircut
    Latest hairstyles

    To make a stylish A-line bob haircut, you must be precise. This style is chic and smooth. It has a smooth finish, pieces that frame the face, and layers that blend perfectly because of how polished and professional the A-line bob is; it looks good on older women and those with a good sense of style.

    13. Dramatic A-Line Haircut

    A-line cuts are all about making shapes and angles, so they are great for giving your hair a little drama. With a sharp, exaggerated A-line cut and a blunt fringe, you can be sure that everyone will be looking at you. You have the most dramatic haircut when you add a strong color like purple or red.

    14. Choppy A-Line Bob

    Because it has defined, asymmetrical, chunky, and uneven layers, a choppy haircut is great for giving your hair a lot of volume and movement. Choppy cuts stand out and look great on both straight and curly hair. A choppy A-line bob haircut is a trendy hairstyle that gives off a fun and carefree vibe.

    15. Punk A-Line Haircut

    Punk haircuts are known for having sharp lines, sharp angles, and pieces that don’t go in the same direction. A punk A-line haircut will have a big difference between the long and short parts and be cut at a sharper angle than a natural A-line haircut.

    16 Softly Textured A-Line Lob

    A soft, textured A-line lob is one of the most popular hairstyles. The haircut is easy to style and looks good on almost every face shape because it doesn’t have layers and falls past the jawline. You can make your twist on this look by dying your hair a bright color like pink, or you can go blonde for a classic beachy summer look.

    17. Straight and Slick A-Line Bob

    The slick A-line bob is a classic hairstyle that still feels modern. It’s a great choice for women who want to stand out from the crowd with their polished and powerful style. The haircut’s sharp angles and smooth, shiny finish make a strong fashion statement.

    18 Textured A-Line Bob

    Short, light layers and soft waves look beautiful when paired with an A-line bob. The soft texture gives the style a light, girly, “undone” look without making it look sloppy. It has a romantic look that can be worn on special occasions or daily.

    19 Medium Length A-Line Haircut

    A-line haircut

    The best length for hair is somewhere in the middle, not too short and not too long. The longest front pieces of a medium-length A-line haircut fall to your collarbones, while the back is much shorter. The cut looks great when the layers are smooth and straight, but it stands out when the layers are textured and wavy.

    20 Angled A-Line Bob

    The A-line bob is a flexible style that can be changed to fit any look. If you want to stand out with your style, an A-line bob with sharper angles and no layers is a great choice. The cut is both edgy and classy. It looks best when smooth and sleek, and it also looks great with solid hair colors like black or platinum blonde.

    21 Beach Bob with Bouncy Waves

    Adding soft ombre hair color to this style will give you the look of perfectly natural sun-kissed highlights for a perfect summer do. If you want a casual inverted bob, beach waves are perfect because they have a lot of texture and don’t look as done as spiral curls.

    22 Exaggerated Angled Stacked Bob

    If you want your A-line haircut to have more volume in the back, this steeper cut will work. Because this style is already full, it’s important to keep curls and waves to a minimum.

    23 Ombre-A-Line Cut with Bangs

    This is a classic A-line cut, with the front being longer than the back. There are no layers, so the front is longer than the back. You can choose an ombre style or a balayage (or hand-painted) method to get great colors from the center to the ends of your hair.

    24 A-Line Cut with Side Braid

    Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that the A-line style is boring. Add a twist, a French braid, or any other style you like. To get this look, all you need to do is pin the braid behind one ear. To make this style stand out, add some color or accessories.

    25 A-Line Cut with a Deep, Side Part

    With its deep side part, this cut makes a dramatic, daring, and edgy look that is surprisingly feminine. It’s for people with attitude.

    26 Shorter Bob with Braid Crown

    A-line haircut

    You can still wear a trendy braid crown even if you have short hair. To get this look, just braid the middle part of your hair loosely and tuck the ends behind your ear. The braid will stand out if it has highlights or an ombre finish.

    27 A-Line Cut Paired with a Dramatic Color

    Straight, smooth A-line cuts look great when they have a fun, bright color. A light blue will look great on you if your hair is dark. Any base color with a bright dye will work, though. Keep your hair straight to pull off this look.

    28 Short and Sassy Bob

    This short, sweet, and sassy style looks great on girls with thin, straight hair, but it can also look great on girls with curls. Let it hang loose around your face for a fun, bed-head look, or curl it up for more texture and volume.

    29 Straight, Shaggy Cut

    This messy hairstyle has long, soft layers for people with fine, straight hair. The messy look is very popular right now. This short, playful style will not only make you look trendy, but it will also make you feel sexy. To finish off the look, add some ombre touches.

    30 An A-line bob for thin or fine hair

    A-line haircut
    Latest Hairstyles

    We finally have an A-line bob for fine, thin hair. Make it a little messy and uneven. You can make the ends lighter to make it look like your hair is thicker.

    31 Choppy A-Line Bob

    A choppy cut gives your style more life and texture. If you want a change, try a choppy cut.

    32 Stacked A-Line Bob Cut

    Yes, an A-line cut can have stacked layers. Women with thick hair will love this style because it will help them keep their hair healthy and full of bounce.

    33 Chic Extremely Long A-Line Bob

    A-line haircut

    We like the dramatic style because it has a straight, wavy texture and a sharply angled shape. To keep hair shiny after styling, try using hair oil.

    34 Sleek A-Line Cut

    The blunt A-line bob with a little fade is very chic and on-trend. When you wear it straight, the sharp edge will stand out more and draw attention to your collarbone.

    35 A-Line Bob with Dark Roots

    We love how well this color goes with the angle of this cut. To add height and volume, try styling it straight or curly.

    36 Shaggy Short A-Line Bob

    We love this shorter bob cut with blonde ends and darker roots.

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    37 Medium A-Line Bob

    A great color blend and an angled cut go together like peanut butter and jelly. All eyes will be on your beautiful metallic blonde hair!

    38 Sleek One Length A-Line Bob

    A-line haircut

    Spray an anti-frizz heat protectant on your hair before you style it and a little after to keep it in place and smooth.

    39 Wispy Razored A-Line Cut

    We love how the shorter layers give this cut height and shape. Spray a dry shampoo or texture spray on it after you blow it out or straighten it to get the height you want.

    40 Razored A-Line Bob

    The razored cut is cool and edgy and very simple to keep up.

    41 A-Line Bob with Shaggy Ends

    An A-line bob cut with highlights is a terrific way to transition into the shorter side since you may have the length you desire in the front and shorter hair in the back. A fantastic shaggy A-line design with minor highlighted parts looks awesome for a more polished, dimensional effect.

    42 Long A-Line Bob with Fringe

    A-line haircut

    A longer bob is a good choice if you want a loose style and can be pulled back quickly into an updo.

    43 Long A-Line Bob

    For ladies with thin hair, a longer cut with layers can help give their hair life and texture. 

    44 Inverted A-Line Bob

    With longer pieces in the front, shorter layers in the back will help add height and volume to your bob. These curls, too!

    45 Severe A-Line Bob

    Having a dramatic extended part in the front is both chic and edgy. Perfect for brunettes!

    46 Shoulder Length A-Line Bob 

    If you’ve ever had long hair for a long time, cutting it to your neck can be intimidating; instead, get a shoulder-length trim to test out the style.

    47 Stacked A-Line Bob 

    With this style, you can combine both types of bobs if you want shorter layers in the back to add height.

    48 Steeply Angled A-Line Lob

    The more stylish bob is, the longer it is. You can wear this cut poker straight or wavy to look better.

    49 Curly A-Line Bob

    Curls with a lot of texture and volumes are very trendy and stylish. After you style your hair, spray on dry shampoo to get that extra height.

    50 Rounded A-Line Bob

    We like how this cut has a small angle because it hints at sassiness.

    51 Wavy A-Line Bob

    Curl your hair around a round iron for about five seconds to achieve beachy waves, then finger-comb your hair. To achieve the perfect wave, use a wavy mousse.

    52 Messy A-Line Bob with Shadow Roots

    You can get a full style with shorter layers without having to deal with extra length.

    53 Beachy A-Line Bob

    A choppy cut can immediately give you a beachy vibe, which is great for warmer weather. To get that extra messy look, spray dry shampoo on after styling.

    54 Wavy Bronde Balayage Bob 

    Use a bigger curling iron and wrap your hair around the barrel for about 15 seconds to get these big waves.

    55 Black Bob

    This can be a great hairstyle for women with thick hair. For thick hair, an A-line bob should have long layers in the front to add movement to your thick locks.

    56 Chocolate Bob

    You look edgy and biker chic when you have dark hair and a few light streaks.

    57 Curly Blonde Bob

    You can’t get enough of how beautiful these curls are! You can get a beachy, messy look by curling your hair in different directions.

    58 Volumizing Bob 

    It can give you a tall and rough look at your hair! You can get the height you want by adding shorter layers to the back of your hair.

    59 Inverted Black Bob

    We love a solid, clean, classic A-line bob.

    60 Ashy Long A-Line Bob

    A longer bob is always style and can work for any face shape and hair type.

    61 Curled Under Bob 

    Welcome back to the old trend of curling your hair under. It looks so cool with the classic bob hairstyle with a few highlights.

    62 Choppy Cut with Bangs 

    The edgier the vibe, the shorter the bangs.

    63 Streamlined A-Line Bob

    We love how sharp and pretty your hair looks with the angled cut.

    64 Chic Curls

    Style your angled bob with a bend in the middle of the shaft and a tousled look for a truly beautiful touch.

    65 Bob with Face-Framing Highlights 

    You can give your bob a subtle but fun twist by highlighting only the tips of the longest pieces that frame your face.

    66 Sleek Black Rounded Bob

    This version of the A-line bob haircut stands out because of its precise shape and strong silhouette.

    67 A-Line Haircut with Choppy Layers

    You can straighten your hair or curl for this style, which will look good on all hair types. The broken-up layers add texture and depth!

    68 Stacked A-Line Bob

    colors, hairdresser, cut
    Photo by terribileclaudio on Pixabay

    With this style, a side part will give you a lot of volume. Blow it out or lightly straighten it to keep its smooth look.

    69 Classy A-Line Lob

    The medium-cut is a good choice for women with thin hair because it looks like they have thicker hair.

    70 Uneven Chocolate Bob

    If the ends of your hair aren’t even, you won’t have that “good girl” look.

    Final words

    There are many ways to style A-line haircuts, which is pretty cool. You can go for styles that are sleek, smooth, and shiny, or you can try styles that are more wacky and messy. A curl of any kind, from big, loose waves to tight, bouncy spirals, won’t make a stacked bob less interesting, either.

    And lastly, you can change the length of your favorite cut any way you want. Short stacked bobs or long A-line cuts always look classy and attractive. A-line haircuts can be stacked lightly or heavily, have waves or be perfectly straight, be blunt or edgy, smooth or textured, be very short or very long, and they can be styled in many different ways.


    haircut, hair cut, beauty salon
    Photo by kaleido-dp on Pixabay

    What is an A-line haircut?

    An A-line haircut is an asymmetrical style where the back is shorter than the front. When seen from above, the hair looks like the letter “A.” These haircuts are also called “stacked” or “inverted.”

    How do you give yourself an A-line haircut?

    An A-line cut is best done by a professional, but you can do it yourself. Start by making a part in the middle of your hair. Then, starting just behind your ear, split your hair into two pieces on each side and clip them out of the way. Next, start cutting the back, ensuring it’s all the same length.

    Once you have an even back section, you can make the A-line shape. Set the side pieces free and start cutting at an angle where they meet the back piece. Working from the back to the front lets you make a more even, graduated line and give your A-line cut the angle you want.

    Are inverted bobs still trendy in 2022?

    Inverted bobs will be very popular in 2022. Not only do they look good on people with round faces, but they also give a short, simply cut a bit of personality and style. Also, inverted bobs look great with both straight and curly hair, as well as with a bold color or highlights. Try a choppy A-line bob for a more edgy look or a wispy honey blonde inverted bob for a more soft and feminine look.

    How do you cut an A-line bob?

    Take a vertical part in your hand and pull it out 45 degrees to the side of the head. Hold the end of the hair up and use your scissors to make a point cut by cutting along the ends of the hair. Do this all the way around the hair, and you’re done! You’ve made a bob with an a-line shape.


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