Long Black Hair – 10 Stunning Hairstyles And Tips

    long black hair

    Long black hair is sexy and gives you a lot of options for styling for every outfit. Choose the best look from this mini look book, and take a cue on maintaining those beautiful tresses. Long hair looks good on men and women. Curls, layers, fringes, shaved undercuts, are a few options that look good on all face shapes with long hair.

    From waves, messy hair, bangs, updos, buns, and a lot more. You can style long hair in umpteen styles of braids, ponytails, buns, etc. You can choose a mix of styles from unconventional, boho, traditional, trendy, or avant-garde to create a stunning hairstyle for any occasion.

    The only problem is if you love coloring your hair, it is best to go subtle and choose hair colors that are not too vibrant. Subtle and minimalism are a rule of thumb when choosing hair colors for long black hair.

    Long Black Hair Hairstyles – Look book

    long black hair

    Lookbook helps you decide which hairstyle is suitable for you along with maintenance tips. Long hair lets you create any look of your choice because it is of versatile length. You can create a hairdo that is short or shoulder-length if you have to create any look for the outfit you choose.

    Long Black Hair Styling For Women

    long black hair
    long black hair
    long black hair

    Choose long and sleek, straight hair which looks natural. If you have curly hair, choose loose curls or light perms. You can choose different types of textures, colors, styling options when you have long hair. Get the rock and roll chic with shags and get the mermaid braids just like fairytales with those long tresses.

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    Long Black Hair Styling For Men

    long black hair
    long black hair
    long black hair

    Men can try the layered, messy look, or use a top bun. Highlights and lowlights are best for men with long hair. It is essential to know how to maintain the length of the hair depending on the texture of hair. Curls are not for men. You can try wavy textures hair, buns, or keep it straight.

    Long Black Hair Hairstyles For Teens

    long black hair long black hair long black hair long black hair

    Asymmetrical cuts for teens suit the best. For boys and girls, long sleek hair, and random texturized haircuts suit the best. Curls, side bangs, highlights, balayage are suitable for most of the face shapes and skin contours. As long as you are not doing a complete makeover with offbeat colors like neon, electric blue, or scarlet red, these are the haircuts suitable for long hair for teens.

    Long Black Hair Hairstyles Genres

    long black hair

    You can create a dramatic, or a thematic look with long hair. From messy buns, wavy textures, fringes, random cuts, shaved head styles, side bangs, and a lot more combos can make your long black hair look sassy.

    Long Black Hair – Drama

    long black hair long black hair

    Create drama with multi-layered textured haircuts. Messy shags give a casual look and go well with formal and casual outfits. If you have an oval face shape, you can try the shattered layered look to make facial features look prominent.

    If you have a heart-shaped face, try the piecey layered cut that is a mix of straight and layered look from the bottom. You can choose different layering techniques such as point cut, frizzy blowout, choppy, dimensional, short layers, feathering, etc.

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    Long Black Hair – Braids

    long black hair long black hair long black hair

    Mermaid braids are popular if you want a feminine and elegant look. Dutch braids with other hairstyling blends are yet another braiding style that looks cool on most of the face shapes. Fishtail braid looks good on casual outfits. Get the boho look by blending messy waves with braids.

    Blend it with half-up updos, messy buns, create intricate textures with woven braids. For a casual feminine and elegant look, waterfall braids look great with most of the face shapes. Twisted and crown braids, or Dutch braids blended with ponies, remind you of the Edwardian era.

    Talking of braids, they look good on tomboys too. When you choose the right braiding style and blend it with combos, you don’t have much to think about when it comes to making the choice or worry a stitch if it is the right style. Just like the little black dress, braids do their magic on almost all the face shapes and skin contour, and outfits.

    Long Black Hair – Colors And Highlights

    long black hair long black hair long black hair

    Ombre not sombre is what you could try for long hair no matter what shade of color you choose. If you want to play it safe, balayage, why not? Reds, pinks, can never be passé, or démodé because they look striking. If the color suits your skin tone, why not give it a try.

    Long Black Hair – Rock Chic

    long black hair long black hair long black hair long black hair

    Swoopy layers, mohawks with a shaved head, or maybe side braids and waves to blend the rock style with a dash of feminism. The messy bedhead, two-tired layered style, or razored shag and layers. The frizzy choppy shag or layers completes the edgy look without the use of dramatic hair colors.

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    Long Black Hair – Layered

    long black hair

    long black hair

    Flicked, angled, asymmetric layers, look good on all age groups. If you want a cleaner look use the two-tired, sweeping, reversible, blowout look. They look neat, stylish, and elegant. If you have a round face, you could use the swoopy reversible layered look that creates an illusion of the perfect face shape.

    Long Black Hair – Office

    long black hair long black hair long black hair

    Framing layers are the most common layering style that looks good on office wear. Flipped layers and bangs with wavy layers look good on casual workwear. The Bardot is an evergreen French-style suitable for all kinds of office wear, formal, semi-formal, and casual. You could also try the smooth or the swept layers. Wispy, waterfall and tapered layers too look cool on formal workwear.

    Long Black Hair – Casual Occasions

    long black hair long black hair

    Choppy layers and shags look good on casual outfits. Long bob with waves looks good on straight hair. Step cuts, a dash of layers, and curly ends look good and elegant for casual occasions. Side parting with layers, slight curls, and out-turns give a beautiful look to most of the face shapes.

    Long Black Hair – Party

    long black hair

    Crimped hair with light perms, loose curls, hair accessories, faux high ponytails, curly hair buns, braided buns, afro curls, wavy textures, textured updos, sleek and low ponytail, etc. You can use the retro or the vintage look with twists, buns, and waves for the party or the club look.

    Tips To Maintain Long Hair

    • Keep your hair free from tangles and frizz-free
    • Use a wide-toothed brush for combing long hair
    • Avoid using a soft or short-bristle brush
    • Keep your hair hydrated
    • Massage with organic oils twice a week
    • Use the right conditioner
    • Use salt spray instead of hair spray whenever you can
    • Avoid using products with chemicals
    • Use heat-styling tools occasionally
    • Keep your hair trimmed and free from split ends
    • Wrap your hair with towel or old t-shirt instead of drying it with a towel


    Long black hair looks stunning with the right hairstyle and haircut that suit your face shape. These are the basics that let you understand which haircut and styling suit your hair best for any occasion.


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