Do Eyelashes Grow Back? All You Need To Know

    If you wish to find out do eyelashes grow back, we need to know about certain facts related to eyelashes and their growth. We love heavy and dark eyelashes, don’t we? Having great eyelashes is no less than a dream for many women out there.

    As a child, you might have loved searching and finding a stray eyelash stuck on your cheeks so that you could blow it off on your hands while making a dreamy wish. As we grow up, we tend to believe in magic and wishes less, and get worried about our eyelashes’ growth. It is extremely natural to wonder do eyelashes grow back or they just vanish each time they fall. Well, there is not much difference between your hair and eyelashes, they grow, fall out, and then regrow again making it natural.

    To know accurately do eyelashes grow back, you need to know the possible causes of their falling as it could help you recent them from falling, right? Let’s find out.

    Reason Behind Their Falling

    If you love wearing mascara you probably might have come across falling of eyelashes excessively. This could be an allergy to the product you have been using. Another reason could be that you are applying the mascara very roughly. Losing your eyelashes excessively could be a sign of some medical condition that needs a proper diagnosis and treatment.

    Some underlying conditions like alopecia areata, scleroderma, lupus, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism. If your eyelashes are falling out extremely, it could be due to blepharitis. This is a type of inflammation of your eyelids caused by a certain infection, allergy, or trauma.

    Sometimes people also experience eyelash loss tem[poririly when they are undergoing chemotherapy. If there is any medical reason behind the loss of eyelashes, you have to visit your doctor to get the underlying medical condition treated and diagnosed. The doctors will also inform you about ways to regrow your eyelashes quickly.

    What could be the natural growth cycle of your eyelash? This is very important to know if you wish to gather more information about the question do eyelashes grow back. Let’s find out more.

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    Natural Eyelash Growth Cycle

    The average person has 100 to 150 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and 50 to 75 on their lower lids. Growth depends upon person to person, but the general growth cycle of eyelashes has 2 phases associated with it. These three phases include:

    Anagen Phase

    This refers to the growth period of each lash separately. This phase only lasts for 2 weeks. If the eyelash falls out during this phase, it is not likely to grow back right after falling.

    Telogen Phase

    This phase is typically the longest-lasting phase in the eyelash growth cycle. This is also considered to be the resting period before the eyelashes fall and the new eyelash growth takes place. At any time, you will have eyelashes growing when all the 3 phases are taking place. You can expect the complete cycle of an eyelash to last from 5 to 11 months. You should also know that it is completely natural to lose some lashes on most days even if you haven’t noticed them falling or seen them attached to your cheeks.

    With information about phases of growth of eyelashes, you know very well that eyelashes do grow back after falling just like our hair strands.

    There is always a new eyelash growing on your lids unless there is a serious medical condition located behind it. Once you know do eyelashes grow back, it is crucial for you to find out ways to speed your growth efficiently.

    How Do I Speed Up My Regrowth?

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    There are several ways you can use to regrow your eyelashes if you face problems or it takes a lot of time for your lashes to grow naturally.

    Let’s see each of these ways in detail to know more.

    Eat A Healthy Diet

    One should take a healthy diet or balanced diet with a lot of nutritious values to support their lashes growth as well as their health overall. Here are some important nutrients that will help you most effectively in growing your lashes quickly and efficiently.


    Do you know that your hair is largely comprised of protein? Knowing this fact, one should always take a diet high in protein content as it is the building block and plays a vital role. Protein helps your body providing amino acids that are needed highly to produce keratin. Keratin is great at helping the growth of new eyelashes that are strong and healthy.


    Biotin is another ingredient one should include in their diet in order to increase their lashes’ growth effectively. Biotin is also great in supporting the growth of the hair by generating more keratin. It is found in a lot of food items that you can easily get for yourself like cauliflower, nuts, broccoli, onions, whole grains, etc.

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    Fruits And Veggies Having Vitamin A and C

    Eating fruits and veggies that are highly rich in vitamins like A or C will also encourage the growth of new lashes by supporting the production of collagen. Some options you can consider while buying veggies rick in these components include berries, avocadoes, and dark orange or yellow fruits and veggies.


    Vitamin B-3 or niacin also helps in improving the flow of blood that encourages the growth of new hair follicles which will also stimulate lashes growth. Niacin is also found in chicken avocadoes, green peas, peanuts, turkey, beef, and fish. You can consume these food items to promote the lashes’ growth.


    Iron is very important for your body as to when you consume a diet that has minimal traces of iron, it may lead to the resting phase of eyelashes meaning they would not grow. eating food items having a lot of iron content will help prevent this condition and promote lashes growth. Some food items you may consider include iron-fortified cereals, beans, seafood, poultry, dried fruits, dark and leafy greens like spinach.

    Take Multivitamins

    You can also supplement your diet using several multivitamins to ensure that you receive all the essential nutrients. Although there are many brands that are especially geared towards high-quality multivitamins to promote good hair, nail, skin health, lashes growth, etc. Make sure you choose a good-quality multivitamin to promote the growth of your lashes effectively.

    Using Over-the-counter Conditioning Treatments

    You can find a variety of eyelash growth serums to promote growth faster. There are some conditioning gels also that could help you. You can use the gel and serums alone or wear them while you apply your mascara to avoid any sort of damage. Some type of conditioners such as peptide or lipid complexes which will help to promote the lashes.

    Seek Help From Doctor

    You can also speak to your doctor about using Latisse. Approved by the food and drug administration of the US, bimatoprost or Latisse is a topical treatment used to promote and enhance the growth of your lashes. Latisse helps to increase the number of hair follicles and promotes the active growth phase. It also darkens and lengthens the lashes.

    These were certain important things one must always practice in case they are losing their eyelashes more frequently.

    How Do I Prevent My Eyelashes From Falling Further?

    Small changes in your daily habits will also prevent excessive lash loss. Depending upon the lifestyle you follow, you will have to practice certain things to help you grow lashes. Now that you know do eyelashes grow back or not, let’s see different tips.

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    Try Out A New Mascara Brand

    Sometimes the major cause of eyelashes loss can be an allergic reaction to the mascara brand you have been using or switching of brands. You might be allergic and not know about it. If you are using waterproof mascara, try using a non-waterproof mascara formula for your lashes. This could be really useful in providing relief.

    Remove Your Makeup Gently

    How you remove your makeup plays an important role in deciding the life of your eyelashes. Tugging and rubbing the lashes particularly when they are highly coated with mascara will lead to their falling out. You have to use a gentle makeup remover and use a soft touch on the lashes to prevent falling.

    Do Not Wear Eye Makeup To Bed

    Some people do not know the importance this fact holds. Once you apply mascara on the lashes they become brittle and are more likely to break. Rubbing the lashes against your pillow throughout the night will lead them to fall out reducing the thickness of your lashes.

    Ditch Your Eyelash Curler

    Many of us are obsessed with eyelash curlers. These devices do make our lashes look prettier than usual but they can also cause your lashes to come out especially while you are already wearing mascara. Take these precautions to avoid losing eyelashes in the future.

    Remove False Lashes Carefully

    These products are likely to adhere to your natural eyelashes. False eyelashes and extensions you apply can damage your lashes when used for a long time as they have a medical-grade glue for adhesion. Removing that glue will lead to the falling off your lashes. Use a gentle and oil-based cleanser for removing the extensions or let them fall naturally.

    The Bottom Line

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    Now you clearly know do eyelashes grow back or not, the answer is most probably a YES! similar to the hair on our scalp. They follow a natural pattern of growth and their falling is also at a regular rate. Although, some people might consider it as a thing to be concerned about as you do not need to worry or think of a treatment to get it treated unless there is an underlying medical condition as mentioned previously.

    There are several things you can do to speed up their growth using home remedies. If you are facing any unusual symptoms and highly concerned about their growth, consult your healthcare provider and seek their help. They can help you by providing treatments and medications such as Latisse.

    This was all you needed to learn about do eyelashes grow back and how you can speed their growth. If you are fond of eye makeup and wondering how to clean your makeup brushes using the right techniques and ways, read this amazing guide to know more.


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