13 Best Tips To Care For Decolletage- Know Where To Begin!

    Decolletage- Amazing Ways To Care For It!

    Most people do not know what decolletage is! We are often so indulged in taking care of our face and hair that we ignore all other important areas like decolletage. Although it is that area of your body that you often forget, it is often on display, especially when you wear something that has a plunging neckline or an open shirt. Now you might know what we are talking about.

    Just like the skin elsewhere on our body. neglecting the decolletage often results in overexposure to harmful UV rays, premature wrinkling, sun damage, and other skin issues due to the environment. One such example is applying sunscreen to your face and neck but ignoring decolletage when there are chances of it being open in sun.

    To care for your decolletage, here are some things you must know so that you can give it the attention it requires for perfect skin and a radiant look overall.

    Decolletage location- Where is it?

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    Located south of the chin, the beauty industry refers to decolletage as the region of your chest and neck. This is considered a critical cosmetic area that people often leave and is overlooked.

    Like your face, this region of the body is also prone to exposure to the sun and premature aging. It is also a common area that is prone to skin cancer development.

    According to doctors of spring street dermatology, damage from the sun rays, especially intense bursts repetitively usually results in the breakdown of collagen, crepey skin, brown sunspots, and visible blood vessels all of which are hallmarks of damaged skin.

    You can avoid damaging your decolletage by following certain changes in your lifestyle and taking care of it regularly as you do for your face. Let’s see how to take care of decolletage.

    Caring for decolletage

    Similar to your face and neck, decolletage is also exposed to the sun oftentimes, which makes it more prone to early aging and skin cancer.

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    Although Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the main component that damages your neck and chest, doctors and dermatologists state that other factors like genetic predisposition, pollution, and the natural aging process are also responsible for affecting the appearance of the decolletage in people.

    Here are 10 important ways to take care of the skin on the decolletage region as per skin doctors.

    1. Avoid going out in the skin


    A small dosage of sun rays is a great way to increase levels of vitamin D in your body and boost your mood within seconds but too much exposure to sun rays can severely damage the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.

    Before going outdoors or planning your activities outdoors make sure there are places where you can rest in shade instead of being out n the sun all day long. This way you can easily enjoy outdoors without full extent explore to the harmful Uv rays. Also, when you are in sun make sure you are applying sunscreen of SPF 30 or more to your decolletage as well and not just your face.

    In addition to that, try to limit exposure to the sun as much a possible usually between 10 AM to 4 PM time duration. During this time period, the sunrays are highly intense and can cause serious damage to your skin. You might not see the effects of it now, but as you age, they will be more prominent.

    2. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen when going out daily

    If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you apply sunscreen everywhere, even to the decolletage region and other areas that are exposed to the sun.

    For maximum protection from UV rays, the American Academy Of Dermatology recommends using a screen having broad-spectrum protection like SPF 30 or more and is waterproof.

    Physical sunblock with titanium and zinc is recommended because they have active ingredients that work well immediately after you apply sunscreen and offer a wide range of protection against harmful UV radiation.

    3. Go easy when cleansing

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    Know that the skin on your decolletage is delicate and thin. To minimize the damage, make sure you are not scrubbing your decolletage too much when scrubbing.

    Scrubbing can sometimes irritate the skin and skin aging is also accelerated, the AAD suggests adopting a gentle approach when you are cleansing the decolletage.

    Instead of rubbing it vigorously, rubbing the skin on your chest and skin, apply the cleanser gently using your fingertips and rinse them using lukewarm water.

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    4. Apply topical retinoids

    To help fight age, apply topical retinoids to the decolletage. Retinoids that are derivatives of vitamin A help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and increases collagen production. If you’re using retinoids in the face, extend the treatment to your chest and neck during nighttime. Retinoid products will be present in the nearest stores over the counter by perception.

    5. Exfoliate your skin regularly.

    Along with cleansing your skin on the decolletage 2 times a day, consider using an exfoliator or a mask as well a few times a week. This usually helps slough away the dead skin cells present on your chest and neck.

    6. Use a good moisturizer and serums

    To enhance the hydration on your skin, it is recommended to use a serum or cream rich in hyaluronic acid on the decolletage.

    According to a study from 2014, hyaluronic acid is great for skin as it has the ability to decrease wrinkles appearance and improves skin hydration with elasticity and firmness. It helps to keep your look youthful and firm.

    7. Use products having antioxidants

    Antioxidants like vitamin C can help provide protection to the skin and reverse damage from the sun and free radicals from it. You can include products in your skincare regimen having vitamin B3, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, MSM, green tea, etc.

    8. Try using decolletage pads at night

    A slight difference recommendation according to doctors is using decolletage pads at night. These pads are available in stores and online but are costly. These pads are made of medical-grade silicone. They help trap the moisture in your chest and prevent wrinkles when you are sleeping.

    9. Wear clothes that provide shade

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    The primary way of protecting your skin on decolletage is by producing your shade. You can always go for wide-brim hats and clothing that can cover your chest protecting it from sun damage.

    If you work out in the sun, consider going for athletic clothing that has to protect you of at least 30. Some clothing lines produce clothes that can protect from sun damage. You can wear such fabric and avoid penetration of Uv rays iside your skin.

    10. Visit your dermatologists

    If your skin is damaged from the sun and you see advanced aging signs n your neck and chest, consider talking to a dermatologist. They will help to use treatments like microneedling, chemical peels, and laser therapy to improve tone, pigment, and appearance of decolletage easily.

    11. Rethink about your shower routine

    When was the last time you did something more in addition to just taking a shower? Considering how it can easily affect your appearance and health, it is important to take a note.

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    Before you go for a shower, you must go for a good dry brushing session. If you do not still know much about it, know that it is an ancient ritual that helps stimulate circulation, balance the distribution of fat, clear the pores, remove dead skin cells, and tone the muscles.

    When you brush your skin using a soft-bristled brush, you encourage the oil brands to produce oil which later helps to protect the skin along with smoothing the texture and strengthening elasticity. Give your skin time and brush before you go for a shower and then ash your body to remove the toxins and dead skin cells away. Over time you will observe a noticeable improvement in decolletage skin.

    Also, note that soap can be highly alkaline in nature thus stripping the natural skin oils. For this body part that produces very little oil, this can be harmful. Try using the facial cleanser you use on your decolletage instead of a bar of soap.

    Last but not the least, make sure you dab your skin instead f just rubbing it which can certainly inflame your skin and damage the capillaries.

    12. Work it out

    You cannot neglect the effects of exercise on your skin. It is a great way for the system of is human body including the kin. In this case, a specific type of fitness is talked about. You can actually strengthen the muscles of your chest and neck by working them out for a firm and youthful appearance.

    Look for exercises that can help strengthen the muscles and reduce wrinkles on decolletage.

    Another way using which dermatology can help improve the appearance of your decolletage is microneedling. But this procedure requires you to spend a lot of money and regular treatments.

    13. Applying Makeup

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    You can also use makeup to contour and highlight the decolletage and make it look youthful. If you love wearing a deep neck dress and off-shoulder tops, you should try using a counter and highlighting the decolletage for a next-level chich appearance.

    To contour your decolletage, you can use a bronzer for your body. Apply the bronzer along the outside of your collarbone when you outline it. After you apply it, make sure you blend the bronzer out to avoid harsh and obvious lines on your decolletage.

    You have a couple of options for highlighting decolletage, You can go for shimmering body motion for an instant glow. If you want to create a spotlight effect use a loose powder highlight.

    Final Thoughts

    You should never stick to a skincare regimen that is only limited to your neck. Your decolletage including chest and neck region deserves as much attention as your face does, Adopt a skincare routine that includes moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, applying topical treatments to the decolletage so that the appearance of this region can be improved significantly.

    Regularly using sunscreen can help protect the skin and slow signs of aging.

    This was all you needed to know about tips to improve your decolletage and look youthful as ever.


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