Why do dogs eat grass: Interesting Facts you Must Know

    Learn Why Do Dogs Eat Grass: A Detailed Discussion

    Are you worried about your puppy grazing in the grass lawn and eating greens? You might be thinking that your pet is not a herbivorous one, then why it is consuming greens. Well, you are not alone. Nearly most of the pet-owners experience this often. And as per the veterinary specialists, grass or other kinds of greens are not harmful to the dogs. So, give yourself a break from taking tension about your dog eating grass.

    why do dogs eat grass

    However, taking proper care of pets is truly a genuine concern. As grass is not dogs’ natural food, it is important to know why do dogs eat grass. Knowing the reasons and all whereabouts of it will help you to look after your pet dog better.

    The Major Reasons Why do Dogs Eat Grass

    Often, the dogs, both street dogs, and pet ones are seen to eat grass beside the road. And we often wonder why they are doing so. Are they sick? Or there is any other cause that disturbs them? Well, the dogs are likely to consume grass for several reasons. Some of them vomit after consuming it, while some just have it. So, let’s know why do dogs eat grass and how can we stop them from doing that.

    Heath disorder: Veterinarian doctors suggest that one of the major reasons why do dogs eat grass, is a kind of health disorder, called Pica. It is a health condition in which dogs eat foods unusual to them. Not only in dogs, but it is also found among human beings as well. However, if your dog is suffering from Pica and eating grass due to this, then it is not a big issue. The grass is not much harmful. But, make sure that they do not consume something toxic or chemical. It may endanger their lives impacting their digestive system badly. In that case, take the help of the doctor.

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    Why do dogs eat grass

    Making up Nutritional deficiency: Grass is enriched with high nutritional values. It has dietary fibers along with other beneficial components. So, if your pet is not getting enough amount of nutrition from its regular diet, it can eat grass. Grass becomes their best ingredient to fulfill their lack of nutrition. When they do not get enough amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers, they are likely to eat the greens.

    Simple Enjoyment: Yes, it is a reason why do dogs eat grass. Your adorable puppy can eat grass simply because the taste or the green texture may have attracted it. Mostly young dogs and puppies are often seen to consume grasses due to this reason. Eating grass can be their favorite pastime. Puppies are usually of playful nature. You can see them playing in the grass lawns and enjoying the taste of grass in the middle of their games.

    Treating ill-health by vomiting: This is one of the major reasons why do dogs eat grass. When they suffer from a stomach problem or any other health issues, they eat grass just to treat their issues by vomiting. Eating grass also helps in improving their digestion. So, from treating a poor stomach to keeping the digestive system well, eating grass helps in many ways.

    Curing Intestinal worms: Along with treating poor digestion, dogs eat grass to cure intestinal worms as well. It is a serious problem that dogs often face. It troubles their health and they feel restless. Eating grass helps them to get rid of the uneasiness caused by various intestinal worms.

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    Behavioral instinct: Animals have moods too. They may have their own behavioural issues compelling them to do unusual things. This is one of the reasons why do dogs eat grass. Sometimes, they simply eat it out of boredom or to stay relaxed for a while. If you keep your pet locked in the grass lawn for a long time, they may end up eating grasses every now and then.

    Thus, several reasons are there behind this apparently unusual behavior. Anyways, it is sometimes said that dogs are not intelligent enough to treat their own health issues by eating grass. We can say that we need to perform more research and case studies on animal behavior. Only then we will know more about the reasons why do dogs eat grass.

    Now, you have got an idea about the possible reasons behind the unusual grass-eating habit of dogs. Let’s have a discussion on some other necessary factors.

    Should I stop my dog from eating grass?

    Eating grass is natural as we have discussed. But if your dog is eating it frequently you must take action. Frequent eating grasses or excessive consumption of them may hint at the serious illness of your pet. Take care of it at the earliest. Also, make sure that your dog is not consuming any kind of greens covered with pesticide or harmful chemicals.

    Why do dogs eat grass
    dog in grass lawn

    How can I stop my dog from eating grass?

    It is one of the most asked questions by the dog-owners. To stop them from eating grass, you must wipe out the causes behind it. Take your dog for a walk and refresh its mood. It will prevent them to pass time chewing the grass. Also, take care of the diet you are giving to your dog. It must be enriched with essential nutritious ingredients. Only then, they will not feel like having grass to meet the nutritional requirements. You can take the help of any nutritionist for that. Visit your veterinary doctor after a regular interval to determine if your pet is having any internal health issues or not.

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    Bottom the line

    So, the possible reasons why do dogs eat grass are mentioned here. The article also tells about other important factors that you need to know when you own a dog as your pet. Go through it and learn more about taking care of pets. To know more about how to adopt a dog and take care of it, click here.



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