Delightful Cat Water Fountain – 5 Good Reasons To Have Them

    cat water fountain

    Do your cats enjoy drinking water from the tap? Maybe it’s time to get the cat water fountain as it comes with many benefits. Cats are known to be picky about drinking water. Pet cats must be encouraged to drink water. Wild cats catch prey and get enough water from the meat they eat. With a cat water fountain, your cat will have fun drinking water and stay hydrated preventing kidney and urinary problems.

    Your cat needs to stay hydrated to prevent health issues arising from dehydration. A cat water fountain is fun for cats and keeps them healthy. Cats need less water to drink compared to other pets. Health problems arising from dehydration in cats can be detected only in the later stages when they develop bladder problems or urinary tract infection.

    Reasons Why Your Cat Must Drink Water

    You can conduct small tests and check if your cat is dehydrated. Pinch the skin of your cat and pull it lightly and see if it returns back to its normal position. If it does not, your cat is dehydrated. Depression, panting, laziness, and loss of appetite are some of the signs that your cat needs to drink more water. This is what you can do to encourage your cat to drink more water.

    • An adult cat needs 5 to 10 ounces of water per day
    • Get a cat water fountain to encourage your cat to drink more water
    • Place the cat water fountain in your cat’s favorite area
    • Do not place them near her litter box
    • Also, ensure it is placed in a location that has lesser foot traffic
    • Do not place it close to your cat’s food as she may eat less and have more fun with water
    • Understand your cat’s likes and dislikes
    • Put ice cubes if your cat likes cold water
    • Replace the water every day so it does not taste stale
    • Choose a ceramic, metal, or glass cat water fountain
    • Placing water bowls might not work for all cats, as they might tip over them
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    Cat Water Fountain – How To Choose

    It is essential to choose a cat water fountain instead of using a water bowl because it comes with many features that let them drink clean water. These are the things to look for when buying one for your cat.

    • It has a filtering system that keeps dirt, fur, or any debris out of drinking water
    • It has a smooth surface
    • Is easy to clean
    • A hassle-free way to assemble
    • Makes fewer splashes
    • Big enough for single or multiple cats
    • Reusable charcoal filters
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Has a mini pool to collect water from the water fountain
    • Quite or makes less noise
    • A minimum 2-3 liters capacity

    Train your cat to drink from the water fountain. Reward it with treats if it drinks from the fountain frequently. This encourages your cat to drink more water if it does not eat wet food. Fill the water fountain just enough and not up to the brim. Not filling the water fountains to appropriate levels can overheat the device and prevent it from functioning properly. As a rule of thumb, always use cold water to fill the water fountain.

    Cats prefer running water because they consider it safe and clean. When you choose water fountains with charcoal filters, it smells good and encourages your cat to drink more water. Cats are known to be picky about what they eat and drink.

    Another advantage of using a water fountain for your cat is the circulation of water in the fountain makes it oxygenated. Change the filters regularly so it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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    If your cat is a messy eater, you have to watch their habits and thoroughly clean the fountain so there is no debris lying around for your cat to ingest. You can either choose a chemical or a mechanical filter as both are easy to clean and safe for your cat.


    Get a cat water fountain for your pet and train them to drink from it to stay healthy. Clean and bubbly water is safe for cats to drink. Choose the best water fountain for your cat and place it in a clean place away from the litter for your cat to enjoy clean and fresh water.


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