12 Effective Home Remedy For Ear Mites In Cats

    Home Remedy For Ear Mites In Cats- All The Remedies You Need!

    Cats are highly susceptible to ear mites, as a cat owner, you might look for a home remedy for ear mites in cats so that they can be treated providing your kitty relief. This article discusses some of the most common and effective home remedies for ear mites along with sytoms to figure out what your cat needs.

    If your cat has started scratching suddenly then most chances are they are suffering from these little parasites. You can follow a good home remedy to easily smooth out their pain and torment. Let’s know the possible causes beforehand so that along with the treatment you know certain things to avoid.

    Causes Of Ear Mites

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    Ear mites are very common among domestic animals, especially cats. These mites are tiny and crab-like in appearance that feeds on dead skin cells and wax buildup. Some mites also drink blood from your kitten.

    Mites are very contagious in nature and have the ability to spread through either direct contact or indirect means. They are most likely to affect the kitty if they find ideal conditions for their food and reproduction. Other common causes in through direct contact with other pets or animals. Since it is really common for cats to develop ear mites, as an owner you must keep checking their ear.

    Some risk factors through which they develop ear mites may include:

    • Coming into direct contact with another animal having mites in the ear.
    • Going out regularly for playing or other purposes.
    • Too much wax buildup in their ear
    • Keeping ears unclean for a long duration
    • Living with other cats

    Here are possible signs and sytoms that indicate your cat has ear mites- look carefully to know and then look for a home remedy for ear mites in cats.

    • Redness in their ears
    • Urge to scratch the ear without stopping
    • Reddish-brown or black color wax buildup
    • Strong and musty ododr
    • inflammation
    • Thick or crusty discharge from the ear

    All these sytoms indicate that the cat has developed ear mites and is suffering from the pain and irritation that comes from mites. One must find a good home remedy for ear mites in cats to help them out.

    Home Remedy For Ear Mites In Cats

    Before we begin with the home remedies, it is necessary to find out what and all ingredients or tools you need with yourself. Important items include cotton swabs, small bowls, small tissues or towels, droppers, cotton balls, etc.

    You must clean their ears before beginning with any of the home remedies for ear mites in cats as much as possible so that the remedy works its best.

    1. Cleaning The Cages And Bedding

    This might not seem a home remedy to be used but this is among the most important thing you can do to stop the infestation of ear mites in your cat. The first things to be done include cleaning their cages and bedding that they normally sleep in since they might leave ear mites there which may enter their ear again or enter yours.

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    In addition to cleaning, you can also sanitize the place where your cat has access. Try to vacuum every day or twice a day if your cat had mites especially when you live in a house having too many drapes, carpets, and soft furnishings.

    2. Apply Sulfur Or Psorinum

    Although both sulfur and psorinum are known to be odorous, they are highly effective when it comes to treating ear mites. This home remedy for ear mites in cats will help them ease itching and irritation caused by mites. It also promotes healing inside the ear and repairs damage done by ear mites,

    You just require half tbsp of sulfur or psorinum and a cotton swab. You can use any one of these and get them easily from stores nearby. Here are the steps you can follow for cleaning their ears.

    • Take few drops of psorinum or sulfur and using a dropper place it inside the ar having mites.
    • Use a cotton swab and gently spread the psorinum or sulfur drops you have poured throughout their ears reaching highly deep where infection may have spread.
    • Leave it as it is so that the ear absorbs it fully.
    • Repeat this every three days until the mites are completely gone.

    3. Mineral Oil

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    Mineral oil is an amazing home remedy for ear mites in cats. It helps to smother any mites present in their ear and helps soothe the areas that may turn inflamed due to infection. It also provides moisture and heals their ears.

    According to a study performed by Otomax, an ointment based on the mineral oil was shown to have effective results in treating mites in cats. One of the authors or scientists used 2 ml of mineral oil for a trial study in a cat’s ear and massage it inside. Two different treatments found out that the mites were gone completely after using the same treatment for 3 weeks.

    You will need a cotton ball or cotton swab along with a dropper and 16 ounces of mineral oil. Here is what you need to do:

    • Fill the dropper you have got halfway with mineral oil.
    • Apply the drops of mineral oil directly inside the ear canal
    • Massage the base of the ear throughout
    • Take a cotton ball to spread the oil throughout their ears
    • Repeat the same two times a week for one month to see effective results.

    4. Almond Oil With Vitamin E

    These two effective ingredients when combined are great for removing mites and proven to be a useful home remedy for ear mites in cats. Both have antibacterial properties to help remove mites. You just require an eyedropper, bowl, cotton balls, 44 Iu’s of vitamin E along with half ounces of almond oil.

    If you are wondering how to apply this remedy, here are the steps you must follow:

    • Combine the vitamin E and almond oil inside the bowl.
    • Fill the dropper halfway with this mixture and use this amount in each ear
    • Massage both the ears at the base to make sure the fluid has reached all the areas in their ears.
    • Remove excess wax or debris using a cotton ball.
    • Repeat this remedy on alternate days for a week at least to witness great results.
    • Monitor your cat’s condition to see if the sytoms are still prevalent inside of them are if not, you can stop using the remedies.
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    5. Applying White Vinegar

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    This home remedy for ear mites in cats helps remove all the dirt and debris from the ear. The acidic nature of white vinegar also helps to maintain a healthy equilibrium onside the ear. Any adult or even adolescent mite will be easily killed when they come in contact with white vinegar.

    You will need a small dish, one tbsp of warm water, a cotton ball,s and 1 tbsp of white vinegar for this home remedy. Here is what you need to follow:

    • Add the white vinegar inside a small dish and add warm water too for diluting the mixture.
    • Take a cotton ball and soak it inside the dilute mixture formed.
    • gently wipe this cotton ball inside your cat’s ear and make sure to massage it at the base.
    • Repeat this remedy for 7 days and see the results.

    6. Hydrogen Peroxide

    ear mites often cause scratching in cats when they suffer from ear mites hydrogen peroxide will help to prevent any further infection in cats, any kind of wax and debris could easily be broken by hydrogen peroxide

    all you need is to have this products cotton ball,1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Now you need to follow the steps as given below –

    • Soak the cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide.
    • Place the ball inside the ear and gently wipe it
    • Repeat this process twice a day until your cat gets rid of ear mites completely.

    You need to be very careful with the dropper as using the same dropper for an eye infection afterward can be damaging for your cat’s eye as it is already in contact with harmful hydrogen peroxide.

    7. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    This home remedy for ear mites in cats is really powerful as diatomaceous earth is a powerful agent when it comes to dealing with mites. This ingredient will kill newly hatched as well as adult mites but it is not essential for the eggs laid by ear mites. This is the reason you have to keep using this for a month at least so that no egg or mite is left.

    The main ingredients required for this remedy include one pinch of diatomaceous earth, eyedropper, and warm water. Here are all the steps one must follow:

    • Add diatomaceous earth to a bowl having warm water.
    • Take a few drops of the fluid prepared and place directly inside the ears.
    • Massage the cat’s ear at the base and repeat once at least every day for a month at least for great results.

    8. Aloe Vera Gel

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    Aloe vera is well known for its soothing properties and dermatological benefits. It will provide your cat all the healing and moisture it requires when dealing with ear mites making it an amazing home remedy for ear mites in cats.

    All you will need is one leaf of aloe vera or bottled aloe vera. Follow the steps given below for results:

    • Apply aloe vera directly to your cat’s ears
    • Massage their ear at the base
    • Repeat the same once every day for at least 3 days to see if it has calmed your cat down.

    9. Hand Sanitizer

    This is probably the most amazing way to dry out their ears while eliminating ear mites present. You will need sanitizer of any brand. Follow these steps:

    • Take a small amount of sanitizer and place it in the cat’s ear.
    • Massage it at the base and allow it to spread throughout the ear
    • Repeat the same two times a day until visible results are seen.
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    Many cat owners have seen amazing results after using it for 2 to 3 days.

    10. Vaseline

    Another home remedy for ear mites in cats that have been effective for years. VAsleine is an amazing way to smother adult mites as well as remove their food source. It also provides moisture and promotes healing inside the ear.

    You will only need a cotton swab and vaseline for this home remedy. Here are all the steps you have to follow for this home remedy.

    • Take a very small amount of vaseline n a cotton ball or cotton swab.
    • Gently wipe down the swab throughout your cat’s ear.
    • Leave it to absorb fully by the ear
    • Repeat it at least once a day till the infestation is cleared fully.

    11. Honey

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    Honey is available in every kitchen. The natural properties of honey have benefited many people in healing wounds and dryness caused after itching. This is mainly due to the high levels of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of honey. When you apply honey as a home remedy for ear mites in cats it will help kill adult mites and eggs laid by them from developing further.

    You will only need one tbsp honey, a cotton swab, and a warm wet cloth for this remedy. This is the procedure you have to follow for this remedy to work:

    • Dip the cotton ball or swab inside honey.
    • Wipe it gently throughout the ear canal and outer ear.
    • Leave the honey as it is for 15 minutes at least and then using a warm cloth wipe it down gently using a dab motion.
    • Repeat this same treatment one to two times a day until the ear mites are gone completely.

    It is always better to use organic honey instead of the regular one, however, both are effective.

    12. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

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    The anti-bacterial properties of honey make it a great home remedy for ear mites in cats. It is popular for human ailments but can also be used to treat ear mites. Apple cider vinegar is perfect for dealing with infections like ear motes because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

    Usually, apple cider vinegar is safe for pets as long as it is properly administered. However, since it is acidic in nature, you have to dilute it with water before using it for your cat’s infestation.

    You will require apple cider vinegar or ACV, water, and a paper towel. The procedure goes as follows:

    • Mix ACV with water in the ratio of 50:50.
    • Soak a paper towel in the solution prepared.
    • You might want anyone with you to hold the cat for this home remedy while you are taking care of the treatment. You can also wrap the cat inside a towel so that it does not injure you.
    • Use the towel soaked to squeeze drops of solution inside the cat’s ear.
    • Treat the infected ear properly and then release the cat.
    • Repeat this treatment for at least a week and note down any improvement. If you haven’t observed any changes, it is the time you need to see your vet.

    If you notice redness or itchiness after applying apple cider vinegar, you can always make the mixture more dilute by adding water. However, this home remedy for ear mites in cats is useful only for a mild infection, if the infection does not stop after using all these home remedies, you have to seek a vet’s advice to get it treated.



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