Cosequin for Cats – The Best Natural Supplement for Joints [5 Facts]

    As your pet starts to age, you need to become more responsible when it comes to their health. Just like with us humans, as our pets start to grow older, the strength of their bones and joints start to deteriorate too. In such a case, providing them with the necessary nourishment in a prompt manner becomes an absolute necessity for the quality of their life.


    Cosequin is one of the most popular joint health supplements recommended by veterinarians everywhere for your pet dogs and cats.

    Unlike other health supplements, cosequin for cats is a 100% natural supplement that you should include in your cat’s diet for their joint health. The ingredients of cosequin for cats are all derived from natural sources. It provides your cat with all the necessary nutrients without having to experience any side effects, as is the case with prescription drugs.

    Let us take a look at this natural supplement that will change your cat’s life completely!

    Cosequin for Cats: Composition and How it Work

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    Cosequin for cats contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Manganese as the main ingredients.

    Glucosamine hydrochloride is created from the exoskeleton of crustaceans and is an amino sugar. It is an anti-inflammatory that helps joints in making cartilage components. The urinary tract also uses it for protection against infections.

    Chondroitin sulfate is also derived naturally from the cartilages of animals like cows and sharks. This compound helps generate cartilage for the cat’s joint health and protects it from enzymes that destroy the cartilage. Chondroitin protects the cat’s cartilage from deteriorating naturally since the compound is made up of molecules that cartilage comprises.

    Manganese ascorbate helps in optimizing the production of cartilage for maximum benefits.

    These three ingredients mixed with Boswellia Serrata extracts make for the perfect health supplement that you can give your cats. Vets all over the United States recommend cosequin for cats to improve their joint health in the most remarkable manner.

    Apart from these primary ingredients, various versions of cosequin for cats can also include the following additives:

    • Gelatin
    • Titanium dioxide
    • Manganese stearate
    • FD & C Blue #1
    • FD & C Blue #3

    Gelatin is a very healthy supplement for your cats and helps in further strengthening their joints.

    Give your cat cosequin as per the recommendation of your trusted vet. You can choose to give your cat cosequin capsules directly or sprinkle them in their food or drink for best results. Cosequin for cats is one of the very few supplements that has shown remarkable results in improving cats’ joint health and prevents it from further deterioration.

    Cosequin for Cats: Benefits and side effects

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    Cosequin for cats is the only brand in the United States that has published results that verify its safety and effectiveness. Along with being safe and effective, cosequin for cats is also bioavailable.

    The benefits of cosequin for cats include the following:

    #1 Cosequin for cats is primarily used to treat joint-related problems. It helps in the generation of cartilages to keep the joints healthy and strong.

    #2 Cosequin for cats is also beneficial since it does not contain MSM which is detrimental for the urinary tract.

    #3 It supports bladder health and protects it from infections of any kind.

    #4 Cosequin for cats is beneficial for cats with diseases like osteoarthritis as it prevents further damage to their weak joints.

    #5 It is a safe product to use for a cat’s joints for long-term use.

    Just like any other supplement or drug, there is no one size fits all method. Cosequin for cats is usually a safe supplement that you can give to your cats, but it may be so that your pet has an allergic reaction to it.

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    The side effects of cosequin for cats include:

    #1 Diarrhoea

    #2 Upset stomach

    #3 Vomiting

    #4 Breakout of allergies on the skin

    #5 Thinning of blood

    #6 Changes in Behaviour

    #7 Disturbed sleeping pattern and napping more than usual

    #8 More aggressive and snappy than usual

    #9 Increased fatigue and not wanting to play

    #10 Tendency to clean themselves more

    Most of these side effects are usually short-term in nature. However, it is best to consult your vet immediately in case your cat experiences any of these. Do not, however, stop the dose on your own.

    It is always best to administer cosequin for cats after proper consultation with a trusted vet. Always follow the instructions given by your vet when giving cosequin supplements to your cats.

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    Cosequin for Cats: What is the right dosage?

    As is the case for any medicine or supplement, cosequin for cats should also be given to your cats in the correct dose. Cosequin for cats is widely available in tablet, powder, and liquid form.

    Visit your trusted vet to get your cat examined. Your cat’s vet is the one who decides the dosage that is to be administered to your pet. The following factors are at play in deciding the dosage:

    • The age of your cat
    • Diseases your cat suffers from
    • The intensity of joint pain your cat has or the quality of the joint health
    • The weight of your cat

    Upon proper study of these factors, the vet recommends the dosage.

    The dosage differs with time a well. This means that the amount prescribed initially, i.e., in the first 4 to 6 weeks, will differ from the amount prescribed later. Usually, 4-6 weeks is the standard time needed to improve your cat’s joint health.

    Here is a table depicting the standard dosage that manufacturers advise in the initial period.


    Weight of the cat Daily dosage
    Under 10 lbs 1 capsule sprinkled on the food
    Over 10 lbs 2 capsules sprinkled on the food


    The usual recommended dosage amount of cosequin for cats is between 120 and 500 mg per day.

    After the initial period, the vet examines the condition of the cat’s joints and then decides whether to increase or decrease the amount of cosequin to be administered.

    Once the desired level of improvement is achieved, it may be so that the vet changes the dosage from one capsule daily to one capsule on alternate days for nourishment and maintenance purposes.

    If, by chance, you miss giving a dose to your cat, give it as soon as you remember. However, if this time is close to the next dose’s time, it is best to skip the last dose altogether.

    Do not, under any circumstances, give your cats two doses at once, or give them extra doses.

    Following the prescription written by the vet is an absolute mandate when administering cosequin for cats.

    Cosequin for Cats: Drug interactions you need to be careful about, and other risk factors

    Cosequin for cats mainly consists of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate. These chemical compounds may have a reaction when mixed with specific other chemical compositions.

    When your vet decides to put your cat on cosequin as a part of treating its joints, it is essential for you as a pet owner to disclose every other treatment that your cat is undergoing from before.

    Whether prescription drugs or herbal treatments, any medicines that your cat is undergoing for previously present illnesses and allergies should be immediately disclosed to your vet.

    The following medications have a significant reaction when taken along with cosequin for cats and should not be mixed with cosequin:

    • Antidiabetics
    • Doxorubicin
    • Etoposide
    • Heparin
    • Warfarin
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    Mention everything to your vet to avoid any mishap.

    Apart from drug interactions, as a pet owner, you also need to be careful about other risk factors when administering cosequin for cats. One needs to inform the vet about any of these conditions before the vet prescribes cosequin for cats:

    • Cats suffering from breathing problems like bronchoconstriction and asthma
    • Pregnant or lactating cats
    • Some formulations of cosequin for cats may include high quantities of potassium- carefully administer cosequin to cats that require to be on a low potassium diet.

    Cosequin for Cats: When to know your cat needs it?

    Age not only affects us, humans. It has adverse effects on other animals too. Your cats are no exception to this.

    With age, the biggest problem your cat starts to face includes degenerative joint diseases like arthritis. The joints of your cats start to grow weaker with age, and they may even need help with essential functions like going outside to relieve themselves or making their way to their food and water bowls.

    Once you start to see your cat’s activity and energy levels fall, and they have trouble moving around, take them to a vet immediately. The vet carefully examines the cat and prescribes the correct course of action.

    Most vets prescribe the administration of cosequin to help with eroding joints since cosequin for cats is the only 100% natural supplement that has shown the most promising results.

    Apart from helping with deteriorating joints, cosequin for cats is also beneficial with urinary tract problems. It helps boost the health of the urinary tract and should be given to cats that suffer from infections.

    You should also be aware that cosequin for cats is only a preventive supplement that aims to maintain and increase the joints’ health. It can never be an alternative to surgical correction for cats that urgently require one.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. What are the parameters that you should look at when buying a cosequin for cats?

    There are many brands in the marketplace that sell cosequin for cats. In such a case, one might feel confused when selecting the best possible one for your cats. While you should never forget that there is no choice above what is recommended by your trusted vet, you should keep specific parameters in mind while selecting cosequin for cats.

    These parameters include the following points:

    #1 Always go for a brand that has conducted clinical studies before launching its product in the market. This provides legitimacy to the product and ensures that pet owners can trust it.

    #2 Read the contents of the label carefully to be sure of the quality of the product. Check for the necessary components of cosequin. Cosequin for cats as a standard usually has close to 125 mg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 100 mg of chondroitin sulfate. If the product you pick up contains a lesser amount, you should rethink the purchase or consult your vet before buying it.

    #3 Always look for the lot number at the back of the packaging of the product. A lot number signifies that the product has undergone a thorough quality check process.

    #4 Check for the name of the seller if you are purchasing it online. Most brands publicly release a list of the officially authorized sellers of cosequin for cats. This shall help you avoid buying counterfeit products and risk your cat’s life.

    Q2. Why is cosequin for cats better than over-the-counter drugs that vets prescribe?

    Over-the-counter drugs usually work in a much faster way. That means that if your cat is suffering from acute pain due to its arthritis, then crushing a pill in its food shall help you provide almost instant relief to your pet.

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    However, this instant relief usually comes with way too many side effects for your pet’s health in the long run. Most drugs have a detrimental impact on many vital organs of the animal’s body.

    In such a scenario, cosequin for cats has been the answer cat owners and vets had been looking for. Cosequin for cats is 100% natural. Its main compounds- glucosamine and chondroitin, are both made from natural sources. Being 100% natural means that cosequin for cats has next to minimal side effects for most cats.

    It can be given to your cats for long periods at a stretch without having to worry about any adverse effects.

    Q3. What is the best way to store cosequin for cats?

    Just like any other medical supplement, there is a proper method that has to be followed to ensure the safe storage of cosequin for cats. Most supplements mention relevant storage information on the packaging of the product.

    Cosequin for cats usually contains 10% moisture and should be stored in a cool environment at room temperature. You should also avoid storing it near sunlight as the sun’s rays cause the chemical composition of the medicinal supplements to change.

    Q4. Where can I buy a cosequin for cats from?

    The marketplace is flooded with as many counterfeit products as authentic ones. Knowing the trusted sources to buy cosequin for cats from is of utmost importance in such a case. Any mistake in this can also result in you losing your cat completely.

    Most reputed brands have authorized dealers who sell the product on their behalf. Brands also sometimes directly sell cosequin for cats to cat owners. This could either be through physical stores or online sources like Amazon or the brand’s website.

    It is always best to go to a credible and reputed pet store to buy this supplement.

    Most brands make their customers’ lives easy by listing down the list of authentic and authorized sellers. Such a list is usually available on the company’s website and can be easily accessed.

    As a pet owner, be sure to always buy medicinals supplements for your cats from reliable and trusted sources only.


    Studies show that at least 3 out of every ten cats suffer from degenerative joint diseases like arthritis. Given that the number is so high among cats, it is often difficult to know when your cat starts to suffer from this problem. As a pet owner, it is your job to monitor your cat to ensure its healthy being constantly.

    Cosequin for cats is a blessing in total visibility for cats and cat owners alike!

    It is the most trusted natural supplement in all of the United States and is readily prescribed by vets all over the country. It is an easy supplement to give to your cats and is safe and effective at the same time.

    Cosequin for cats is now available in various forms, and cat owners can pick the form that would be the most comfortable for their cats. If your cat does not enjoy a pill sprinkled on its food, you can now easily buy a soft chew version of the supplement for your cat. These soft chews usually come in a wide variety of flavors and appeal to the cat’s taste buds while doing the job at the same time.

    As is the case with any other medicine or health supplement, no one size fits all rule can be put at play with cosequin for cats. Even though in most cases, cat owners have not observed any adversities while administering cosequin, it might be that your cat has an allergic reaction to them. It is always best to consult a vet before going ahead with using the supplement.

    Also, check out the official website of Cosequin to know more.

    In the end, the moral of the story always remains that a healthier cat equals a happier cat. Making these healthy choices is in the hands of the cat owner. So, choose cosequin for cats to ensure that your cat leads a healthy and long life!


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