What Is A Twin Flame – 20 Signs And Little-Known Facts

    what is a twin flame

    Spirituality is beyond the subconscious mind, it is the knowledge of your soul that brings together soul connections. What is a twin flame? Is it a soul connection or something beyond the incarnate? We hear about fairytale love, a few believe it, desire it, and the cynics challenge the existence of these connections. But, before you question, ask yourself, if you have ever developed the will to live consciously?

    Do you view, experience, and feel consciously or are you skimming through day-to-day life’s nitty-gritty, forgetting that there is magic for everyone to experience once you make a conscious choice? Did you care to look deep into your soul, ruminate, and understand the purpose of your existence beyond the mundane?

    Most of them live the American Dream of having a well-paid job, a good home, and a family life, and its contentment. But, beyond the realm of this contentment lies a magical realm, a plane your mind reaches only if you have been living consciously, soul searching, to know the truth about the essence of life.

    Are you a truth-seeker? Is the purpose, the will of your life higher than ‘Contentment’ you seek? Twin flames, soul connections is what you find with magnetism, you cannot explain, but feel the expanse of the universe in your soul each day. The question to ask is not if fairytale love exists?

    But if you are willing to experience at a deeper level of your soul that goes beyond what satisfies your mind, do you care to satisfy your soul? What does it seek? It could put your cynicism to rest because then you would start exploring yourself at a deeper level leaving nothing to challenge for its truth that many have experienced in their lifetimes.

    Do you want to experience it too? Do you want to experience the magic? The soulful living that views everything within and in the outer world with balance and harmony? Isn’t it wonderful to find your tribe? Share the same goals, values, ideologies, and emotions without a feeling of being judged or misunderstood? Because there is a larger purpose to fulfill, to uplift mankind together with principles of love, compassion, empathy, and harmony.

    You cannot seek the alchemy of purity and truth unless you have goodness in your heart and soul; unless you consciously question yourself, ponder and seek the truth about the journey and purpose of your time on this dimension. If you do not know what your soul seeks how will you connect with another at a deeper level?

    Love is a universal language with no script to read but a consciousness that lets you connect with the mortals with a sense of unison. When you have love and compassion in your heart, you lead the spiritual path to awakening your soul.

    That awakening leads to meaningful insights and observations that help humanity for the greater good. You take along others with you into the path of purity living consciously healing your inner wounds and putting your inner demons to rest.

    Have you ever questioned yourself, how would you feel being loved and understood at a deeper level? Wouldn’t you want that magic that fulfills your soul nurturing and being loved and live your life with compassion regardless of predicaments? Fairytales exist, you can create your cosmos and fairytale living soulfully, purging all that is not good imbuing higher wisdom.

    What Is A Twin Flame

    what is a twin flame

    Twin flames are connections with the ‘one’ that bring a sense of enlightenment breaking away the false foundations and facades you built all along. They do not complete you, they help you evolve and enlighten your journey to experience divinity and oneness with the universe.

    In our life, we experience karmic and soul connections. But those who have been seeking deeper truths of life find their twin flame because that is what they seek. There is a twin flame for everyone and you will find one when you start living consciously seeking love, compassion, and universal harmony with a sense of purpose for the greater good at a deeper level.

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    A twin flame is a pre-destined connection that has evolved through various lifetimes with the sole purpose of nurturing each other through life and seeking higher truth. An epic journey of togetherness that influences mankind to do well and think better, evolving their consciousness to a higher level.

    What Is A Twin Flame – Purpose

    what is a twin flame

    The purpose of twin flames is not to nurture each other’s souls, break away facades but leads to enlightenment that has a ripple effect for the greater good. John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are just a few names whose union uplifted the lives of many and had the gift of humanity through their union for the greater good.

    The impact they had on the world together made a positive difference. Shiva and Shakti from the esoteric times are a cosmic force that holds the universe with the principles of love, compassion, and enlightenment through soul connections at a deeper level. Twin flame connections are scared because they have evolved with a sense of purity within breaking away false notions and unlearning false ideologies.

    Talking of the essence of Lord Shiva and Shakti, you cannot be a seeker unless your soul is intoxicated with the madness of love, compassion, and wisdom that detaches you from temptations and bonds while still experiencing deeper and meaningful connections. You balance the duality of nature experiencing materialism with the blend of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

    Plato described in Symposium the doctrine of love in his speeches talking of twin flames as two souls searching for each other on this planet to fulfill their spiritual journey. The theory of twin flames is ancient and existed in all mythologies. Love has no language, civilization, era to bind itself to limited ideologies and is above everything else that seeks beauty, harmony, and a feeling of oneness.

    What Is A Twin Flame – How To Recognize One

    what is a twin flame

    Twin flame connection is real and happens once in a lifetime. It could be after a series of breakups or early in life. It depends on how evolved your emotions and personal growth is as an individual and how to view the world at large. It happens with emotional maturity. It is not rare to find a twin flame early in life if you are an old soul who has matured beyond your age.

    Twin flame connection is intense, magnetic, magical, blissful, serpentines its way through all the chaos create a cosmos of love, forgiveness, and compassion. It’s like kundalini rising through the spiritual awakening letting you deal with the unknown, battling through mental and emotional blocks gifting your life with wisdom.

    Together you have a lot to learn and evolve. There is no control, no tricks, or emotional intensity leaning towards toxic traits. There is freedom and independence in the love of twin flames. You do your own thing while still being in love that stays unto eternity. Those who seek it, find it, and it changes the world for them and those around them for the greater good.

    The twin flames connection is free from manipulation, lies, and deceit because there is soul-bearing at a deeper level. You let your best and the worst be unleashed with this one person who loves you unconditionally and you love that person unconditionally. You find each other within yourself, mirroring your emotions.

    The journey of twin flames of finding each other is rarely easy. It is the toughest love that stands the test of the harshest times. It is unconditioned because it is a natural understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses only to build each other through every challenge.

    Twin flames do not tolerate or endure each other like couples do to sustain their marriage. Twin flames connect because their souls have a magical feeling of unconditional love waiting to happen and it cannot be explained in words but only felt in depth. Something the only two understand.

    When you find your twin flame there is a feeling of rush like nothing can go wrong, and no matter what the challenges, the unconditional love they feel for each other deepens. It is a flux of respect, understanding, deeper connection, honesty, and the eternal hunger to be with each other because if that does not happen, it leads to chaos even when everything seems good in the outer world, your inner world is topsy-turvy.

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    Twin flames happen because the souls have traveled lifetimes to connect and be with each other to fulfill a sacred purpose. They are not conditioned or harnessed because of societal pressure and stay strong breaking conventions of what love is to be. What twin flames experience is ‘Serendipity’ and that is how they meet.

    What Is A Twin Flame – How Do They Meet

    what is a twin flame

    They meet in the most unexpected and unusual circumstances. These connections are destiny connected with a scared intent of divinity. They meet, learn, and unlearn from each other, recognize the sole purpose of their journey together and everything is in sync and falls in its place. The synchronicity is magical. The bliss lingering through your mind, emotions, and consciousness is more than a stroke of good luck. It is meant to be.

    Most of us think enlightenment is about happiness. But the path of spiritual enlightenment is a destructive process as it destroys all that is untrue within yourself. False ideologies, perceptions, and everything else that stops you from viewing the higher truth. Twin flame connection is not the most difficult, tumultuous, to seek but it leads to betterment, wisdom, and enlightenment.

    Your Kundalini awakens when you meet your twin flame and makes everything blissful, chaotic, confusing, nurturing, and evolving all at once or happening in a sequence. Deep within yourself, you know who is your twin flame because this is the connection you won’t let go of and have no excuses to let go no matter what seems crazy to the outside world, it is your solace, your eternal bliss, the core of your existence.

    Twin flames are inseparable. They are not together because they have to be or want to be, it is because they have made a promise of evolving together through eons. They shatter your world only to question your ideologies, beliefs, faith to build yourself in the purest form, staying true to yourself brushing away pretense, breaking your walls, and lifting the veil of all that you have been.

    Like the great mystic Rumi suggests, to find great love is to heal yourself, expand your consciousness, and not focus on the strengths or the flaws of your partner. It happens naturally when you find a twin flame. You heal yourself so you can nurture each other without letting the other feel unloved or uncared for because you are dealing with your shortcomings or baggage from the past.

    You are not wallowing in self-pity or self-deprecation thinking the other half will fulfill all that you are missing emotionally, mentally, or materially. These are karmic connections and have limitations. Twin flames are limitless love, hope, optimism, compassion, forgiveness for each other because there are no tricks.

    There is only love and caring because you feel that for each other deeply. Your love is not conditioned or limited to circumstances, situations, and is not short-lived. Twin flame connects last forever, effortlessly.

    Signs Of Recognizing Your Twin Flame
    what is a twin flame

    When your thoughts are aligned and you consciously lead a path of seeking your inner truth and purity, the universe sends you signs you cannot ignore. It could amuse you, but the fact of the matter is, the most pragmatic could find a twin flame if they have been living consciously staying true to themselves.

    It is no gospel that only those who are emotionally sensitive find their eternal connection. It could happen to anyone who wants nothing but true, eternal love. You find in each other, love that nourishes and stays forever without rules, guidelines, barriers of age, religion, or ethnicity.

    • They mirror and complement each other
    • There is telepathic communication that happens naturally because the souls have evolved together for eons
    • Unbreakable bond, a feeling of being inseparable that is spiritual than physical
    • The physical attraction is because of emotional and soul connection and spiritual understanding of each other at a deeper level
    • There is no lust but a never-ending yearning to stay together because one cannot evolve without the other
    • They feel attunement, and the feeling of magnetism is intense not because of physical attributes but because of soul energy and a feeling of longing which is blissful and harmonizing
    • Your connection is multi-dimensional, that of a nurturer, guide, lover, best friend, and confidant; you have nothing to hide from each other
    • Twin flame connection is awakening, a wake-up call that creates a great upheaval to make you question everything about your life. It’s not about sex or emotional healing, wants, and needs. It is a higher purpose to sail through the other part of your soul
    • They make you see through your shortcomings and make you a better person of who you were. The connection is divine
    • No matter what has separated you at different times, the universe creates avenues to bring you back together for the greater good.
    • You work through your deepest insecurities and fears together without breaking away because it strengthens the bond
    • It leads to personal and spiritual growth
    • Together the values of empathy, love, compassion, and forgiveness expand
    • It happens when you purify your past karma, the aura from the accumulated negative energies, and spiritual blocks from negative experiences and dealing with everybody’s negativity
    • You can sense each other’s feelings and emotions even when you are not physically together
    • Angel numbers 11:11, double numbers, seeing their names on number plates, shingles, etc
    • You feel at home in their company, relaxed, not thinking about the past, present, or future
    • You experience freedom and live a free-spirited life
    • The color of your aura changes and you feel empowered
    • You forgive each other easily even after the sourest fights
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    What Happens When There Is A Twin Flame Separation
    what is a twin flame

    When there is twin flame separation, there is deep pain, and it feels like the world is shattering even though you might be doing well materially. You have a feeling of acing from deep within for which there is no cure except self-awareness and healing.

    You need to look deeper within your soul to see what is amiss. At times you lose your beloved or there is a separation for any reason, and every day is a painful nightmare without them by your side. Not because they fulfill you materially because your soul feels empty without them.

    This is the time for self-analysis to heal parts of your life or make changes in your outlook and perceptions to reunite again. In the journey of twin flames, happiness is not dependent on the other but a deep feeling of sense of purpose occurs when you find one.

    Cosmic Connections Vs Soul Vs Karmic Connections

    We all deal with karmic connections living a mortal life on this planet. It’s lessons from the past lives which we are yet to learn that bring together karmic connections and they are usually not peaceful or spiritual. It’s either a job undone that needs to be done in this birth to learn and gain wisdom about life. That is usually a painful lesson learned from broken relations that drain us.

    Soul connections occur in groups. Like Brain Weiss expresses in his book, ‘Many Lives Many Masters,’ you meet soul connections in the form of friends, siblings, associates. The group of people who you connect with at a soul level but the bond is not deeper than that.

    A twin flame connection happens with only one person and it is for a lifetime unlike a soul or karmic connection. A karmic connection can sometimes lead to twin flame relations, which you only realized later after there has been cleansing of the past energy.

    A twin flame connection is for a lifetime, and beyond, unto eternity. It does not stop after you cross this plane, it stays forever wanting to reach higher dimensions as a soul-unit. Over and over you reincarnate only wanting to be with each other and nobody else.

    Soul connections bring happiness and personal growth but they are not impactful and intense like twin flame connections. Karmic connections need to be worked on, unlike twin flame connection which happens naturally like it is pre-destined.


    What is a twin flame is a quest of the soul to find the one and only unto eternity. It’s not just the deeper connection of the soul but the energy, vibe, values, emotions, ideologies, goals, and a lot more where you see the bigger picture together and grow emotionally, materially, and spiritually.



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