Ways To Make Your Two Strand Twists Look Beautiful

    Two strand twist hairstyles is something that has come into the limelight recently as more and more people have started doing their hair in that style. One of the reasons they do it is that the hair looks great after doing that but it has other benefits as well, you will soon find out.

    Two strand twists are also so popular because they are very easy to make and then put down which is especially good if you are often in a hurry to get a very presentable hairstyle that looks much better than ordinary. People have started liking this hairstyle so much that some of them are in this hairstyle 90% of the time that they put on a hairstyle different from their normal one.

    In this article, I will be talking about how the two strand twist hairstyle is the best option for you for various reasons, how you can prevent your hair from getting frizzy while in this hairstyle, how to keep it moisturized, how you can maintain your hair, what all products you can use and a lot of other things as well. So let us get started.


    Benefits Of Two Strand Twist

    two strand twist
    1. As I said before, the two strand twist hairstyle is so preferred by people because it is very easy to put in and takedown. The only thing you need to do to get this hairstyle is to get two strands of your hair and wrap them with each other like entangled snakes. Even a small kid can do this neatly with a bit of practice.
    2. Another benefit of this hairstyle is that it does not require any type of hair extensions or other excess hair tools or hair products to keep it good. You only need your hand and fingers to make it and maybe a twisting cream if you are opting to twist your hair while it is still wet.
    3. Two strand twist hairstyles also come with the benefit of being tension-free as you are not required to pull on your scalp to keep them, like with some hairstyles like the cornrows.
    4. This hairstyle also promotes hair growth and reduces breakage of hair as well as prevents shrinkage and it helps the hair retain moisture.
    5. If you need to keep your hairstyle going for a week or even a month, then this hairstyle can help you with that as it can last for a long time.
    6. Like I mentioned before, this hairstyle is a form of protective hairstyle and they are also known as low manipulation hairstyles because they do not require you to fuss on them much like twist-outs.
    7. This is a hairstyle that protects your hair from daily manipulation and protects your ends from rubbing against your clothes and shoulders hence it is a protective hairstyle. You also do not need any extensions to protect it, so that is a win-win.
    8. Another benefit of the two strand twist is that you can even wash your hair while it is twisted, the only concern about that point will be that your hair might frizz up, tangle, and start to turn into locks after you have washed it. You can wear stockings over your heads to reduce the frizzes and can just massage the scalp gently so that the twists aren’t disturbed.
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    Now that you know about some of the benefits of having two strand twists, let us move onto discussing other things about this hairstyle.


    How To Keep Your Hair From Getting Frizzy?

    If you have twisted your hair nicely while making the two strand twists, then it would not start frizzing up before a week is over. Even then, you might want to keep your hair from frizzing up for an even longer time and that is why if you are going to sleep, you should use a satin bonnet or a silk scarf to protect the hair.

    Wearing a scarf can be a good idea as your hair will stay in one place and it would not move around much while you are sleeping. To moisturize it, using a water-based hair spray is recommended. A hair spray that does not require any rubbing on your hair would be good. So that means, you should not use cream-based moisturizers.

    Another thing that would be recommended would be to stop moisturizing your hair any chance you get. You should keep the hair moisturizing to a minimum and do it only when necessary if you want to avoid getting hair frizzes.

    The reason behind that is that water expands your hair temporarily and then shrinks it when the water gets evaporated and this expansion and shrinkage is what would lead to the frizzing up of your hair. Over-manipulating your hair can also lead to frizzes, hence you should avoid doing that as well.

    two strand twist

    How To Twist Your Hair? Dry Or Wet?

    There is not any recommended way of doing two strand twists, you can do it while it is wet or while it is dry, it would not matter that much. Some people prefer doing it while the hair is still wet because they have come out of the shower and the hair is well handle able.

    How you want to twist your hair depends on how you want the look to be after you have twisted it. If you are twisting your hair and you want a polished and stretched look, then you should do it when your hair is dry.

    If you want your hair to look a bit shrunken and darker, then you should do it when your hair is still wet, like when you have just come out of the shower. When you do that, another concern for you might be how you can keep your hair moisturized.

    Well moisturizing or keeping the Two strand twist hairstyle moisturized is not a very difficult task and that is why a lot of people prefer it over other high-maintenance hairstyles. When you do this hairstyle, your hair retains moisture for a longer period of time.

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    To moisturize your hair when it is in a two strand twist, you can use a cream-based conditioner that is leave-in or you can use a spraying hair conditioner. I would personally recommend the spray hair moisturizer as it will keep you from getting your hair frizzed up.

    If you are confused as to how a two strand twist hairstyle is different from flat twists, then let me help you out. The two-stranded twists are like single braids or plaits, the only difference being that you just wrap the two strands around each other.

    Whereas in flat twists, they look like cornrows, the only difference from them being that you twist the 2 strands of hair over each other. If you are going for a unique look, you can choose both the flat twists and the two strand twists.


    Maintaining Your Hair While It Is Twisted

    Maintaining your hair when it is in a two strand twist is a rather simple task. This hairstyle is unlike the other high-maintenance hairstyles, it does not require much attention on your part at all.

    To keep your hair from getting frizzed up, you should wear a satin bonnet or a silk scarf like I already mentioned. Another thing to do would be to keep it moisturized. But make sure you do it only when necessary, do not do it more than a few times a week. Also, avoid rubbing your hair too much.

    If you want to switch the look of your hair, you can just put up your two strand twist hair in a bun or updo or flat-twists or any other style that you like. When the time comes to take this hairstyle down, you can turn your hair into twist-outs for a few days.

    Doing the twist-outs would make your hair look fanciful and you can then wash your hair after that as well. The two strand twist hairstyle is a very versatile hairstyle and is very easy to do as well. No wonder people like it so much. Talking about the products that can be used to help your hair when it is in the two-stranded twists, you can use any of the curl-defining creams.

    If you are someone who is following a protein-free hair regimen then you can even use the protein-free curl defining products that are available in the market these days. You could also use the shea butter products if you are twisting your hair when it is completely dry.

    If you want to make your hair look fuller when in the two-stranded twists because you have fine hair or low-density hair, you can add some fullness and bounce to them by using hair extensions when you are twisting them. Finer or low-density hair can look very flat, so you can definitely use the hair extensions to your benefit.

    two strand twist

    How Can You Prepare Your Hair For The Two Strand Twist?

    It often happens that when people are trying to do their hair in two-stranded twists, they end up making some mistakes and the hair does not look as they desired. That can be remedied in a few simple steps

    To get the two-stranded twists the way you want them to be, you should start with cleaning and detangling your hair. It would be good if your hair is freshly moisturized. You can wash your hair with a shampoo before starting and then deep condition it. You can use some hair spray moisturizer to moisturize them as well.

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    All those things will give you smooth and moisturized hair. It will also make your hair shiny and they will look polished. If you want your hair to look kind of juicy, then it would be best if you are twisting your hair when it is dry and not damp or wet. Use a curl defining cream to twist your hair when it is dry.

    There is also the problem of your twists getting unraveled after you are done twisting them. To avoid that, you can add some gel to the ends of your hair to get them to hold tighter. You can also use styling gel when you are twisting your hair using curl definers made for curly and wavy hair.


    What Are The Easiest Way To Do Two Strand Twists?

    The best way to do a two strand twist hairstyle is to start with dry hair on which you can use some buttercream to condition the hair and lock in the moisture of the hair. You can also use coconut oil on your hair for that as it will also give the hair some shine along with stimulating hair growth.

    Palm kernel oil also moisturizes the hair so that is a good option as well because it will also protect the hair from free radicals. After that, you can start twisting your hair using some twisting creams after you have detangled your hair. Using all the products that I mentioned above will help in keeping your hair damp but they would not make it too wet.

    If you twist wet hair, it might lead to frizzing and making your hair look rough. You can also twirl the ends of your hair strands to keep them from unraveling and doing that will also make it stay curly and look smooth.

    You can use some natural gels like aloe Vera to restore shine and luster to your hair as well and it also promotes hair growth so that is another plus. If you want a lot of twists to fall into your face, you can also go for side partings and that will also give you a lot of volume near the top of your head.

    Keep in mind that the tighter you twist on the moisturized hair, the closer it will be to your scalp. You can create three or four rows depending on how you fill up the twists in front that fall into your face or get thrown to the side. After all that, the end result would be a healthy-looking, moisturized, and beautiful two strand twist hair.

    two strand twist


    You can use many types of different sub-hairstyles in the two strand twists like the boxed twists, or the loose two-strand twists or two-strand twists on an updo, just whatever suits your needs.

    The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that twisting your hair while it is dry would be a much better option. Just remember to keep the hair moisturized and avoid getting it frizzed up. If you can do that then you will have a very beautiful and attractive-looking two strand twists hairstyle.



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