Rick Rubin Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    rick rubin net worth

    Rick Rubin net worth is built by creating top-selling artists in the hip-hop and the alternative rock genre. He has been named as one of the top influential record producers in the music arena. He co-founded Def Jam Recordings and American Recording labels that produce music for artists.

    He served as a co-president for Columbia Records, owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Rubin’s journey in producing record labels started in his early days when he started Def Jam Recordings in his high school. He toured California with artists who played with bands like Meat Puppets, Minor Threat, etc.

    He switched from punk rock to learn about hip-hop production in the 80s. He has an interesting journey of finding hip-hop and alternative rock artists from various parts of the U.S and distributing their albums worldwide under the record label American Recordings.

    Name Frederick Jay Rubin
    D.O.B, Age 10 March 1963, 58
    Profession Record Producer
    Net Worth $250 million
    Marriage Mourielle Hurtdo Herrera, 1 child


    Rick Rubin Net Worth

    rick rubin net worth

    Rick Rubin net worth is his passion for producing top-selling albums and popularizing numerous artists and bands. He was listed in the ‘100 Most Influential People’ and is known to impact the music industry. He worked with artists like Shakira, produced albums for Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Metallica, etc.

    He owns lavish properties in Hollywood and Malibu, a few of which he uses to produce albums for artists and bands. Rubin produced music for many bands like Linkin Park, Dixie Chicks, etc., working with Sony Music’s Columbia Records as a co-president. Rick Rubin net worth is the money and honors earned because of his passion for music.

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    Early Days Of Def Jam Recordings

    rick rubin net worth

    Rick Rubin was born to Micheal and Linda Rubin in Long Beach, New York, and went to the Long Beach High School. While at high school, he developed an interest in music, learned guitar, wrote songs, and formed a band called ‘The Pricks.’

    He has been passionate about music since his early days and started Def Jam Records before graduating. His production company was established in the ’80s and started working with local hip-hop artists, rappers, and punk rock bands.

    He later started Def American Records after almost a decade of working with various artists and popular rock, hip-hop, and punk rock bands. He has a long journey of working with the best artists and bands, producing top-selling albums. Rick Rubin net worth comes from building the lives of artists and producing award-winning music videos.

    Rick is a legendary, Grammy-award-winning record label producer. He is known to be a workaholic and takes music seriously. He played a DJ to bands when he started Def Jam Recordings, started producing songs for singles and albums for various artists and bands.

    He dropped the word ‘Def’ from the name of his production company and changed it to American Recordings. The word ‘def’ officially entered the Merriam Dictionary meaning ‘excellent’ or ‘cool.’ He held a funeral for dropping that word with a coffin filled with Def Jam Recordings memorabilia. The mock funeral was attended by 500 artists, musicians, bands, including Tom Petty, Slayer band members.

    With American Recordings, he produced notable singles and band albums. He worked with Linkin Park on Castle of Glass, Thousand Suns+, and many more. He worked with bands from all music genres from all over the world.

    From Nusret and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Krishna Das, to hard rock bands like Slayer, AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, Eagle Eye Cherry, etc. Rubin is a versatile record producer with a keen eye for talent and a vision for music.

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    Bands And Artists Rick Rubin Worked With

    rick rubin net worth

    There is a long list of bands from various music genres and singles he worked with. Shakira, Sheryl Crow, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Cash, Jazzy Jay, etc. Rubin is an award-winning producer on a spiritual journey. He has Buddhist beliefs and is seen meditating with prayer beads.

    He raised the bar of hip-hop and pop scene, which was a talent limited to the streets. He picked up artists and bands from the streets of New York and gave them a platform to sing and perform. He changed the face of pop and hip-hop music with his vision and passion for music.

    He worked with LL Cool J’s Radio, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and hard rock bands like Slayer, The Cult, and performed with Hose in the ’80s. His first major project with Johnny Cash was a commercial success in the 90s. He produced a couple of award-winning albums for Johnny Cash.

    He produced Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption song.’ He has worked with most of the genres and sub-genres of rock music. He is a renowned music producer well-known worldwide for creating top-selling artists and albums for bands. Rick Rubin is a slovenly music producer, a ‘Guru,’ with a mystic aura who has built the lives of numerous artists and bands.

    Rick has been noted to have a certain aura of confidence since his teens. He was confident about what he envisioned about music and has transformed from a brat to a Zen minimalist. Most of the albums of RHCP and Johnny Cash were recorded in the living room of Shangri-La, his Mailbu home.

    Rick practices Zen to stay calm and relax instead of depending on illegal substances to get high, which is a norm in the music industry. He is authoring a book with Neil Strauss about creativity. When you learn about the journey of Rick Rubin, it is fascinating how his vision and transformation with Zen brought him mega success and numerous Grammy awards.

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    Awards, Achievements, Filmography

    rick rubin net worth

    Rubin won ‘Producer Of The Year’ Grammy awards in 2006, 2007, and 2012 working with Dixie Chicks, RHCP, U2, Greenday, Metallica, and others. He achieved this success with a unique stripped-down production style of eliminating production elements to get the emotional power to the musical arrangements.

    The artists love him because he gets the best from them. It shows in their music and performances. Rick has dealt with a share of criticism too from Taylor and band members of Slipknot.

    Filmography And Trivia

    He acted in numerous film in cameo roles and as himself. Rubin directed and acted in the movie ‘Tougher Than Leather,’ in 1986. He made cameo appearances in numerous music videos he produced. Most of the films in which he played himself were documentaries of artists, bands, and music videos.

    Things You Didn’t Know About Rick Rubins
    • He is a huge fan of wrestling and had a lifetime ticket to the wrestling tournaments in the 80s and 90s.
    • He is known to be a mellow guy who is good to artists.
    • He believes in magic.
    • He has had a beard since his teens and keeps it that way.
    • Like Steve Jobs, he wears the same clothes everyday, a white t-shirt and black shorts.


    Rick Rubin net worth is because he is all about producing good music. He has transformed from a brat to a zen-loving mellow music producer. His home Shangri-La is famous for recording the most popular and top-selling albums from bands and various artists. Rick

    Rubin understands the sound of music, unlike a legend in the Bollywood industry who is clueless about music and seems to have built the lives of artists with a tainted reputation. We have a real ‘Guru’ Rick Rubin who knows what he wants to create in any music genre. Rick Rubin net worth speaks about his simple and dedicated approach towards creating music.


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