Top 16 Cheap Ceiling Ideas For You!

    The ceiling of our houses is known as the 5th wall, but most people don’t do anything to give that part a special look besides a fresh coat of paint. However, there are so many interesting ways you can choose to turn your ceiling into the focal point in your room. By changing the look of your ceiling, you can draw many eyes up and give the entire room a bigger look than it is. So, here are some cheap ceiling ideas that you can opt for to give your ceiling an attractive and interesting look.

    Some exciting cheap ceiling ideas

    1. You can use wallpaper

    You can easily add some special character to your room just by attaching beautiful and colorful wallpaper to the ceiling of your room. This is also one of the best cheap ceiling ideas, as you just need to cover one wall.

    1. You can paint
    cheap ceiling ideas

    You can paint the ceiling of your room an attractive color instead of white. This is a great low-budget method to add beauty and style to your room. This is not one of the most popular cheap ceiling ideas but probably one of the easiest methods. You can use a lighter color on your ceiling if you wish to expand the space. You can use dark colors to bring warmth into your house. Another way to paint your ceiling is to continue the wall color as a border around the perimeter of the ceiling to create the illusion of a taller area.

    1. You can add a mural

    A mural can be a great option for your bedroom ceilings, especially in your child’s rooms. With a mural, you can feel completely relaxed whenever you lay in bed and look at the ceiling of your room.

    1. You can add a tin ceiling or tin tiles
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    In order to add a tin ceiling, you don’t need to go for a drop ceiling. You can purchase some new items and install them. You can even give them an old and aged look. You can even go to a salvage company and look for old tin tiles for your room’s ceiling.

    Tin ceiling tiles are one of the most popular cheap ceiling ideas because they can easily offer a vintage vibe. Those embossed 2-by-2-foot steel tiles of tin plating can offer the patterns of the mid-1800s. To protect your aluminum or steel tiles, use polyurethane for a clear paint and finish with just a little investment. You should use wood molding to give your tin ceiling an elegant look.

    1. You can opt for drop ceiling tiles

    This is one of the most popular cheap ceiling ideas for your basements. The dropping of the ceiling enables the ductwork to remain hidden. Hence, you can add some extra characters by getting creative with the tiles.

    1. You can add beams

    This is a perfect method to draw the eye up. You can choose to be very sophisticated or go full-on rustic with this idea and give your ceiling the perfect look it deserves.

    1. You can choose a coffered ceiling

    While exploring various types of cheap ceiling ideas, you can opt for a coffered ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a procedure of making some boxes on the ceiling in the form of beams. This is a great way to offer a craftsman look and elegant vibe to the ceilings of your rooms.

    1. A faux finish can be great
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    Faux finishes were popular in the 90s, and now they are coming back as a trustworthy option among cheap ceiling ideas. Placing a faux finish on the ceiling of your room can add a lot of character to your favorite room without a lot of expenses.

    1. You can choose a plaster look
    cheap ceiling ideas

    You can add a special texture to the ceiling of your room just by choosing a plaster look. This can cover your damaged, stained or even pop-corned ceiling while giving the entire space a timeless and elegant appeal. It can also offer the feeling that your room was from a very old house.

    1. You may add molding

    Molding can offer a unique look. Various types of molding are available in the market, so you can give your ceiling a look as per your choice with very minimum expenses. Thus, adding moldings can be regarded as one of the easiest and cheap ceiling ideas to give your ceiling a special appearance.

    1. You can install Styrofoam ceiling tiles

    One of the most popular and cheap ceiling ideas to give your ceiling an elegant look is installing Styrofoam tiles. The tiles can be attached directly to your existing ceiling with an adhesive and hence offer your ceiling an attractive look without becoming too expensive.

    1. You can opt for a wooden ceiling

    The look of a wooden ceiling over your head can add beauty and warmth to any type of house, from an old bungalow to a beautiful room with soaring ceilings. For this option, you can choose from various sleek and elegant options available in the market.

    1. You may add fabric
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    You can opt for the fabric to give your ceiling a unique look. This is one of the cheap ceiling ideas, as you just need to drape this fabric to give your entire room a fun and interesting look.

    1. You can opt for a charming bead board
    cheap ceiling ideas

    If you want any room with a casual feel or wish to decorate your farmhouse, you can choose a bead board ceiling to have a simplistic yet elegant look. You can even opt for a semi-gloss finish beadboard that can cast a sheen, making your low ceiling feel slightly higher.

    1. You can add tough and groove

    One of the most popular cheap ceiling ideas these days is to add tongue and groove boards like shiplap. This shiplap can offer you the feel of a modern farmhouse which you can enjoy without any extra expenses.

    1. You may install drywall

    Installing drywall is one of the most affordable and interesting ceiling ideas. After installing drywall properly and painting it, you can enjoy your beautiful ceiling for some years with ease.

    The bottom line:

    Therefore, no matter what kind of ceiling you wish for your living areas, you can easily choose one among the cheap ceiling ideas mentioned above. Just by opting for these options, you can even change the look of your old and unattractive room in a cost-effective and interesting way.

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