15+ Best small screened in porch ideas you can employ!

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    A small screened-in porch can help you physically live large by increasing your outdoor area to allow you to appreciate it more. Unlike an open-to-the-elements deck, patio, or sunroom, a small screened porch has a ceiling and, as the name implies, encloses much of the area with mesh. 

    This building shields you from annoying insects and unexpected showers while welcoming light and breezes. If you’re ready to bring this best-of-both-worlds addition to your house or to decorate an existing porch in a creative new style, you’ve come to the correct place for inspiration about small screened in porch ideas.

    small screened in porch ideas
    One Kindesign

    It’s difficult not to daydream about a porch makeover now that autumn is just around the corner. However, these makeovers can be expensive unless you have an unlimited budget. Even with a limited budget, some basic and inexpensive porch improvements can make a big difference.

    Small screened in porches are great places to decorate and show guests how your home will look on the inside. Check out this article if you’re seeking small screened-in porch ideas.

    All about small screened in porch ideas – The ‘to dos.’

    Small screened in porch ideas – Prepare a Porch Project

    Screening on an open porch entails framing and applying mesh to the frame. To establish material requirements, multiply porch height by width + 5%, and erect the enclosure with simple equipment. Though it’s a very basic DIY job, kits and frame systems available at home improvement stores make it even easier.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Count on the Right Wood

    When building a screened porch from scratch, buy tough redwood, cedar, or ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) lumber to avoid insect and weather damage. Use the proper screws: galvanized for redwood or cedar and ACQ-compatible for treated lumber.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Consider Your Screen Type.

    Mesh comes in various styles that are appropriate for various surroundings and scenarios.

    • Fiberglass is flexible, easy to work with (commonly found in kits), and resistant to rust and corrosion.
    • Extra-fine fiberglass improves visibility.
    • Metal is strong but can rust or corrode in humid climates; aluminum is the best choice.
    • Vinyl-coated polyester screens are the finest choice for a pet-proof porch since they can tolerate scratching from furry pals. This heavier material may block the vision slightly.
    • Synthetic solar screen cloth reduces heat and prevents furniture upholstery from fading by limiting the amount of sunlight entering the porch.
    • Motorized retractable screens raise and lower with the press of a button.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Determine the Flooring

    A screened porch requires robust flooring because it is an outside location that will see a lot of foot traffic. The most common natural wood for a porch is probably soft yet durable pine, while redwood and cedar will likely endure longer. Composite decking has the appearance of wood while being extremely low-maintenance. 

    However, it will not break, splinter, or need re-staining. Concrete, stone, brick, and certain types of tile are other durable possibilities, albeit they are prone to chips. Rubber, which is commonly used in playgrounds, is also an excellent choice if children will be romping on the porch.

    small screened in porch ideas
    One Kindesign

    Small screened in porch ideas – Display a Unique Ceiling

    A vaulted or inclined ceiling will visually appeal if your scenario allows it. If you have to go straight, consider installing a skylight for extra lighting during the day and stargazing at night. It also matters how you finish the ceiling. Beadboard evokes tradition, whereas shiplap creates a more informal cabin atmosphere.

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    Small screened in porch ideas – Choose a Design Scheme.

    Your porch decor will be influenced by both the architecture of your home and your taste. Do you want the old-fashioned Southern charm of a veranda (rocking chairs, soft cushions, maybe a few vintage things like an old milk can)? How about a Hawaiian lanai (tropical woods like ipe, tigerwood, cambara, rattan furniture, lush flora, beachy accents)? For an Arizona room, perhaps you enjoy desert colors, Native American motifs, and hints of turquoise.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Make the necessary arrangements.

    Allow the primary purpose of your porch to be furniture placement. Seats should face one other for mingling and conversation, perhaps around a coffee table, as in a living room. Seating along the house’s wall, facing out to the view, could be best for a more natural observatory. No matter how you arrange the seating, allow adequate space from the door for traffic to move in and out.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Take pleasure in outdoor dining

    A screened porch is great for al fresco dining, especially if it extends off the kitchen. If not, consider installing a vented grill on the porch, preferably with counter space on both sides for food preparation. Include a cabinet in addition to a table and chairs to house the dishes, glasses, and cutlery you’ll frequently use in the space.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Wicker is the default.

    Wicker furniture is hard to beat for longevity, affordability, ease of cleaning, and casual appeal. Natural wicker will not last as long as synthetic wicker, particularly pieces made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Inspect the weaving for loose ends that could unravel before purchase. While wicker is often white or tan, you can simply liven it up with spray paint for a distinctive effect; just be sure to choose paint meant to stick to plastic if you have synthetic parts.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Increase the Breeze

    You can adjust air circulation using a ceiling fan. Choose one large enough to cool the space directly beneath it, is made of weather-resistant material, and is UL-listed for moist environments. For safety, allow at least eight feet of clearance beneath it.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Embrace Nature

    A small screened-in porch allows you to immerse yourself in nature. If your home offers a view of the woods, décor with earth tones, natural fibers, rustic wood, and an abundance of plants will help to blur the borders inside and out.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Allow Some Privacy

    Sheer, fluttery drapery panels add softness and gentility while allowing some light in. Allow curtains to hang freely for privacy or use tie-backs for a clear view.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Switch It On.

    After the sun goes down, UL-rated outdoor lamps and ceiling fittings will allow you to enjoy your screened-in environment. But why let a lack of wiring ruin your evening porch party when you can hang plug-free solar-powered string lights?

    small screened in porch ideas

    Small screened in porch ideas – Boost a Small Porch

    Install a space-saving bench or banquette against the house wall on a tiny, narrow screened porch. Place a couple of chairs on one end, possibly at a round café table. A small area might also work well as a coffee or cocktail bar. Pale hues will make it appear larger, while accessory overkill will read as clutter.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Create a napping zone

    A lounge chair, sofa, daybed, or hammock will elevate your degree of relaxation. Lay out additional pillows and a soft, comfortable cover to make your small screened porch a catnap haven.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Install a Swing.

    Feeling sluggish but playful? A porch swing will satisfy both moods! Consider a two-seater to enjoy with a loved one or individual swing chairs for a fun boho look.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Turn on a Focal Point

    A small fireplace is a stunning focal point that allows you to enjoy your screened porch when the weather gets cold. Natural stone is perfect for an outdoor atmosphere and can give off a modern, traditional, or rustic vibe depending on your preferences.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Consider Pillow Options.

    Stylish, comfortable pillows and cushions will entice you to stay longer, but certain fabrics and fillings will inevitably become musty when used on a small screened porch. Select water-resistant polyfill inserts with outdoor-rated fabric covers. Other smart additions to avoid mildew include hose-cleanable polypropylene area rugs and a wide, fast-drying Turkish towel instead of a blanket.

    Small screened in porch ideas – Allow It to Grow!

    Potted plants such as ferns, elephant ears, and even certain orchids can flourish on your porch. Simply keep them properly watered (circulating air might be drying) and bring them inside after dark if nighttime temperatures in your location fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    15+ Small screened in porch ideas for set-up

    Relaxing Space

    You can convert your small screened-in porch into a tranquil haven. Instead of standard chairs, you might get some Rockin or rocking chairs to place on the small screened-in porch. When you lay on your porch in this manner, you’ll be able to rock yourself to sleep.

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    Because rocking chairs are rustic or antique furniture, you may want to embrace this ambiance even more. String fairy lights around your porch and place flower pots along your walls to achieve this look.

    Comfort and Cozy Space

    A good thought would be to use a lot of furniture to give seating for everyone who comes. You could include several chairs and a sofa. Of course, you can then embellish it.

    You might place a mat beneath the couch and decorate the coffee tables with beautiful flowers. You’ll want to illuminate your porch with landscape lights. Nothing beats fairy lights strung throughout the porch ceiling!

    Pastel Color Furnishing 

    There are numerous types and concepts to pick from when constructing your porch. Maybe you’re still seeking low-cost front porch ideas. Then take a look at this idea! If you like delicate designs over dramatic ones, use a palette of pastel colors.

    Paint the porch white and then fill it with pastel furnishings for a fashionable look. For example, powder blue seats or a pale pink console table. These soft colors will look lovely with flower pots strewn around the porch.

    Adding Yellow Bursts to a Black, White, Grey Background

    Perhaps you designed your small screened-in porch in monotone tones. Gray, white, and black are examples of these colors. This will surely create a sleek and stylish environment, especially if it matches the rest of your home and the yard.

    It’s possible, however, that you’re aiming to add a few splashes of color to the scene. Adding some yellow bursts is an easy and inexpensive alternative. This might be a set of yellow potted plants or yellow porch couch cushions.

    Adding a Surreal Environment

    Make your front porch a wonderful refuge where you may spend your afternoons. This could imply acquiring a hanging sofa rather than a typical or standard sofa for the porch. Then you’ll need to consider what kind of lighting you can put on your balcony.

    You may create an ethereal and surreal environment on your porch by utilizing beautiful lights or candles in lanterns. It’s also a good idea to put flowers or plants on your porch!

    small screened in porch ideas
    One Kindesign

    Citrus-Inspired Green and Yellow Decorations

    Make your small front porch into a stress-relieving haven. Citrus fruits like limes and lemons, for example, may be among your favorites. If you don’t have any lemon or lime plants in pots on your porch, now is the time to get some!

    Whether your porch is painted in neutral hues or not, you can decorate it with yellow and green decorations. This will emphasize the citrus theme even more. So, if this is your plan, give it a chance!

    Contemporary Chic

    If you want to make you are small screened in porch look more modern and stylish, you’ve come to the correct location! Paint the walls of your porch white for a clean look.

    Use wooden furniture on your porch, but instead of plain white rugs or pillows, use fascinating geometric motifs to spice it up.

    Color them in white and black and use rectangles and triangles to create a bohemian yet modern style setting. Plant a few plants throughout your small screened in porch to bring it to life.

    Mediterranean Theme with Beach Vibes

    Do you wish to arrange are small screened in porch in a spring or summer theme? In that case, why not use a nautical theme to bring this vision to life? If the walls are painted turquoise or pastel blue, it will create an oceanic effect.

    A compass-themed doormat, shell strings hung from the porch walls, or even a summer door ornament on the front door can be used as decorations. Beautiful nautical-patterned pillows can be utilized to dress up the sofas and chairs.

    Swinging Sofa

    What purpose do you want your small screened-in porch to serve? Perhaps it will be an excellent venue for entertaining guests, but you might want to use it as a little getaway. After a lengthy day at work and feeling stressed, all you want in the afternoons is a quiet place to sip a cup of tea.

    Taking this into consideration, you might be able to transform your porch into a peaceful refuge. Occasionally all you need is a little relaxation to genuinely assist you in a cheerful state of mind. This might be in the shape of a swinging sofa! So put one on your porch for some late-afternoon relaxation.

    Dining Space

    As previously stated, when building and decorating your small screened-in porch, you must consider the type of environment you want to create. You may create a reading nook in addition to a seating area where you can relax and read literature.

    Remember to incorporate a dining table with chairs on your porch! If you have one, make sure it has some basic dining table decor! You can also host some delicious dinners while sitting on your porch!

    Simple Design

    When it comes to a small screened-in porch, you shouldn’t feel obligated to go for anything extravagant or exceptional. Sometimes keeping it basic might help you attain a more elegant and refined appearance.

    After all, you’ve probably heard the expression “less is more” before! Put some potted plants in front of your front door, or sit or hang chairs on your porch. Instead of doing too much, keep things simple and neat!

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    A Sunny Attitude

    Make your entire small screened-in porch a beacon of light and joy. You can accomplish this by decorating your porch in various shades of yellow.

    This will contain painting the walls of your porch a mellow yellow. Include yellow flowers in containers and distribute them throughout your porch.

    This will help to give your porch a sense of earthiness and nature. You may add a yellow carpet, yellow cushions, and further decorations to enhance the yellow even more!

    Classic and Rustic

    While many people have advised you to try modern and minimalist ideas for your small screened-in porch, you may prefer something a little more rustic and traditional.

    If this is the case, ensure that your porch is surrounded by furniture that creates the same ambiance. Using copper lanterns for illumination or stone pots fashioned in a traditional style are excellent examples.


    Create a sense of peace on your small screened-in porch. You can accomplish this by making your porch more friendly and appealing. Add some wooden chairs and a swinging sofa suspended from your porch’s roof to the mix.

    Of course, if you want to completely represent your individuality and style, feel free to incorporate some small ornamental aspects into your small screened-in porch on a budget. These may be vases full of your favorite flowers, a magnificent rug, or just some trendy cushions on the chairs.

    A Feeling of At Home

    When it comes to small screened-in porch designs, one of the most important factors is that they should convey a sense of home. Make sure that whenever you spend time on your porch, it feels right and pleasant to you!

    This may mean placing a couple of wicker seats on your porch and additional comforters to keep you warm and comfy if the weather turns cool.

    Greenery abounds

    If you like the color green, you might want to use it to decorate your small screened-in porch. Place green cushions and comforters on any of your seats to achieve this appearance. Most importantly, surround the entire porch with a variety of plants.

    From ferns to cactus, plant anything and everything that you like. It’s a great idea to lean a ladder against your porch’s walls and place pot plants on each step.


    Lighting is essential for any porch! Make certain that your small screened-in porch has some distinctive or appealing lighting. Be confident that stringing fairy lights or arranging lanterns with candles around your front porch will look stunning.

    small screened in porch ideas
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    Painted Ceilings

    Coloring the floor of your porch is a great way to update it, but have you considered painting the ceiling of your small screened-in porch?

    The owners must choose to paint the ceiling and floor of their lovely porch. The floor is geometrically designed, and the ceiling is colorful and cheerfully colored. Choose two complementing colors to paint the floor and ceiling of your porch to make a statement.

    Use Bright Blankets

    Using colorful blankets and wraps on your small screened-in porch, similar to adding throw pillows, can help to refresh the room’s look.

    Mexican blankets produce a vivid flash of color on a porch. Tie blankets to the backs of your chairs, swing them over the railing or hang them directly on it.

    Corner Bench

    While sectional front porch furnishings can cost hundreds of dollars, the nook bench idea is far less expensive!

    Porch bench designs were used to make appealing yet highly durable furniture, saving the owners a significant amount of money without sacrificing style appeal.

    The large corner bench seats many people and appropriately uses the available space. Building the bench saves money, which means more money for other decorations.

    Boho Vibes

    Why not include them on your porch if you’ve always liked bohemian-inspired motifs and ornaments? This may include scattering cushions and blankets with unique and intriguing designs across them for the chairs.

    Bohemian furnishings are typically composed of natural materials, so replace any plastic with wood.

    Plants in pots, potentially positioned decoratively adjacent to the walls or in the center of the room, must be included. You can use macrame plant hangers to suspend the pots from the ceiling.

    Hanging Plants

    Even if you already have flowers or plants on your porch, hanging plants can help to draw the eye up. One of the porch’s most appealing features is a collection of hanging pots in one corner. Use various materials and mixed metals for their planters to offer visual interest.

    Add Throw Pillows

    Throw pillows are a low-cost way to quickly change the look of your porch. Pillows, on the other hand, are an excellent addition, even if you only have plain chairs or a swing.

    Replace The Front Door

    Changing your front door may be more expensive depending on the door you choose, but it can also improve your overall attractiveness. If you aren’t ready to replace your front door, you can simply paint it.

    Add a Rug

    Much like indoors, a rug may give texture and color to your small screened-in porch. Find a carpet that matches your style (there are many alternatives available online), and then build a design plan around it with furniture, pillows, and accessories.

    small screened in porch ideas
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    Perhaps you live in a house with a front porch that overlooks the street or your front yard. Why not dress the small screened-in porch up a little if you think it’s plain? It is possible to do it in a variety of ways! Whatever you choose, your porch will have a distinct and personal ambiance you can call your own.

    Front porch designs range from simple, conventional designs to complex do-it-yourself construction projects, but they all have one thing in common: they optimize outdoor living and architecture.

    You may get ideas and inspiration for these projects anywhere, whether you want a custom-made bench, front porch rocking seats or a swing.

    Frequently asked questions on small screened in porch ideas

    • What do you place on a small screened-in porch?

    There are many ways to brighten up a small front porch and make it appear larger. Layered carpets, pots with light-passing feet, container plants on walls, lamps, and sculptures are among the most popular.

    • What is the best way to close a little front porch?

    Your front porch serves as a transitional zone, a private area also open to the public. Open porches are more public, whereas enclosed porches are more private. You may also have more control over temperature, light, and pests.

    Each way of closing in your porch has its own set of advantages, and they all impact your home’s curb appeal, so weigh all of your options before making a decision. It can be closed with a screen, curtains, or glass.

    • How much cost will it be to build a screened-in porch?

    Beginning with an existing base, such as a deck or patio, is the most cost-effective approach to creating a screened-in porch. Screening in an existing porch is a simple do-it-yourself project that only requires basic carpentry skills.


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