Should I Shave My Head – 10 Best Bald And Shaved Styles

    should I shave my head

    Should I shave my head? There are good reasons to shave your head. Going bald looks as chic as having a hirsute. It’s easy to keep your head cool with just a splash of water. You have one thing less on your daily routine: styling your hair, maintaining it, and worrying about bad hair days.

    There’s not a single reason to have a bad hair day. You only have to worry less about keeping the scalp free from allergies. It’s essential to have the proper beard, and it’s best to be clean-shaven if you want to go bald. Avoid donning a mustache with a bald head as it can give a wrong impression of your appearance. It’s essential to have the proper beard, and it’s best to be clean-shaven if you want to go bald. Avoid donning a mustache with a bald head as it can give a wrong impression of your appearance.

    There are pros and cons to going bald. With the right outfit, you can make bald look chic. A bald head needs maintenance, especially in the cold season. Though appearances are deceptive, you can choose shaved or bald style if you have a suitable face shape for this style. Avoid it if you have a square or a rectangle face shape. A shaved head is suitable for face shapes that narrow towards the chin.

    Pros And Cons Of Shaving Head

    should I shave my head
    should I shave my head

    You can shave your head in various styles or go completely bald. It is best to shave your head if you experience pattern baldness. Many women have embraced baldness by going wholly bald or styling it with a buzz cut. Here is a mini-guide on choosing a shaved head style for the face shape.


    • Easy maintenance.
    • No bad hair day.
    • Shaved head styles are umpteen to choose from.
    • A solution to receding hairline or pattern baldness.
    • Gives an athletic look.
    • Bald is chic and gives a professional look with the right outfit.
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    • Needs protection from heat and cold
    • The bald skin needs maintenance to avoid fungal infections.
    • If you develop acne, shaving your head can be challenging.
    • Needs regular maintenance like hair.

    Shaved Head Styles For Face Shapes

    should I shave my head

    Different shaved styles are suitable for various face shapes. Use buzz cut with side shave for round, square, and face shapes with a broad chin. You can choose from a lot but avoid voluminous hairstyles with the shaved head if you have a narrow jawline. Should I shave my head? Yes, why not, if you are confident to carry these haircuts with a shaved head!

    Shaved Head Styles For Men

    should I shave my head
    men hairstyles world

    Side shave with pomades is suitable for face shapes with jawline equal to the head or narrower than the head. Layered hair with a side shave is suitable for young men and boys. It’s easy for men to think should I shave my head? They come with fewer options than what to choose for a women’s haircut. Now that’s a paradox, more options for bald hairstyles for women than men.

    With Beard

    should I shave my head
    should I shave my head
    men hairstyles world

    Long hair with a side shave looks good with a beard. Avoid donning a beard if you have a buzz cut with a shaved head. Suppose you have a long beard; choose mid hair length. If you have long hair, layer it. Should I shave my head if I have a beard? This is quite the challenging choice, and if not done with the right style, you could pretty much look like a person from the rough side of the street. You don’t want that look, do you?

    Androgenous Head Styles For Men

    should I shave my head

    Androgynous head styles look chicest on men. They blend elegance with edgy shaved haircuts, giving a punk look that has evolved from emo to artistic style, eliminating grunge and trash styling elements. This is my favorite pick! I love unisex haircuts because they are a good blend of duality. The metrosexual man is open to making choices shedding the ‘macho’ style. That era of ‘macho’ is long gone, and metrosexual styles are in vogue.

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    Mermaid Mohawk

    should I shave my head

    Mermaid hairstyles on men look good with a side shave or a variation of mohawk if the proper layering and texturing for hair is done. Choose the right style that suits your face shape. Choose hair colors depending on the color of your skin. Avoid dark green color no matter what the color of your skin. It’s too bright and kitschy.

    It does not blend well with any outfit. Choose unisex colors like darker shades of pink, burgundy, rose gold, shades of blue, ash, silver, or a blend of all colors. How flamboyant do you feel and are comfortable with the use of unisex hair color?

    Can you carry this style with any outfit? When experimenting with unconventional hairstyles, it is not about choosing the right haircut but carrying it well with different outfits—knowing what patterns and colors to choose for clothes that suit this haircut.

    Clean Shave

    should I shave my head
    should I shave my head

    You can experiment with a couple of shaved head styles if you have a clean shave. If you have a clean shave and want to experiment with one of the shaved head styles, choose layered side slick. Short, long, buzz cut, pixie, tapered, all look good with a clean shave.

    Badass Shaved Head Styles For Women

    should I shave my head

    For oval face shapes, punk hair cuts with a side shave look good. You can choose from a long list of hair colors for any variation of head styles that you choose. French crop and pixie with shaved sides or fades near the neckline look good on oval face shapes.

    Long, Short, Medium

    should I shave my head

    With Side Shave And Undercut Motifs. Women who prefer unconventional haircuts can choose a side-shaven head with numerous hairstyles. You have fewer options if you have long hair. Most shaved head styles are suitable for medium to short hair lengths.

    Messy Bobs, Pixies, Curls

    should I shave my head
    should I shave my head
    hottest haircuts

    Pace the layers and feathers if you have long hair with a side shave. What looks great on most face shapes is curls and messy bobs with a side shave. Avoid pixies if you have a round, square, or broader jawline. Should I shave my head if I have long hair? This picture gives you an idea of how long hair looks with a shaved head. Give it a try!

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    Hair Colors For Shaved Head Styles

    should I shave my head
    hairstyle camp
    should I shave my head
    her interest

    Use the light and dark color shades of the same color if you have a side shave with hair cuts. Avoid the use of more than two colors. Bring curls, layers, and fringes if you want a rainbow effect. Should I shave my head and color the buzz in offbeat hair colors? Why not? You are no more the dame in distress, and flaunting your individuality can never be an outgrown.

    Hairstyles To Avoid With Shaved Head

    These are the hairstyles to avoid if you have a shaved head. The traditional mohawks, afro hairstyles, pomades are best avoided with shaved heads. Many men and women prefer pomades, but they look bad if you have a broad jawline. Should I shave my head if I have a receding hairline? Yes, why not.


    The stereotypical punk has been dead with obsolete bands like Sex Pistols and the ilk. The style has evolved with shaved heads and mohawks. With the back sling, mohawks are wearable to work with a dash of elegance thrown in. Avoid the traditional mohawks with shaved head styles unless you wear a costume. This is not your everyday go-to hairstyle, so avoid it in toto.

    Cornrows, Afro Hairstyles

    Box braids and most Afro hairstyles are suitable for a specific face shape if done right. But avoid it like the plague if you want to blend it with a shaved head or fading hairstyle. Afro hairstyles in various braids look good without shaved heads and a mix with other haircuts, maybe an undercut but a side shave? Not! Because it’s not a fashion faux pas, it’s a glaring lack of artistic and fashion sense. If you care about how you look, you wouldn’t want to do that.

    Should I Shave My head- Conclusion

    Shaving your head or going bald is no more a fashion faux pas but is one of the chicest trends you can follow. Choose from umpteen shaved head styles that come with a wide range of haircuts and let you flaunt an unconventional style with panache.

    These head styles come with a sense of free spirit, not letting you play it safe or take the beaten path. Give those conservative bobs a twist of shaved heads and see how you walk the gaiety-gait feeling on top of the world, being you!


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