How To Wake Someone Up Using 13 Best Ways Safely!

    How To Wake Someone Up Safely- Direct And Indirect Ways!

    Are you wondering How to wake someone up without scaring the person? If you have someone who sleeps deep in your home and does not answer the alarms or a gentle nudge, it becomes pretty difficult to wake them up early.

    You may want to begin with a few indirect ways of waking someone up, mainly if you do not have a good reason to wake them. However, if you consider yourself brave enough to use direct ways, you can prank your family or friends as well.

    You might be looking for a safe way to wake them. While one strategy may work for a person, the others may not. This article walks you through different ways to learn how to wake someone up.

    How to wake someone up using indirect methods-

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    1. Let the light glow inside

    Throw open all the curtains and blinds in the room, as natural light in the morning works best! Nevertheless, if there is still dark outside or no windows in the room, turn on the light overhead or other lights within your room. Light signals our body to wake up, so blazing the light onto the sleeping person can aid in jumpstarting their brain.

    2. Use a delicious smell to attract their attention

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    Ensure that the door is open or ajar, and then quickly go down to your kitchen. Fry up delicious dishes like some bacon or bake some muffins. Coffee also has a great smell and works great if the person loves coffee. Typically, the scent of good food will wake up a person enough to come out of the room.

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    If you do not have enough time to prepare something in the morning, use your microwave! Warm some bacon up or place baked goods in there to warm up.

    If the aroma flowing through the house is not sufficient, try getting them breakfast in their bed itself. Not only will you get them up, but they will feel you’re taking care of them or doing them a favor, having you in their good graces.

    3. Set the alarm far from their bed

    If a person can roll over and hit the phone’s snooze button, they will likely stay in bed for an extended time. However, if you set the clock or alarm out of their reach (even if they have a smartphone!), they will likely have to wake up to turn the alarm off, causing them to wake up more.

    4. Adjust the room temperature

    If it’s possible to spare time, altering the room temperature is a great idea to wake a person up. Try turning the fan speed high, for example, or shifting the AC or window unit considerably colder. Alternatively, it would help if you tried exploding heat from your room’s space heater. The shift in temperature will take some time, but it will make them uneasy enough to wake up fast.

    Using the whole-house heating technique and air inside the house to change might make you also a little bit uncomfortable! You can likewise open a window if it is extremely warm or freezing outside.

    5. Make a bit of noise in the room

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    Step into their room where they are sleeping and make only a little sound. Be mindful not to be extremely loud, or you might shock them awake, further making the individual sleeping wake up grumpy. Try making a little clunking noise only by picking objects up or setting them back down on any table might be enough.

    You can likewise open the gate to “check on them” and shut it after walking out.

    6. Make some noise in the rest of the house

    Bang pots everywhere inside the kitchen or open and close doors, making noise. Turn the TV up in other closed rooms. Such ambient sounds will possibly wake the person up. One more option is to run the tap for water in the closest bathroom to that person or have a chat outside of the door.

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    7. Music

    A 2020 analysis that corresponded a standard alarm clock voice to melodic sounds discovered that people liked to be awakened from their sleep through some music. The researchers found that music assisted decrease the feeling of sleep inertia. This is a bodily state of low energy, low mood, and poor thinking skills straight after waking up.

    Discovering the correct song or tone of music may be particularly helpful in learning how to wake up someone who usually awakens feeling dizzy or annoyed by the beeping noise of their alarm clock.

    How to wake someone up using direct methods

    8. Tell the individual “Good morning!” in a noisy voice

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    This uncomplicated, direct approach to waking someone up is a masterpiece for a reason. Your voice must be enough to wake multiple people, and you allow them to know it’s time to wake up without really saying as much.

    If they reply to your voice with a peaceful, “ugh,” hold at it. Know they are awake but do not enjoy waking up. Remind the person of things going on that day and perhaps entice them with coffee or a favorite breakfast. You may also try touching their shoulder gently to help them wake up.

    9. Make your phone ring in that person’s room

    Turn your phone’s volume up! Leave the phone in the individual’s room and then ring it from other phones. If you place it distant enough from their bed, they will probably have to wake up to reach the phone and figure out what the ring sound is. You can likewise set the alarm to go off, instead.

    10. Turn on the TV with the volume up

    If there is a television in that room they’re resting in, put that television on one of any of their favored shows, and turn up the volume just a little bit for them to hear. You may also put it on an irritating cartoon instead. Whatever the way you try, the noise and light from the television must help you wake them up.

    Do not turn the volume up so far that even you or other people in the house or building are uncomfortable. Just turn it up sufficiently to make it challenging for the person to take another nap.

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    11. How to wake someone up using their pet to your advantage

    A cat, dog, or other pet can be ideal to wake a person up. If their animal will intrinsically climb or bark on the person, allow them inside the room and let the pet do the remaining work.

    Otherwise, take the help of a treat or a toy to attract the pet into their room. You can also use it to attract the pet on top of the individual!

    12. Pull the covers off the person

    If they are still sleeping after multiple attempts, try gently pulling the covers off the person without scaring them. Hold the loose end up closer to their head, making sure to grab all the blankets and sheets in one go, and raise the covers off them and the bed, making them confront the day in front of them!

    13. How to wake someone up using massage

    Treat the person to a massage if you are searching for a more excellent way to wake someone up! Gently massage their scalp, back, or neck with long, gentle strokes. Though massages are comforting, your touch may wake the sleeping person up.

    How to wake someone up if they are sleepwalking

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    1. Identify when a person is sleepwalking

    People who tend to sleepwalk have glazed faces. You likely would not get their attention quickly, and they might even be roaming around in the dark throughout the house. If you see someone in such a state, they are most likely sleepwalking.

    2. Redirect the person back to bed

    The best action method is to carry them back to the respective bed. Gently direct them through their house, and ensure that they climb back to their bed. They will most possibly go straight back to sleep. You can gently guide them using your hands by turning them in the correct direction.

    3. Wake the person up only if they’re attempting to do something dangerous

    Some sleepwalkers start performing tasks like cooking, tearing down doors, and even driving while sleepwalking. While it can be challenging to wake a sleepwalker, you might need to do so if they are performing an activity that may endanger them or other people in the house.

    Sleepwalkers tend to be highly profound asleep, so it will be challenging to wake them. Try calling their name loudly or delicately shaking their shoulder. If that does not work, try a loud voice or spritz a little bit of water in their face. Bear in mind; they will be highly disoriented when you awaken them and will also possibly be highly cranky.

    The Bottom Line

    Knowing how to wake someone up in the most effective way may take a few trials and errors, but there are secure ways to wake up a sleepyhead.

    Soothing techniques like lights that slowly illuminate, music, natural light, and alluring aromas might help a few people to snap out of the sleepiness. For other people, mental stimulation, inspiration, or being forced to come out of bed to turn off an alarm might be a more practical approach.

    Every individual reacts differently, so be prepared to experiment with yourself and sound sleepers to discover the best approach.

    Before employing any of these methods mentioned in this article, try to visualize how the person might feel about it when they finally wake up. You will need to deal with them if they wake up upset or cranky.


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