Self Love Affirmations: 31 Phrases to Get your Self-esteem Back

    Self Love Affirmations: Learn How to Love Yourself More

    The more you love yourself, the more you will get from the universe. Loving our own selves is the primary thing to be happy, undoubtedly. It helps to infuse the spark of self-confidence within us. And once you receive the gift of self-confidence, miracles can happen. Be it success or failure; all is in your mindset. The more you feed it with positive thoughts, the more desired success you can achieve. And, self love affirmations can invite positive thoughts.

    In this era of competition, from anxiety, hypertension to overthinking, depression, many psychological troubles remain in our lives as uninvited guests. Every day, while fighting with them, we succumb to them. These mental health issues are enough to build a wave of negative vibes around us. Negativities eventually kill our self-esteem. And, thus, lethargy, unhappiness, low creativity, procrastination become our everyday companions in life, leading us to be less productive day by day. Holding us back, they destroy the ambitions in our life to rise high.

    Self love affirmations
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    So, think, what if there are no negativities? What if you have no lethargy? What if you do not feel like procrastinating anymore? Your life can be amazing if all of these factors go away from you. And it is possible only through practicing self-love. , a bit of taking care of yourself or preparing a healthy diet for yourself can bring in the unprecedented magic in life.

    Once you learn how to love yourself, you can keep murmuring the self-love affirmation thoughts to retain the power of self-love within you. Here, we will try to define what self love is and how to inculcate it in our life. Next, we will proceed with the affirmative phrases imbued with self-love thoughts.

    Self Love: What is it?

    Self Love is all about appreciating yourself giving value to your own pros and cons. It is a set of gestures that brings our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. If you want to grow in life from these three aspects practicing self-love is the first thing.

    Being a human being means being social. We are surrounded by our friends, families, neighbors, and other loved ones. And living in a society, it is our duty to take care of all of them. But many a time, while fulfilling our responsibilities, we forget to take care of ourselves. As a result, we keep on sacrificing our own likes-dislikes, joy-happiness. In the long term, it affects our physical-mental health. Also, our spiritual upliftment slows down.

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    When such things happen, gradually, we develop a sense of hatred towards life. Even if we keep on sacrificing ourselves for others, we become indifferent towards them. Instead of being acts of love, care, and empathy, all of our doings for others turn into mechanical activities without any emotions. Therefore, it is essential to love yourself to love others.

    As we mentioned at the beginning, when you love yourself, you will be loved by all. And you also will be able to love people unconditionally. Taking care of them won’t feel a burden then. So, every individual must indulge in the practice of self-love. Spare some time from your everyday schedule and love yourself. This is the key to stay happy and keep others happy. Let’s know how to practice self-love.

    How to Practice Self Love: Learn and Implement the Process to Stay Happy

    Practicing self-love includes taking care of your physical and emotional well-being and looking after your spiritual growth. Health is wealth! If you are healthy, you can achieve whatever you can in your life. Well, but how to start?

    There are innumerable motivational videos on loving yourself; uncountable self love affirmations speeches available online. All of them are undoubtedly inspiring, enough to give your self-care routine a boost. But at the same time, they are enough to confuse an individual. When you go to relate your journey with them, contradictions may occur. It happens because all of them are based on the own experiences of someone else. And every individual’s psychology is different.


    The ideas they suggest may not work for you. And, at the moment of mental fatigue and emotional breakdown, this failure is enough to make you perplexed, sad, and confused. Hence, we are here with some effective tips on how to practice self-love. Go through it, and it will definitely help you to overcome the odds and shine in life. Then we will suggest some effective self love affirmations for you.

    First of all, listen to yourself. Forget everything else and follow your heart. Find out what makes you happy as a person and do it. No motivational speaker or life coach can do it for you. Only you have to do it all alone. And once you learn to do it, you will be the master of your fate, captain of your soul.

    Here are the self-love tips for you.

    • Healthy Diet and Adequate Sleep: Amidst all of the hustle-bustle of our everyday lives, we often ignore the most ordinary yet essential factors of our lives. A proper diet and enough sleep are always important to keep us happy, energetic, and vibrant. If you plan to practice self love, it is the first thing you should do.
    • Regular Exercise: No, exercise is not about gaining or losing weight all the time. Exercise helps us to stay fit and active. And when you are physically active, your brain also becomes productive, keeping the negativities away. So, set a routine for exercise and take care of your body and mind.
    • Daily Meditation: Well, in the age of modernization, sitting cross-legged and concentrating on a sole cause may seem unusual for many of you. But, it is important. If you want to stay healthy physically and emotionally with uprising spiritual growth within you, meditation is important.
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    Personal excellence

    Add at least 15 minutes of meditation to your everyday life. No hard and fast rule is needed to be followed for meditation. Sit and focus on a particular cause or fact, or thing. Concentration with comfort is the main crux of the process of meditation.

    • Be Methodical in Life: Whether it is professional or personal, being methodical is important. You cannot take care of yourself or anybody else till you remain messy and unorganized. So, develop a methodical routine for yourself. Keep the things in the proper place, set an everyday routine, and manage time among all of your tasks.
    • Do not Judge Yourself More: Although self-criticism is the best way to grow in life, sometimes it brings self-doubts and anxiety. And, it gradually may lead to procrastination and low productivity. So, take a break from judging yourself, and embrace who you are.
    • Practice Gratitude: A wise man once said, kindness is a great virtue. Indeed, it is. Be kind to others and thank them for whatever they had done in life. Even if the opposite person is your sole enemy, put a smile on your face and thank the person for making you learn the lessons of life. That’s how you can broaden your heart without any negativity. It will take you a step ahead in practicing self-love.
    • Murmur Self Love Affirmations: Here comes the most significant part of practicing self-love. Self love affirmations are the direct ways to attract and embrace the positivities in life. As Lord Buddha has said, “What you think, you become./ What you feel, you attract./ What you imagine, you create.” So, if you murmur the phrases that affirm self-love, you will definitely start loving yourself.

    So, these are the important actions to do for loving yourself more. Now, you know how to practice self-love. Let’s discuss self love affirmations. Keep reciting them and feel the positive bliss within you.

    Self Love Affirmations: Why it is Important

    As we said, what we think we become. When you affirm certain facts in your mind, your mind tends to reciprocate with that. The affirmations create a sense of determination to do the tasks. Being a human, negative thoughts along with future insecurities are always there in our minds. They stay and ruin our mental peace and physical well-being. The only way to get rid of them is the self love affirmations.

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    It is an amazing technique to help you in the journey of practicing self-love. We often learn the different ways to take care of ourselves. But unfortunately, most of the time, we cannot stay consistent with it due to the lack of determination. Whenever a negative vibe comes, or turmoil in life happens, our desire to love ourselves fades. Leaving the self-care routine aside, we tend to focus on mending the tears of life.

    Therefore, self-love affirmations are the ones to keep you motivated and firm in your decisions of loving yourself and taking care of your body, mind, and soul. Here, we have mentioned some of the most effective phrases that will help you to affirm your own values in your mind and life.

    Self Love Affirmations: 31 Phrases you should Try

    1. I am surrounded by love.
    2. I am good enough.
    3. I do the best I can.
    4. I am growing and becoming the best version of myself.
    5. I deserve love.
    6. I can love anybody unconditionally.
    7. I can take care of all.
    8. I can achieve what I want.
    9. God’s love abundantly blesses me.
    10. I love my body with all its odds and evens.
    11. The things I deserve are coming to me.
    12. I am becoming what I wanted to.
    13. I am handsome/beautiful.
    14. I am special.
    15. I can celebrate myself.
    16. I love myself.
    17. All of the relationships I have are great.
    18. Happiness is within me.
    19. I will stay positive today.
    20. It is ok not to be super productive every day.
    21. I choose myself.
    22. Giving up is not my task.
    23. I am worthy of my dreams.
    24. I am proud of who I am.
    25. Every day I become better than my previous versions.
    26. It is ok to be imperfect.
    27. The Supreme God is guiding me to the right way.
    28. The highest level of confidence is within me.
    29. I am more than my body.
    30. I respect myself.
    31. I give and receive the best of everything.

    Before You Go: The Takeaway

    So, these are the self love affirmations that can make you love your inner self more. Now, how to practice them in life? Well, you can journal them every day. Also, you can take the help of a mirror and say the affirmations in front of it. If you do not prefer these self-learning methods, initially take the help of close friends. You can ask them to say the affirmations to you.

    However, self-learning is the best way to grow in life. Try to murmur the affirmations all by yourself. Stay Happy and Healthy! Well, if you are tired of life and do not feel like practicing self-love, click here. We hope it will help you to deal with your present situation.


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