Why do I Hate My Life: Learn the Uncommon Answer for the Common Question

    Do You Feel Like Saying I Hate My Life: All You Need to Know About It

    So, this is what your concern is. “I hate my life”. Well, you are not the only one who is saying this. Look around yourself! Among your friends, your neighbors, colleagues you will find many who also feel the same. This is a primordial phrase used by people since the day human civilization stepped into the dark sides of life- the side that introduces anxiety, depression, and psychological traumas. These overwhelming factors make life so measurable that we often end up saying that we hate the best gift received from God, life.

    However, by saying “I hate my life”, we can escape from the reality, we can ignore our responsibilities, but, we cannot change our state of mind. And, unfortunately, until we change our mindset, things will never go easy. We will never get out of that zone of hatred towards life.

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    So, to resolve the psychological entanglement within our head and love life again, we have to delve into this fact in detail. We here will try to go to every detail that you need to know. We hope taht at the end of this article you will find an answer to your question, “which is why do I hate my life?”. Also, you will get an idea about how to start loving it again.

    I hate My Life: The Primary Reasons for Hating the Life

    Think of those extra burdens of homework in any of the subjects you study in college! Even if it is your favorite subject, the extra pressure makes you frustrated out of it. So is in the case of life. Life is a beautiful journey that we all love. We love to live.

    We love to embrace every bit of it. But, when life throws the hard rocks of problems and our minds get startled with them, we announce such phrases like- I hate my life. As we said earlier, it is a way to escape the reality that we live into; the reality that is too hard for us to swallow. The phrase defines our helplessness to struggle anymore in life.

    Hatred is a powerful feeling that sometimes fills our minds with a sense of numbness. And this helps to ignore the hard reality taht we are going through. Nonetheless, there are many reasons for which people hate life. Well, human psychology is one of the most mysterious aspects of our life. You can never confirm that these are the only reasons for inducing hatred towards life. But, yes, after lots of practical studies and researches, the psychological experts have come up with this list of reasons.

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    Childhood Trauma: Probably, this is one of the most significant and alarming causes of hatred towards life. our minds are like blank papers when we are in our early childhood days. Anything you write up there will be imprinted for life. Even if the conscious mind forgets it, the unconscious segment may continue holding it for the rest of one’s life. So, in that case, if you have faced any kind of childhood trauma, it may lead you to the verge of depression and from there you may want to shout frantically- “I hate my life”.

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    To avoid mental trauma in childhood, we must pay attention to the factors that may trigger it. The factors majorly include:

    • A separation between the parents;
    • Sexual violence;
    • Experience of a brutal accident;
    • Death or loss of a close one;
    • Bullying;
    • Body shaming;
    • Too strict parental governance;
    • Excessive burden of study and other things

    So, we must focus on controlling these factors so that the children do not have to face the trauma in their growing period.


    Professional Failure: Our lives revolve around our personal and professional lives. So, if any of them get disturbed, it becomes hard for us to move forward in life. And that is the time when people tend to say, “I hate my life.” As professional life is the source of our earning bread and butter, it is significant enough for us. For some, it is about passion as well. When any odd factor comes into the professional sphere in our life we get confused and moved by the factor. And eventually, it becomes a more serious psychological problem.

    If we want to live life happily, we must get ready for any kind of success and failure in our professional life. After all, life does not end with one failure. Anybody can start anything at any time from the scratch. All you need to do is not to give up. So, for this, you should have an idea about what professional failures may come to your life. It will help you to get prepared for that. The possible professional failures are:

    • Not so good academic result
    • Unemployment
    • Delay with the promotion at the job
    • Bankruptcy in business
    • Low ROI in start-ups
    • Inability to meet the professional expectations
    • Not getting the desired success even after hard work
    • Inability to handle workloads
    • Inability to meet the deadlines

    Always remember, all of these factors are parts of life. But they cannot control your entire life if you have control over your mind. So, we must accept the failures and learn from it.

    Toxic Relationship: We probably would not be wrong if we say that most of the psychological trauma comes out of this cause. We all at some point in our lives get into relationships. But, unfortunately, most of them do not go well. And due to this, the constant process of break-up and patch-up goes on. And, life becomes intolerable when the person you love leaves you for no reason, cheats you, or breaks up with you due to situational pressure. Then one feels like shouting- “I hate my life”.

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    But, it is now time to take a pause and think about it. Of course, the relationship is a factor that we all want to cherish forever. But a failed relationship does not define the end of life. Yes, we must learn from it and evolve as better human beings.

    And to avoid such unwanted circumstances, we must choose our partners wisely. When it comes to selecting a partner, let’s not fall for the romantic notion of “love at first sight”. Instead, consider other necessary factors with a practical mind. The factors comprise:

    • The maturity of both of the persons to handle a relationship
    • The level of friendship they have between them
    • How much do they understand each other
    • How much respect do they provide each other
    • Do they value each other’s opinions or not

    Well, no one can guarantee the durability of a relationship. Even if you maintain all of these factors, your relationship may get shattered for some other reasons. But, surely, if you take care of these factors, it will reduce the chances.

    Family Issues: Family is what can make us or can break us at any time. Family is the grip that holds us together. On the other hand, if there are issues within a family, it may bring serious psychological issues. Whether it is a combined family or a nuclear family, family issues may disturb the minds always.

    So, we all must be compassionate towards each other within a family. We must understand and support each other when the time comes. In this way, we will grow a good bond within the family and nobody in the family will feel left out. Instead of hatred, envy, and other negative factors, love, empathy, and fellow-feeling will grow. Instead of saying ‘I hate my life’, one may spread more love in life.

    So, these are the possible reasons for which an individual may get frustrated and start hating life. Except these, there may be some other reasons like chronic diseases, mental issues like bipolar disorder or any syndromes, low self-esteem, insecurities, etc. Now, if you are suffering from any of these and feeling like announcing to the world- “I hate my life.”, here is what you should do. We hope it will help you to love your precious life again and make you happy.

    I Hate My Life: Bring Back the Love for Life Again

    Yes, we know exactly how you feel right now. You do not want to mend anything. You do not want to love life again. You just want to say ” I hate my life” and escape from it. But, before you take any drastic step to support your mental judgment, you can try adopting these actions in your life. It might help you to change your perspective about life. Here it goes.

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    Practice Mindful Meditation: Before we take any action, we must have a calm mind. And a calm mind comes only through a constant wave of meditation. It drives away the negative thoughts from our minds and fills them with positive mindfulness. When you practice meditation daily, it will help you to clear your thoughts. And you will be able to make the right decisions in life.


    Spend Time with People: Being alone and fantasizing about things is alluring, we know. But, it will harm you in the long term. So, get out of your shells and start communicating with people. It can be anybody including your friends, family, or some distant relations. Even simple conversation means a lot. It improves your mental well-being. It will keep you happy.

    Practice Gratitude and Humbleness: Even if you feel like being rude and indifferent towards the world, try to behave gently. Showing arrogance may bring you instant satisfaction, but, mark my word, dear, it will harm your soul for the long term. Instead, if you go beyond your negative emotions and show a positive attitude in life, it will help you to sustain and grow as a human being. Start with small gestures like practicing gratitude and behaving nicely to all. You will surely feel a sense of happiness within yourself.

    Seek Professional Help: If you are tired of your life, and often feel like saying- “I hate my life”, maybe it is time for seeking professional help. Though we have some social taboos regarding psychological treatments, it is important for mental well-being. If our body is where God dwells, our mind is what worships Him. Mental well-being is equally important as physical well-being. So, take a step ahead and visit a professional. You can share your thoughts about how you feel with the experts. They will understand you definitely. Who knows your hatred towards life may turn into never-ending love for it.

    Final Words

    We understand it is not easy to take action and go against your mind. But, sometimes we need to take a leap of faith for the betterment of ourselves. So, shake off the negative thoughts swirling inside the mind for a while, and act to change your perspective towards life. You may click here and check out some interesting self-improvement YouTube channels. Live and Love! Stay happy and keep Loving!


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