Take Amazing Nudes Using These 5 Tips

    Let’s face it, almost all of us take nudes. Whether it’s for ourselves or others, taking nudes can make one feel good about themselves. It’s also a great way to spice up your sex life and can be used to tease your partner. 

    But the same old mirror pics can get boring after a while. Luckily there are plenty of ways to take some fantastic yet naughty nudes that will make you feel like a queen. If you’re ready to take the best nudes of your life, keep reading this article.

    Add Some Naughty Clothing

    The whole idea of taking nudes is to feel confident and comfortable in your body. Some people may not feel comfortable being completely nude while taking sexy pictures. Getting creative with different pieces of clothing and lingerie can take your nude game up a notch.

    One good example is using your bed sheet to cover parts of your body that you don’t feel like showing while taking a morning nude. This type of nude is also suitable for teasing since it will keep your partner wanting more. You can also use a silk or a bathrobe for some sexy yet not fully revealing nudes.

    Let the robe fall loose, so it’s covering your lower half while letting your breasts be in view. You can use countless things like towels, button-down shirts, and even soap bubbles if you’re not comfortable showing your whole body. This will allow you to feel confident while you let your wild side out.

    Experiment with different types of lingerie because, let’s be honest, it’s sexy as hell. You can find lingerie in all colors, sizes, and even themes. Once you find what makes you comfortable, taking amazing nudes will be a piece of cake.

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    Use Different Lighting

    Lighting can play a huge role when it comes to taking amazing nudes. We all know how good lighting can make one look flattering. Natural lighting is always good, especially if you want to capture all the sexy details. 

    But if you don’t have time to take nudes during the daytime, there are many other options you can play around with. One of these options, popular amongst many onlyfans creators, is RGB lighting. You can change the colors of these strip lights using a remote control.

    Try experimenting with different colors for a sexy touch to your nudes. When it comes to RGB lighting, red and purple are the way to go. Other good lighting options are ring lights, sunset lamps, and candles. Just make sure to stay safe when you’re using candles.

    Avoid using yellow or really dim lighting when you’re taking nudes. 

    Background Is Important 

    Trash cans, dirty clothes, and pets do not come to mind when thinking of sexy things. If you’re sending nudes to someone, the last thing you want is a mess in the background of your picture. Make sure your room is clean so there are no awkward piles of clothes or a trash can.

    If you’re taking a bathroom selfie, it’s best not to have your toilet in view. If you’re not one to put in too much effort, try taking a nude on your couch, bed, or bath. This won’t require you to worry much about the background.

    But if you want to enhance your nudes, try setting up the background accordingly. Candles, flowers, and books are all items that can add a sophisticated touch to your pictures and not distract from the main attraction (you!). 

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    Ditch the Mirror

    Mirror nudes are classic but let’s be honest, and it’s been done too many times. So ditch the mirror and let your creativity flow for some breathtaking nudes. Experiment with different settings like your bedroom, balcony (make sure not to flash your neighbors), and even your car. 

    There’s tons of inspiration on websites like onlyfans and loyal fans that you can use. Also, try out accessories like rope or toys for some added naughtiness. One good way to take great nudes without using a mirror is by getting into different positions and testing angles.

    If you want to take a good shot of your ass, try laying on your stomach for a Butt selfie or take a low-angle one to make it look plump. Front nudes are cool, too, and very simple to take. Make sure your camera is angled up for front-facing nudes to make them more flattering.

    But if you’d instead stick to the mirror pics, there are ways to make them a tad bit better. First, try getting on all fours with your butt facing the mirror. This is a great way to get the sexiest vagina shot ever, one that’s sure to get your partner riled up.

    Have Fun

    Taking nudes is all about feeling sexy and like the best version of yourself. Experiment with angles and positions that make you feel good. Try being spontaneous with your nudes by snapping one in your car or the bathroom. 

    Remember to have fun with it and get creative. Once you get into it, you’ll see that there are so many ways to take fire nudes. The best part? Once you’ve taken them, you get to share them with your partner or can even get paid for them!

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    Remember that consent is key, so always ask people if you can send them nudes first.


    When it comes to nudes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re taking them just for fun or want to get paid for them, taking nudes is something everyone should experience at least once. It makes you feel good about your body and appreciate its little things.

    Some other tips we can offer are to not include your fave in your nudes unless you’re sending them to people you trust. Instead, use tripod stands or prop your phone against some books to get more into the photos. The timer is also your best friend when it comes to taking nudes.

    Most of all, remember to feel sexy, look sexy and have fun. We hope this article helps you take the best nudes ever.


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